Booking MCO transportation

We have a family trip planned for August, should I be booking our MCO/resort transportation now or wait to see if more options develop? How will luggage transport work? We have always used Magical Express :cry:

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I would book now if you want a private car service as some people have already reported having to book larger than necessary vehicles on their dates in the coming months. You are entirely responsible for your own luggage now and will have to pick it up at the baggage carousels.


My first trip this year is in June. I’m going to wait and see how things work out. I’ll likely be choosing between Mears and the Sunshine Flyer, but the latter doesn’t start operations till next month.


I’m still leaning towards the bus options, but will try to book as early as possible. Thanks!

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I am hoping for some user feedback before deciding to book one. Honestly, as long as the bus is clean and we aren’t having to camp out at the airport for very long then I’m happy.


Someone yesterday posted that they used the Mears Express option and it was basically exactly like Magical Express except now decals on the buses. They also didn’t have to wait long and were basically taken straight to their resort.


Good to hear, I will be using Mears this month

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Good news!

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Planning to use these guys

Great reviews so far!

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So, looking at transportation options. I need to book something for by DD to get back to the airport from WDW. It’s just a one way trip, and she is solo.

I know that services like Sunshine Flyer, etc. are about $20 for a one way trip. But they also have time constraints that are not ideal.

Trip will need to happen to arrive at airport about 5:00 or a little after on a Wednesday afternoon for a 6:30 flight. I think my research shows that a Lyft/Uber would be about $30-40 at that time.

  1. Does the Lyft amount seem about right?
  2. Any reason not to just spring for the additional cost of the Lyft?
  3. Any other transportation related thoughts?

Don’t want to try to coordinate getting something ahead of time if a Lyft is easy enought

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  1. Yes
  2. No
  3. No

Personally, if my party fit in one Lyft vehicle (up to and including their minivans) and I didn’t need car seats / boosters, I would never use car service or bus transport.


Even if your kid is booster seat age you can get a travel boost which is so convenient.


Ok, Lyft it is… thanks all!!!

If I push this one step further… any reason a solo traveling adult (probably with no bag to check) needs to be at MCO more than 60-90 minutes ahead of flight time on a Wednesday evening?

I hear things about security…

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Does the traveler have TSA Precheck? Or other things that let them use the short line?

A lot of flights start boarding about 30-45 minutes before departure. The time to just move from curbside to TSA, and from TSA to the plane can take a while, in addition to whatever time it takes to actually go through security.

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We have a couple of those that we use at home but I don’t find them compact enough to travel with.

We have the BumbleBun and found it very compact.

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If traveler does not have TSA precheck, then yes, they need to be there 90 minutes before the flight takes off. Boarding usually starts 30-45 minutes before the flight is scheduled to take off.

I have precheck and had no checked bags and made it from Pop to my gate flying Spirit airlines at gate 8 in an hour. The line for those without precheck was long!

A few weeks ago I was looking out my hotel room into the concourse at the security lines at MCO, coincidentally on a Wednesday afternoon/evening. The lines were moderately long around 4-5, and the sign said they were about 30 minutes when we went down for supper. They were much longer than our lines at 9 AM Thursday morning which I found surprising.

I’ve had the TSA pre-check line be closed (not late at night or early morning, super frustrating), so I wouldn’t count on short security. I always try to be at the airport 90 minutes before flight time.