Broken changes?


Yeah that’s why I said to my knowledge. But I agree most people wouldn’t be doing it so it’s hard to know. Maybe most people are affected.


Right here goes. …post 1.


I think it is my dashing good looks and superior intelligence.

Or something.


Post 2.


Post 3.


Post 4.


So maybe it’s a deliberate change to La Cava.


:joy::joy: maybe it is just La Cava? No problem on this thread. Other than the odd top.


Okay. In La Cava, I was blocked after 3 posts in a row.


Technically, that was post 3 because I had unwittingly posted after your post 1. You have to re-run the test where no one posts between your posts.


We will have to book FPs to post!:slight_smile:




More postiness


Even more postiness


@OBNurseNH - Did you get blocked from posting? I’ll tag you out of the time out corner if you are! :heart:


Oh dear!:slight_smile:


I did!


Looking at this now.


There is a lot going on in this thread, but I gather the issue people are reporting is that there was a missing image in the small-screen view of the forum. This has been fixed: for now, there will be a default icon. At some point we’ll probably replace it with a fancy TouringPlans icon.

If you find something you believe to be a technical issue, please report it to us:


What about the flood setting