Care to share your MVT Labor Day prices?

So we’re trying to decide if we can swing staying at a Deluxe during our end of August vacation. We’re hoping to get a good deal with MVT with their Labor Day Agency Exclusive rates. Could anyone share what their nightly rate was if you used MVT this past year? I’ve seen a few Poly rates, but I’m curious about other resorts. Thanks!!

This may help

Thank you!!

I’m curious too. It’s difficult to find information.

I just did the MVT Labor Day Special at WDW staying at Poly. We figured we saved about 45% on the room but can’t say how much on the tickets and waterparks. I know we would not have needed the Water Parks and More add on as one day came with the deal but we thought we would go more. No time. Also because of the MVT deal you could not buy DDP or get it discounted. Didn’t make much difference though as we came out ahead purchasing meals as we needed them.

So, I found this thread which is for last year’s Labor Day deals through MVT, but it gives you a big of an idea of what their rates were. Here’s hoping next year’s deals are just as good!