Broken changes?


Anyone else noticing odd changes to this website today? I thought it was just my computer, but I see even on my phone it is different. Doesn’t look right, and the TP logo at the top of the page goes missing like there is a broken link or something on the thread pages.


Yes, earlier today I thought my WiFi was down because I couldn’t get on the site at all (I only use my phone) and when I got back in it had changed. @PrincipalTinker has mentioned it too.


Yes, I thought maybe there was an update . Things seem a little glitchy .


I am also getting a delay in my posts. It is almost like they are being approved.


I haven’t noticed that.


You know if we go to hide something? It has that look before it posts for me. I am also not seeing all threads, so it may just be me.


Actually, it says “saving” every time I post. Is it doing that for everyone?


Not that I saw. But I did quote a post and respond, and then the software automatically edited my post.


It is like it is responding differently depending on the user?


I just made a new post and also got the Saving message…then it completely disappeared. It was like it was pending some sort of admin approval. However, when I went back to my dashboard, it was there. They’re very small changes, but I have noticed them today (I’m on a computer, not a phone).


Here you can see the broken link at the top on my phone. On my computer it is similar.


It’s awful. I hate it.


How quickly we forget … perhaps this is the beginning of the UX changes we read about the other day?




That is the title of the thread? I see the title of each thread that way.


Yes, it’s not showing a broken link as far as I can see. I also just see the thread title. But it’s laid out all weird.


No. Normally there is the Touring Plans logo which is a clickable link. But when you scroll down, the title bar changes to show the thread title, but the Touring Plans logo shows up as a broken link and is instead replaced by text. That is why to the left of the words “Touring Plans Discussion Forums” there is that image that looks like a broken page.


the favicon is missing as well (useful for those who use tabbed browsers)

it’s still there on the main tp site but not on


I realize that it looks different on my phone and my iPad. I have an empty box on my iPad but if you click on it, it brings me to all categories. I have never used that link so I didn’t notice yesterday.


@len, there are multiple threads regarding issues with the forum since yesterday. We all assume it was an update. Is there someone in particular you want people to email?