CDC Ends Covid-19 Program for Cruises

I don’t know anything about cruise economics/schedules, but if that is the case maybe some cruise lines would have certain cruises designated as vax only and others that are open to all vax statuses in order to capture the entire market?

It’s yet to be determined. Doubtful as they couldn’t make smoking cruises vs. non-smoking cruises work.

I haven’t had time to read this whole thread but wanted to put my 2 cents in, b/c I was scheduled to be on an Alaskan cruise mid June that I missed not for covid, but for a death in the family. This was something I scheduled in Oct 2019 for June 2020 that had been rescheduled to 21 and then 22. It was with a group. It was Princess from Whittier (Anchorage) to Vancouver. The travel agent leader of the group didn’t make it to the cruise b/c he tested positive for covid on another cruise before that. Most of the people who I would have been dining with etc. said online later that they had tested positive as soon as they got home. Masking wasn’t required and then was suddenly required a few days before the cruise sailed. I was all for that, as I felt unsafe without it, the more I heard about covid specifically in Alaska being a big problem. Overall what should have been something to be joyous about was incredibly stressful. Mostly I was very worried about testing before the cruise, after having flown from the US east coast all the way to Anchorage, and then testing again in Vancouver before being allowed to fly back to the US (that requirement was waived about a week before the cruise, but I had already purchased those video proctored covid tests so now I don’t know what I’m going to do with them). Every day I thought maybe I should cancel. I had purchased the Cancel for Any Reason insurance, which I will not do again b/c it was so expensive–I will get insurance but not CFAR. (I did have to make a claim for the cruise fee but that was a covered reason, death of that particular family member, so I got 100% of my money back instead of the 75% I would have gotten had I invoked the CFAR.). I did rebook 2 possible cruises for next summer or fall and will either choose one to go on (Princess had its $1 deposit sale), OR will cancel both if this stuff is still going on when it’s time to choose next spring. It was definitely not worth the fear involved no matter how much I have wanted to try cruising. The fear of being quarantined in a cruise cabin, with all the reports of Princess not being good about checking on your health or, ahem, giving you food and drink in a timely manner !!! then the possibility of being quarantined for 10 days in Vancouver when my family would be needing me back. I was however more afraid of the long flights to Anchorage and the chaos at the Vancouver airport that I read about. I had already purchased flights before I read about Vancouver airport being a problem. I was very worried I’d get covid on the long flight there and then miss everything and have to quarantine in Anchorage. When it had been time to choose to cancel or not, in early March 2022, things were looking good and I felt confident that the cruise policies of mandatory vaccines and testing would protect me. It was after that that the new variants were leading to so much immune escape among cruisers. That said, I have friends who have done multiple cruises (to places other than Alaska) and had a great time b/c there were so few passengers, and they did not get sick. In the end, though, I still want to do my itinerary for Alaska, and one of the cruises I booked for 2023 is the same itinerary on the same ship.

You might have been scheduled on the same ship we got on in Vancouver 6/25 :slight_smile:

and where most of our party got COVID…further up I posted about our experience. Lines up with what your group reported.

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I was supposed to depart June 11 on Majestic. Sigh. I really want to do this cruise!

Not official… yet.

Royal Caribbean will allow unvaccinated passengers on cruise ships in early August | Royal Caribbean Blog

Hopefully we will have some confirmation this week.

Royal Caribbean Updates Health Protocols | TravelPulse


I am a year out but regardless of what RCL’s policy is- as of today I believe Bermuda is insisting on a negative test to get off the ship.


I suspect it will be sometime before (if) there is any universal application. It will probably be itinerary based at first. And there will probably be some hiccups.

Time wise, I don’t see myself cruising til next summer at the earliest, so I have time to see where everything goes. I was just happy for some forward momentum.

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As the world continues to open up, luring travelers to explore their favorite destinations once again more freely, we have updated our health and safety protocols to further align to those of the broader travel, leisure and hospitality industry worldwide. The relaxation of global protocols and travel requirements, makes it easier for guests to return to sea with us. As such, for sailings beginning September 3, 2022, all travelers are invited to sail with us once again, regardless of vaccination status.*

Vaccinated no test required.
Unvaccinated > 12 test required, < 12 no test required.

Some itineraries have specific provisions based on countries.

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These steps back to normalcy are happening pretty quickly! Hoping you are able to return to cruising soon.

Thank you @Jeff_AZ I’m very hopeful we will next summer. DH and I are hesitant to book til after November/December are behind the industry. Rules tend to change around that time of year.

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Travel Requirements by Destination (

Country by country breakdown.

Vaccinated need no tests in Bahamas.
Unvaccinated now allowed in Bahamas with testing.

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