Cape May, Tusker House to reopen!

At least TH will be back and has a few similar items.

That’s gonna be a bit with the hotel reopening not even announced yet.

Have you done Tusker?

Still no 'Ohana. :frowning:

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I feel like that will be coming soon though. Didn’t we hear rumblings about that over the last couple of weeks? They’ll need it up and running when they reopen the hotel side.


Tikiman is saying it’s opening. He’s the resident expert in all things Poly, so I tend to believe it.

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That’s right. I couldn’t remember where, but yes that’s exactly it. And he’s a good source

Tikiman said over the weekend that it’s supposed to, but while generally more reliable than clickbait, he’s not (to my knowledge) a Disney CM, so it’s still hearsay.

Given that they’re now closing The Wave removing that from the Contemporary (when they have already been restricting mobile ordering there and at Contempo Cafe to Contemporary Guests) and that other open resorts don’t have all their restaurants open, I’m not 100% convinced that just opening the resort is enough.


Cape May menu is up on the WDW app and site! I am definitely there for breakfast!


Yay!!! One step closer

The Chef Mickey’s dinner menu is also up.

So what’s my chances of nabbing an ADR at Chef Mickey’s on my first night on property next April presuming I wait until 60 days out. :thinking: that’s like end of February-ish… hopefully by then, demand will taper off… it wasn’t a hard-to-get reservation in The Before Time was it?

Well, hopefully The Wave will be open to give people another option. Very sad they’re closing it 3 days before my trip in July.

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Chef Mickey’s Family Feast — Character Dining

Experience Character Dining and an enhanced all-you-care-to-eat, family-style meal in a bright, happy space. As the monorail whizzes by,

And I ask you: who amongst us doesn’t like a good ol’ monorail whiz?

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wait. what?

It’s closing for a big renovation before the 50th. Closes July 16.

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:rage: crap like this should have been done in 2019.

In 2020, only finishing touches being put on everything and tying up any overdue projects. So when the pandemic hit, it would’ve had little to no effect on upgrades. (And yes, I was thinking this even before knowing there was going to be a pandemic).

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I just noticed that chef mickey’s has dinner hours added, but the website is being glitchy and won’t let me log in to see about availability, so I was actually coming to the forum to see if there’s been any news about dinner there :rofl:

Has anyone seen what the breakfast hours will be for Cape May? I am going to try to make reservations when they open and operating hours would help me know what day to try to get that ADR.

So far I haven’t seen any day have openings… not that I check. Cause I’m not a crazy person.


Not me.

(I’m totally checking.)

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It finally let me log in. Sometimes it does this thing where it just keeps refreshing the log-in page, and it is very frustrating. The dinner hours start showing up starting on May 16. I tried a bunch of random dates and there wasn’t availability for any of them, but the hours are at least listed! This looks good for my August trip- we always eat breakfast there (my kids insist!) and maybe we can try something different this time :rofl: