Broken changes?


True. The “broken page” icon in my image is actually rendered by the browser itself, not the website. On my desktop computer, for example, it just replaces the icon with the alternate text (“TouringPlans Discussion Forums”) without the icon. That is a browser decision. But the CAUSE of the issue is that the link to the image itself is broken. What is weird is that if you scroll up to the top of the page, the image returns properly. I think, then, the bug is in the code that modifies the heading bar. When you first go to a thread topic, the heading bar only shows the Touring Plans logo (which links to the categories page) because you can see on the screen the thread title.

But if you scroll down, the thread title disappears, causing the forum software to modify the heading bar to now show both the TouringPlans logo PLUS the thread title. But it is in this modification where the link to the image is broken, and so we end up only with the alternate text.


I just realized I am getting emails about this thread but it is another thread that I am not tracking. I am getting annoyed with that glitch.


Here is my desktop computer header bar on this thread when I scroll down:


The part I circled above is the alternate text, NOT the logo. But it SHOULD be the logo that looks like this:



That is what it looks like on my phone (top).


Correct. That is “broken”. It should have the logo.

On my phone’s browser, however, it actually SHOWS that it is broken by giving the little broken icon as well:



This is my iPad

Once again, ignore all my open tabs…


Ah. Now, see, your browser isn’t even rendering the alternate text. It is JUST showing the broken image link. That’s what the empty box is supposed to be: the TP logo.



For those who aren’t familiar with HTML, an image tag looks like this:


The “src” is the location of the graphic. The “alt” is the text the browser can decide to display if it can’t display the image for any reason. So, the “src” here would be the path to the TP logo, and the “alt” would be “TouringPlan Discussion Forums”. But each browser can decide for itself how to render that “alt” if the image isn’t displayable.


I think mine always says saving before I post, I thought it was just a slow connection. ETA yes now I’ve posted, I’m sure it has always done that for me.

@OBNurseNH I have no idea what @linsalt is talking about either and it sounds too technical for me to understand anyway.


@linsalt is referring to the UX design changes @len mentioned in the other thread. Not sure if that included the forums or not, though.


I get the same and this…

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That’s the forum software’s way of saying, “Shut up. Give someone else a chance to talk!” :wink:

I understand why the software has such protections…but it is annoying because it doesn’t understand context. It isn’t like this is real-time conversation. You read through a bunch of posts and individually reply to different posts. It seems the forum software would prefer you reply to everyone in a single post, which is just tedious for the readers of the forum.


I haven’t seen them mentioned in another thread but I don’t read them all. And would have skipped right over that technical gibberish :joy:


That’s what @LoveBug53 had yesterday. I don’t get that message.


I have the same delay before it posts.

@ryan1 I also have the broken icon on my computer but don’t on my phone.



It was the thread that len posted about the change to the crowd calendar, I believe.

But UX Design means “User Experience”. It is the name of the field that specializes in designing things to be more intuitive to work with.


For me it looks like a broken icon but the link is still active when I click on it.


Oh ok. I read a bit of that thread but I’m not following it. I’m not sure that this has improved the user experience but maybe it’s a work in progress!


Yes, I’m getting the same - both yesterday and today for the first time. It’s definitely new.


In this case, it feels like a forum software update gone awry.