hell yeah! Let’s fast-track that!

Need that more than we need another Doogie Howser reboot (da heck was that?).

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So the one plus to this locomotive thing is that it looks like it will definitely be buses. Mears is losing half my party in Jan because they can’t guarantee that they won’t be in a smaller vehicle requiring car seats. We won’t use this (not open yet) but we won’t use Mears either.


Wait so Mears isn’t just using the buses? I had a horrible experience once with a huge passenger van and that is always my fear with shared ride services.

Basically, depending on volume, they reserve the right to change the vehicle type. I’m curious to see how often it actually happens in practice. We are traveling in mid Jan - so not really enough time to risk it.


Yeah I would not either.

If I remember I’ll post on Jan 1. Flying into MCO @ 11:45am


My daughter loves that show. She doesn’t know the real Doogie. I tried to show her but she got bored.

I’m doing Mears in January and might try this place in February to compare.

In September my DME was a passenger van with just me and DS16. We went straight to CR about 8 pm. It was great for us as it was fast, we were trying to get to the Halloween party, and our driver was fabulous but if I was alone or my driver wasn’t great I can see the wariness.


Wow I have never heard of that before. I just don’t want to have to climb over and around people to get to my seat, especially with a backpack.

Fair. But have you seen 8-Bit Christmas yet?!

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I have! It was really good. Though I was a tad disappointed with the outcome of the story.

And wasn’t really expecting to get round-housed in the feels like that. :woozy_face:

Right?! Was so excited to watch and then the tears started flowing and I’m suddenly swearing at the TV for bringing emotion into this era’s A Christmas Story….

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Update: we arrived at MCO this morning and we reserved the Mears Express Shuttle to Wilderness Lodge at 11:45am. The location is on B Terminal at the exact location that was used for Magical Express. There was no line to wait in and all the other regular service lines were also pretty much empty.
The bus was a generic, non-themed bus. Onboard was also no theming nor was there anything playing on the displays.
We (6 of us) had the entire full size bus to ourselves directly to the resort.
If you’re looking for basic transportation and being the first stop to your resort, this was fine and would do it again. If your looking for theming and entertainment this is not for you.


Was this with Mears or some other company?

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So it’s basically what Mears used to have before Magical Express started. It was fine.

At least no worries of spoilers in the video like you had with DME! I remember my first trip after Pandora opened I had been SOOOOOOO careful to avoid ANY visual spoilers about it but WHAM, right there in the video was footage from Flight of Passage!! I realized it quick enough to miss MOST of what was there, but not all.


Thanks for the report!

Pretty sure this is Mears Connect.

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Sorry. It’s with Mears. Forgot to mention that. I’ve since corrected my post.


That’s what I thought, but thanks for clarifying. And thanks for reporting your experience.

Mears Shuttle and Mears Connect are actually two different things though. It does sound like they are talking about Mears Connect.

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Dang even transpo is confusing af now.