Broken changes?




I just tried to post a 4th consecutive reply from my phone to see if it would allow it (no broken icon on phone vs. broken icon on computer and only 3 consecutive replies allowed). It wouldn’t allow the 4th consecutive reply from my iPhone either.


The consecutive post limit is a forum software configuration, so it should apply to everyone. (Hopefully they can go in and change the configuration!)

The broken icon is browser dependent. But it means the forums software has the wrong path to the TP logo in that circumstance. In ALL cases, the TP logo is missing…the only difference is how the browser is deciding to render the missing logo.


Thanks! You’re right - on closer inspection I see what you mean. I do hope they get it sorted soon!


Agreed. It is distracting us from the truly important things in life: Planning our Disney trips! :wink:


I’m on an iPhone and do have the broken link but no problem doing 4 or more consecutive replies yesterday or today. It’s so strange!


I’m glad you aren’t having an issue. Makes me have hope it can be fixed! (I wonder if you being a moderator gives you some sort of exemption in the software configuration?)


I suppose it’s possible.


That is very likely the case. I’m going to make subsequent posts here to see how I am affected, since I am NOT a moderator.


Reply 2 test. Except I have to wait because I replied too quickly.


Reply 3 test. I know I have to wait more time again… La la la la la la, la la la la la!


Test to see if this one fails. Counting 22 seconds.


Hmm. I could post four in a row. Can I post a fifth? The first was technically a response to a post, not the whole thread. After this one, if it goes there, I’ll be flummoxed.

ETA: I wonder if it has to do with your “level” of poster in the forums?


I think our permissions are different and it is difficult to figure it out.


There are only 2 people having this issue to my knowledge and both are frequent and long time users.


Is the issue only in certain sections of the forum , such as LaCava?


Technically, only two KNOWN people. Most people probably don’t regularly post 3 in a row to know. But your point is valid about frequent/long time users. Hmmm.


I don’t know to be honest. I think it would usually only be in the daily thread that people would try to post a few times in a row.


Can you try on the daily thread?


Favouritism :joy:.