Cape May, Tusker House to reopen!

I looked into booking a Cape May breakfast, but then I realized it is a buffet so it’s a fixed $25 per adult and $14 per kid, and my 4 kids can maybe all share an $8 plate of Mickey waffles at Ale & Compass between them. So I’m keeping my existing ADR.


Same except we’re the kids and the menu and prices looked better at A&C for both breakfast and dinner. You could almost get 2 entrees for dinner for the price at Cape May. Plus, my times are perfect right now.


The ADRs aren’t available until May 7.


good budget plan. save that $ for another trip :rofl:

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Exactly! :rofl:

That would explain. I just went to the calander and clicked the last date that it let me, and worked backward from there. As stated above… I’m not a crazy person. LOL

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Expecting me to actually read crap that says “BREAKING” … harumph. The nerve. :triumph:



If there were only 2-3 of us, maybe. With a party of 7, and having to pay extra for a limited amount of crab legs, I’m just not seeing this as worth the $$$. At a buffet, at least everyone can have as much of everything they want instead of rationing the favorites! I’m going to put this in the same bucket as Biergarten and wait for normal operations to resume so at least I know everyone will be indulgently stuffed with their top picks for that price tag.

Pre-Covid format:

Adapted format:

ETA: Also, on the dining plan, Cape May Cafe was just 1 TS credit, which also included a beverage (including one with alcohol for the adults), so this is way less value for the cost than our trip last January. Sigh.


It isn’t re-opening as a buffet. But the rest of your post is good! :wink:

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Exactly. I was thinking about trying to squeeze it in, but the price for dinner is way too high for the limited options. And I’m not paying an extra $35 for ONE lobster to share among four people. I might try it for breakfast though, people here seem to like the breakfast better anyway. And I trust you people!

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That’s an incredibly steep add-on to an already expensive dinner. Especially when it used to be part of the per-person price at an unlimited amount.

It’s a no from me, dawg.


I think the breakfast was considered a good deal because of the characters, which I don’t think will be there, at least at the start?

Yes, the new price is much lower, but it still doesn’t seem to have anything special to justify it being so much more than other breakfast offerings in the area. Convenient for those already staying at BC probably, but I’m not seeing anything to draw people in from anywhere else. (And perhaps that’s really the niche they were aiming for? Dunno.)

Old format with characters:

New format:


Ale & Compass:

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Just so you know, Biergarten will bring you more of whatever you would like. I think they had everything that we were looking for in October and they offered many times to bring us more of anything but we were stuffed from the main platter they brought out.

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If this is all you can eat, my two 12 year old boys would eat more than the $25 worth of breakfast food they would charge for them to eat. :laughing:. I agree that the dinner doesn’t seem worth it though.

I wonder if they are still doing the Disney Visa discount for this restaurant?

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Yeah, but I will struggle to ask for more if no one wants to finish what’s already on the table.

I’m envisioning this: full platters brought out for 7 people. My 4 kids (ages 11-20, so full price) will only eat the meats, maybe the rolls, and at best taste a few other things. Honestly, I’d do about the same from a buffet, but I will feel obligated to put a dent in the unfinished platters rather than ask for more of my favorites.

It’s just not the experience I’m looking for at >$400.


If that’s true, than it would be a good deal for you! I guess we aren’t huge breakfast eaters.

I’m looking at the $21 steak and eggs at Trattoria and thinking my kids would be much more satisfied with that.

Or my DS11 twins could order 3 higher-quality breakfast entrees to split from Ale & Compass for roughly the same price and I can’t imagine them finishing those.

Totally up to you but we had absolutely no qualms about asking for more bratwurst and red cabbage! I suppose you could just ask for no XYZ up front as well.

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I would have said that about my twins if we would have had our trip in May 2020, but as soon as they turned 12, they turned into eating machines.


Ah right, but it is fixed price all-you-can-eat, right? They just refill your plate for you?

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As far as I know, yes. They will bring more of whatever you want, like Ohana or Garden Grill always did. Within reason I suspect - I’d like to know what the limit would be.