Considering a solo trip including Cape Canaveral in June

Hello all.

I just returned from a 4 night trip with the family and while it was great I want more. A lot of the fast passes were for the children rides primarily…although i did enjoy Toy Story Mania and Buzz Lightyears rides with my youngest.

My wife and kids are going to Panama with her mother as she is from there and so I thought why not go back for a couple days for a quick solo trip which would include 3 days of the parks and 1 in Cape Canaveral.

Anyone ever do this?

Also considering staying offsite to save some dough and renting a car to drive to the Cape…that summer deal Dis has going on isnt terrible though and perhaps staying POFQ so that i am close to Epcot without breaking the bank. If i did any food plan it would be quick service…might go out of pocket for Ohana one night. Looks to about 2k for 4 nights and a quick service plan, a flight, and 3 days in the park with park hopper. Figuring one full day Epcot and MK, and a half day each for HS and AK.

Any advice on taking a quick solo trip? Am I a bad father for going to Disney without my kids? After all I did take them just last week.

Any insight is appreciated…onsite offsite? Renting a car ir take the bus to Cape Canaveral? Meal plan at all?



This young lady did a solo trip last year, including a side trip to the Kennedy Space Center. It was such an interesting report that a day trip to KSC is now on our radar for a future visit as well. Good luck

trip report

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Tagging @mousematt and @lizzieanne771 because I believe they have both done numerous solo trips. Maybe they can offer some insight…

As far as this goes…

Heck no! Go have yourself an awesome time! :grin:

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Very impressive report! Appreciate it. Love the shuttle.

LOVE solo trips!! I do them to Disney and have cruised solo all the time!!

I’ve never been to Canaveral (other than the port to embark on a ship) though - I have not driven in 13 years (no car…I live in NYC and don’t need one) and do NOT want to start again in a rental in an area I don’t know.

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I’ve gone solo many times. I figure I would always go with family, but if they can’t, its not that i’m being selfish. Go!

And i never don’t stay on-site cause I have DVC so maybe I’m not a good source but I would always stay on-site, even if i had to pay. Being in the bubble is costly, but life is too short.


Solo trips are the best thing ever. You do what you want when you want and you answer to nobody. No frustrating waiting while someone goes to the bathroom. No having to put up with someone walking slowly. Or someone whining because they want to do a ride that’s not on the schedule / don’t want to do a ride that is.

As for being a bad father — no, parents need to look after and love themselves, too. The one question I would ask is: how much do you tell your kids about the trip. “Daddy’s going to Disney World without you!” could cause drama and resentment.

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That’s interesting. I typically spend about $500 a day all-in for my trips. (Actually £500 a day, but pot-ay-to / pot-ah-to.)

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On-site makes life easier in lots of ways and it can be done “cheaply”. I’ve found Disney transportation to be excellent (to get to the parks). I think the DDP can be great if you get a deal and eat in the right places.

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:rofl: That created quite a funny vision in my mind. Yeah, you probably want to avoid that conversation!

While it wasn’t a solo trip, I did take DS4 on a trip without DW and DS1 (they were both elsewhere). I initially felt a little bad about spending family funds for a vacation without them, but as @DumboRunner says, life is too short!

It’s long when you’re in debtors prison.

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Yeah i think this would definitively be on the down low perhaps even with the wife due to the expense. :sunglasses:

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Haha, word of advice from personal experience… don’t keep it on the DL. Put it out in the open. When I was planning the trip with DS4, things just got too complicated to keep it on the DL. God forbid any number of things that could happen, but how will you explain to your DW you were in WDW or anywhere else and she didn’t know.

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True. I already told her i want to go to Cape Canaveral and she didnt seem that concerned. She is traveling herself after all.

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Anyone have any feedback on the resort proposed (POFQ) for a solo trip? I figure value resorts like Pop might have too many kids running around…also want to be pretty close to Epcot for a short uber ride…

We just stayed at Contemporary…which was really nice but i dont need a Deluxe.

Have you considered CBR. It’s a moderate, and if the skyliner is up and running when you go, that’ll make it super easy to get to EP and HS.

Also what about swan or dolphin… they’re right at international gateway and are often in the moderate price range and more adult-friendly.

I hear the skyliner wont be available until the fall. My trip would be the end of June. Will check out those other two…those arent disney resorts though right?

Correct. They’re under the Marriott umbrella. No magical express, but it sounds like you’re renting a car anyway, you’ll still have access to EMH, 60 day FPP window I believe.

Just checked. Appreciate it. They are priced as Deluxe…looks really nice though.