CDC says vaccinated people don’t need masks

Vaccinated people don’t need masks indoor or outdoors. There are a few exceptions like in a medical setting, etc. I’m sure it will take a while to phase things out.

Very exciting, I’m hoping this means WDW and UOR will be close to normal by the time we go back (probably Jan 2022.)

Just got my second dose of Moderna yesterday. Worst day of side effects, hopefully I’ll feel better tomorrow. Still worth it!


It would be impossible for a park to know who is and is not vaccinated. But this is still good news, because parks could be able to keep track of which cast members have been. I doubt the parks would allow their cast members that take tickets, work food service, etc. to go without masks, but maybe stage actors and character performers could ditch them. That would be great! No more social distancing in the Festival of the Lion King, and the Tumble Monkeys return! Meet and greets go back to normal, and the Mickey hugs come back!


That’s what I’m thinking too - and perhaps a relaxing of outdoor mask requirements for guests. I’m fully on board for whatever they do, but would love to be able to walk and eat my Mickey pretzel at the same time in late June.


Had the same vaccine both shots and they never affected me at all


My DH had almost no side effects at all too. Good thing, so he could take care of me!

I was not as lucky. 36 hours after the shot my fever spiked to 102. However, I had covid 6 months earlier, so it was likely my immune system fighting off the dead virus in the shot more vigorously.


Yeah, with both doses giving me significant symptoms, I’m wondering if I had Covid without knowing it. Or maybe my immune system is just kick-ass.

Me too! I would be good with a mask madate only indoors and in queues at WDW right now and having them get rid of them outdoors. We have done 2 trips with masks and while we will do it again without complaint, I would also love to walk and eat at the same time!


Look, all I wanna do is walk and drink at the same time. Is that too much too ask? :stuck_out_tongue:


This is a HUGE step forward. I will be shocked if masks are required outdoors at WDW after July 1st. That is another 7 weeks. Cases will be incredibly low by then. I think they’ll move to indoor/queue only.

At that point every American age 12 and older would have had more than ample time to get vaccinated. If you didn’t that is on you. As people have mentioned, if you have CMs vaccinated, meet and greets should be doable again. Fireworks gotta make a return this summer too you would think.

They are going to want the Parks to be as close to pre-pandemic levels of normalcy as possible by October 1st. They won’t just flip a switch that day. They’ll phase all of these things in slowly: meet and greets, fireworks, parades, FPs, etc. Super exciting.


Masks indoors and in queues seems like a plausible next step at some point to me :+1:


It could happen, but I think Disney might hold off longer due to enforceability. It becomes tricky and tiresome to have to spend resources constantly reminding people to put their mask back on as they enter a queue.

At the same time, there is a problem of diminishing returns here as more and more people are vaccinated. At SOME point Disney has to basically tell guests is it on them if they want to risk it. But, with so many of the guests under the age of 12 at Disney, it still means they open the risk up to KIDS who have no means of being vaccinated yet.

So, I wouldn’t really be surprised if they keep masks until the younger kids can be vaccinated as well.


Simple signage and CM at entrance to rides, shops, and restaurants. No mask, no entry. They are reminding folks already now anway.

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I think that’s the key as well. once the little walking Petri dishes can be cleared, we should be good.


I was told that reactions to the vaccines are more pronounced in ppl that had recovered from C-19

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Yes, I was told that too. I was also told I probably wouldn’t get bad side effects from my second dose since I had them for my first dose. Lies! :wink: Lol. But yeah, it’s possible I had Covid without knowing it.

My one DD had bad reactions w/ both doses. We think she had it and didn’t know it. Her DH had it.

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I don’t know why this announcement is causing me to happy dance, but it has literally lightened my heart.


The good thing is, more side effects are an indication that the body is having a strong immune response and the vaccine will be effective. So there’s a silver lining.


ohhh… good reminder, thx!

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