Should I change my dates

Good morning liners, I currently have a trip booked for Sept 6-15 at POP preferred with a 10 day PH. Total price for package with resort, tickets and MM is about 3900. Hoping for a free dining promotion during this time and are planning to go the MNSSHP. We are a family of 4 DH, myself, DS (12) and DD (4).

I got a quote from MVT for 5 different deluxe resorts and would need to change my dates from August 30th- Sept 8th. Here are the prices…

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge Resort – Standard View - $2207.16

Disney’s Boardwalk Inn – Standard View - $2521.17

Disney’s Beach Club Resort – Standard View - $2541.42

Disney’s Polynesian Village Resort – Standard View - $2622.42

Disney’s Contemporary Resort – Standard View - $2703.42

Here is my dilemma. If I change the trip, we would have to give up the party and I would have to purchase my tickets from an outside vendor since MVT only sells up to 8 days tickets. We have never stayed at a deluxe resort and the prices quoted would make it possible for us to do so. Crowd levels are much higher for the first few days if we switch to end of August because of Labor Day weekend. It is my understanding that if we got with MVT if a free dining promotion comes out we wouldn’t qualify, is that correct?
We plan 3 days for MK, 2 1/2 for EP, 2 for HS and 2 for AK. They are not all full days as we will spend time at the pool since it will be hot.

I’m just looking for insight and advice on the resorts I was quoted for and if it is worth it the change to stay at a deluxe resort vs. POP and give up the halloween party and free dining.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

If you book with MVT your agent should run the numbers and see if free dining is a better deal for you. My agent has always done this without me asking. She also asks for a cell number and permission to call before 6am if she has to move fast.

How much money will you spend on food ? You will never get a better deal on a deluxe resort but everyone’s numbers end up differently. Last year free dining and a 1 bedroom at SSR ended up saving me a little money - based on food and wine and my dining plans .

I can’t speak fully, but I can say that we went the week of/following labor day one year and it was the best trip we ever had at Disney in terms of crowds. Almost ALL schools across the country are back in session at that point, which means that most families avoid that week. (We homeschool, so dates are wide open for us.)

We also went in October, which was nice…but not nearly as nice as that week in September.

Tickets through Undercover Tourist (which is about the cheapest I ever find anywhere) would run you about $2030. So you’ll definitely pay more if you switch, in addition to longer lines.

MVT has an exclusive deal for later in September. Did you check those rates ? They have value and moderate resorts for that deal. You could price that out with dining and then see if free dining (if offered) saves you money.

We are going Sept 5-14. We are renting DVC. 5 nights at AKL-Standard and 4 nights at a standard Poly Villa. It is about $2,000. It is $1,650 if we just stayed at AKL. I’m just throwing out other numbers for you to consider. This route would prevent you from the possibility of free dinning but if MVT also prevents this I’m not sure why you would go with MVT. I do not know if those resorts are still available for rent. I suspect AKL would be. Those are tax in numbers through a Broker like David’s Vacation Club.

Why do you have to give up the party? There are dates in August. If it is a cost factor to be able to stay in a Deluxe it seems like a good trade to me.

Take my OPINION, for just that, an OPINION. It looks to me like you got a nice thing planned with POP and it is all in one easy package and if the free dining plan comes though, it will be awesome. But, if this is a once in a lifetime trip and you feel you will never be able to stay at a deluxe resort again and that staying at a deluxe is on your bucket list, I would go for it! Prices will never get cheaper. Otherwise, wait until the kids are off to college/out of the house and you and your husband do the deluxe thing in 15 years. Good luck in whatever you decide, but regardless of the choice, you will still be in that magic place so its all good!

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If you have FREE CANCELLATION BOOK BOTH. Free dining should be out in the next 2 month, if they have it this year. I booked our trip in hopes that our tax refund would pay for the trip. I waited to long and missed out on getting a room at POP but did get a preferred room at Sports. It was close with the tax refund this year we lost the kid credit because DD turned 17 in 2017 but we just made it.

Thanks everyone for you advice and opinions. Still not sure what I am going to do. I am always looking for a deal and trying to save money, but I am leaning toward staying at Pop since I already have that booked and can hope we get free dining.

Do you have Pop booked on the MVT late September discount?

She did give me a quote for that promotion. I would have to change my dates from September 10-19th.
Here are the figures…
Disney’s Pop Century Resort – Standard View - $911.25

Disney’s Riverside or French Quarter Resort – Standard View - $1622.07

Disney’s Beach Club Resort – Standard View - $2879.55
I have not booked either promotion yet.

This promotion should be able to add dining. It would give you a better idea if “free dining” is really a good deal for you.