Solo Trip Report: May '18

Starbucks isn’t my favorite (please don’t hate me!), but when it’s 93 degrees I will gladly take what I can get. (The sad reality of being a true coffee snob at Disney is that Starbucks is, apparently, the best they can offer. Back home in Idaho, my dad roasts our coffee fresh a couple of times per week. If the craving strikes when I’m not at home, there are at least 5 coffee shops within a 10 minutes’ drive that roast their beans in-house. I haven’t found anything in the Orlando area to compete with that. But I digress…)
The Mickey ears truly do make it taste better. :wink:

And speaking of Mickey ears…



Thanks for all of the beautiful pics! I am planning on yak and yeti on my next trip. Loved seeing pics of it!

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Great pictures! Stunning, really. Thanks for sharing!


Sigh. Swoon. I just love AK…


And here we see the joy of the solo trip. You want a later start? You can have one. You don’t need anyone’s permission :smile:



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Thank you for the AK pictures! I love that park so much!



“And speaking of Mickey ears…”

Fell off my chair laughing! :joy:


enjoying so far! fun to follow all your pics!

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Alert: We interrupt this WDW program to bring you the following collection of nerdy photos. Your regularly-scheduled program of Disney pics will resume momentarily. Thank you for your patience.

Day Four: Nine blissful hours at the Kennedy Space Center followed by an evening of festival kitchen booths and Illuminations Round 2.
:rocket: :earth_americas: :fireworks:

Space Shuttle Atlantis

Bus tour out to Launch Pad 39A. All the Apollo missions that went to the moon were launched from this pad.

Spotted my first Florida gator!

The ginormous Vehicle Assembly Building. The blue section of the American flag is the size of a basketball court.

The Saturn V rocket is big, y’all.
Really big.

The actual walkway that Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins crossed to board the Apollo 11 capsule that took them to the moon. I walked slowly, savoring every step.

A memorial to the astronauts who lost their lives aboard the Challenger and Columbia shuttles. On the left, a side panel from the body of Columbia. On the right, the cockpit windows from Challenger.

The original Mercury 7 astronauts.


I’m glad you had a great time!

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KSC closed at 6pm, so I was forced to tear myself away and leave the rest for another trip. I stopped off at Epcot for a couple of hours before calling it a night. It was a simply lovely end to the day.

Taste of Marrakesh: Fried cauliflower and a Desert Rose.

Japan is my new favorite spot for viewing Illuminations.


I did, thanks! My 12-year-old self would been crying with joy after simply setting foot through the gates, so this was basically a fulfillment of a childhood dream. :smile: I loved every minute of it.

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I was there the end of March with my family, and, while I think the visitor center and Apollo-Saturn center are vastly improved from their status when I was visiting as a kid, I am a little sad at the comparative crowd level.

back in the day, there were 3-4 different tours of the launching facilities, including at least one that went over to the AF station side. It was so busy that you had to book a specific time to get on your tour.

Nowadays, it’s just the single tour, and “come as you’re interested.”

Don’t get me wrong, I think the facilities are fantastic. I just am dismayed by the collective lack of enthusiasm for KSC in general.


I really want to make it KSC myself.
The lighting in your Epcot pics is amazing!

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100% agree. While the lack of crowds was a nice change of pace (AK was a zoo [ha!] on Friday) I was surprised at how few people were there. I kept thinking “this place is amazing… why aren’t there crowds lined up at the entrance??”

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Y’all. It’s raining gators and geckos down here.

It is quite possible that I may never be properly dry again.



I saw the weather last night and thought, “Oh, it’s gonna suck to be at WDW this week.” It’s a tropical low/disturbance that’s gonna hang around most of the week. Yuck! I hope it doesn’t completely ruin the remainder of your trip. :disappointed_relieved: