Bidding our cares goodbye: First timer trip report

We also saw Daisy!


We had some time to kill before our Remy ILL, so we took some pictures and did the Seas with Nemo.


Everyone seemed to really enjoy Remy and no one felt nauseous afterwards, so that was a plus.

We had a lunch ADR at Nine Dragons, so we headed over that way. My nephew is adopted from China, so this was a big deal to him and we spent a decent amount of time shopping and watching Reflections of China after lunch.

We were all happy with the food and service at Nine Dragons, other than the fact that the waitress accidentally poured water into DHs 1/4 full beer. Oops.


I had duck bao buns and honey sesame chicken.


After lunch, we headed over to Mexico to my favorite spot in Epcot.

We went on the boat ride, but did not pick up any margaritas since we had 4 kids in tow. However, I may have convinced BIL and DH to do an adults only Epcot weekend…!


Norway was next and I was super excited to cross two things off my must-do list: School Bread and FEA. Check and check!

We ended up saving the school bread to eat on our balcony later that evening. It was supposed to be a fireworks snack, but…story about that forthcoming.


After Norway, we did Spaceship Earth, Club Cool (which I had never done), Soarin, and Living with the land. These were all hits with our crew, especially Soarin and the drink samples because it was hot hot hot. I loved the apple lychee and minute maid ones. DH actually liked the Beverly. My phone was dead at this point so DH has all the pics.

TT was up next, so we let DD2 play at the kids space while we rode in two groups. This is pretty much how we did all the over 38 inch rides and never once used an actual rider swap.

Notice our absolutely awful car creation? I rode with sis and DD12, who were still laughing over Country Bears. So, we decided to do a country bears inspired car. Im not sure how accurate it is, but it made us laugh as much as the show.


Obligatory SE pics, but im slightly bummed about the construction walls mucking them up. I am telling myself it will be very worth it when its done and we come back.


Here is where the day got very interesting. We headed over to Canada because the kids wanted poutine and the adults wanted scallops and tenderloin. Our plan was to eat and then head over to Japan for Harmonious. We got our food, beer flight, and maple popcorn shake but noticed that the wind had picked up and it was starting to cloud over. It was about 8pm at this point. We managed to grab an out of the way bench situated right in front of the DVC stand by Canada. We figured we could duck under it in the event of rain. We started eating but quickly realized that we were getting lightning alerts and the clouds were getting very dark. We took hasty food pictures and barely managed to eat and clean up before we started to see lightning and hear thunder.

No one else seemed overly concerned but we decided to hunker down in the DVC stand and hope for it to pass quickly. We were the only ones in there, so we sat on the hearth of this little fireplace and watched the storm roll in.


And roll in it did! The lightning was frequent and right above us. A few other folks wandered in, but once the rain began, it was torrential and there was just a wall of people who ran over to where we were. DVC hut was full very quickly and we all donned ponchos and watched the luckless souls sloshing about outside.


Poor DS9 is afraid of storms but he was very brave.


It took a while before the rain let up. When it did, DH needed a restroom break, and decided to go with him. The pathway was flooded and we had to go around, but we ended up right by Honey Beestro. They must have just opened up back up so we decided to make lemonade out of lemons and got some lemonade honey mead. Back at DVC hut, we decided to take advantage of the break in the rain to head toward international gateway. We were hoping to grab a spot near there to watch Harmonious. Just as we set out, we heard an announcement saying that the show was delayed. We hung out for a few minutes, playing in the puddles and taking poncho pics.


Alas, my dreams of watching Harmonious from inside the park were not realized. A few minutes later, the show was cancelled as the lightning seemed to start again. The boats werent running so we walked the Boardwalk back. The clouds had broken and we could see stars by the time we got back.

When we got back to the room, we found this:

Someone was clearly whistling while they worked. The kids got a kick out of it.


I had to settle for school bread on the balcony. The school bread was yummy, but boo hiss to no Harmonious.


Aw I’m sorry it was cancelled.

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Loving all your photos!! Food pics are making me hungry :laughing:

Your TT car is fab!!!

Sorry about the fireworks cancellation.

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CBJ is the best! Love how it inspired your TT car. Sorry about Harmonious.

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Our last day was a bit disappointing in the Genie+ department, but we still had fun. Sis, BIL, and nephew opted for a pool day, but i had built in one last park day in case we missed anything. Even though we missed Harmonious and a number of countries in world showcase, the kids chose to go back to Magic Kingdom (surprise surprise). DH and I would’ve preferred Epcot, but its all about the kids right?

We were having trouble planning the day around a 5pm Sanaa reservation though. I wasnt able to get that reservation any other time due to how large our party was (8). DH did not want to go to MK in the morning and then go back after dinner, and no one wanted to rope drop. What’s a girl to do when we still hadn’t ridden JC, PPF, or BTM?

In hindsight, I should have grabbed PPF or JC at 7 and picked up BTM at a drop. But BTM was their top priority and we ultimately decided to only go in for the morning. So we ended up with a 930 BTM return.


Fun was had by all (except probably DD2) and then we grabbed bearclaws from Westward Ho


At 930, the return times for JC were not favorable, so I tried to grab a 1:25 PPF. It changed to 1:50 on the next screen. Sigh. This was later than we wanted to stay. 88 and sunny at MK is verging on torture for a crew from one of the snowiest small cities in the US. We had pool plans for the afternoon. I left it though, just in case.

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