Broken changes?


Where I get locked out after more than three consecutive replies


If I don’t post again in the next minute I’m in posting jail.


I guess you’re in jail then.


Not just the small screen view, but any time you scroll down in a thread to a point where the title of the thread is no longer visible in the main window. The header bar changes, and the image link is invalid.

Yes. I see it now.


This is definitely better than it was, but…

Yes. This will make us (and by “us”, I mean “at least me”) happy. (Well, except for the post flood block that @OBNurseNH mentioned.)


The way around this (for now) is to go back and edit one of your previous posts instead until someone else posts after you.


Uh oh. I’m not happy with this new icon. Because apparently this new icon is the icon that is used to inform your browser what icon to display in the Bookmarks bar as well. So my nice little Touring Plans logo has been replaced with the generic dialog bubble icon.

(Okay. We are a bunch of whiny babies here. And by “we” I mean “at least me”.)

See? This is what my Bookmarks bar now shows:



Can you look at that Free Dining thread and tell me if it changed to you are watching it because you replied? All the threads I have replied to this morning are still on “normal”.


It says I am “Tracking”.


Various icons and images are in place now so that things should look similar to those in the past.

Our forum has a maximum number of consecutive replies, and that is set to 3. We do not plan to change that, so you should adapt your practices to take that limitation into account. I realize not everyone may like that, but that’s true with pretty much every decision made regarding management of a discussion forum on the Internet.



Yay! It’s back! :slight_smile:


Thanks! It is not changing for me today, even on threads that I am receiving emails about.


Are they threads that you previously changed the setting for manually? Or does it include threads you never previously interacted with?


Also, do people usually clear all alerts? Wasn’t there a link from the alerts that allowed you to go to latest in the past?


I understand your words individually. But when you string them together like that, I know not what they mean! What are alerts? Are you talking about the little numbers that pop up on my name when there is a new post, etc., and if I click on it it shows notifications? If so, there always was, and still is, a “Dismiss” button at the bottom of the pop-up menu.


Oh, look. I got auto-edited again:

The system now removes any quote you have if you quoted a whole post from the post above yours.

I don’t like this. It is to avoid redundancy, perhaps…but only on the desktop can I click on arrow next to the person I’ve replied to see what this reply is specifically to. But for phone users, for example, a reader can’t be sure I’m responding to the post directly above it, or some OTHER post further up.


Thanks, yeah- most likely I am using the wrong word. I have never dismissed but have always been able to clear them by looking at them and then linking to the lines (what is that called). Those lines are no longer in that window.


I see this on my computer (cut off to just the first few). As you can see, some are highlighted, others are not. The ones that are not I have already read/looked at/etc.


Is this what you are referring to?

If I click on “Dismiss” it will remove the highlighting on ALL of those.


Yes, but you see this link

I think that used to be there next to the bookmark, message, settings?


Hmm. If it was, I don’t recall. I thought it was always there (where you highlighted it). But, I know I didn’t use it a lot, so…I can’t be certain.


He said with a resigned shrug.:man_shrugging: