Bidding our cares goodbye: First timer trip report

Hello! While I’m not new to TP, I am to the discussion boards. I have appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed reading all of your trip reports the last few months and am crossing my fingers that I can reciprocate with this. Not sure how many cats or palapas I’ll be able to find, but I’m fairly confident I can deliver in the food and cute kid antics categories!

Our travel group includes me (40), DH (40), DD12, DS9, DD2 (3 next month), and we will be joining with my sister, BIL, and nephew, 7.

We are coming from PA and staying at the Dolphin for one week. 5 park days, no hoppers, but we will likely use Genie+ for flexibility and because DD2 + lines does not sound especially appealing.

We also have a split group day tomorrow where DH and DD12 tackle Hogsmeade and Diagon Alley while the rest of the group does Legoland.

The two first timers in the group are DD2 and nephew, but the last time we did AK, HS, and EP was 6 years ago, so it will feel like a first time for DS 9 too. We did come to MK for a quick weekend trip 3 years ago.

I dont know how live reporting will go, but I will try to post when I can and do a wrap up in the evenings.

Lets see how smoothly travel day goes. Flying SW direct flight out of BUF. Clear skies so hoping for no delays!


Have a great trip!
Have we actually had a pic of a cat under a palapa yet? Challenge set…!! :laughing:


Challenge accepted! I need to make this happen.


Sounds like a great crew! So much has changed over the last 6 years. It’ll be a great trip!

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Yay! Sounds like a fabulous week to come. Can’t wait to follow along on all the antics!

Safe travels, hope it’s a fantastic trip!

Can’t wait to follow along, hope it’s a great trip! Safe travels!

Well, we made it! But our highly anticipated Epcot fireworks view room is not ready and we are hungry, so here we sit baking in the sun at the Cabana Bar and Beach Club. In jeans.


I feel you. We live in MN and I finally had the sense last trip to bring shorts and change the kids in the airport bathroom when we landed. Too many sweaty memories of being still in sweatpants whenever we go on vacation.


Not a bad idea! Luckily we got our room ready notification just as our food was delivered.


Happy Mother’s day indeed!


Nice :+1:

Very nice end to the evening!


Day 1: We flew out at 11:50ET and arrived at MCO around 2pm. I’m a priority pass member, so we chilled and had a late breakfast at the club lounge at BUF. Security very fast and easy but we were also directed into a shorter line because of DD2. Flight on time, but it did take us a while to collect luggage at bag claim A, get the stroller, then walk all the way with luggage to Mears Connect on the B side. Then we had to sit and wait for the coach to fill up. Once that finally happened, the trip to Dolphin was short and we were the first stop.

As mentioned earlier, the room was not ready at 4, but was ready by 5. We ate at Cabana Bar and then swam until my sister, BIL, and nephew joined us. They were hungry at that point so we grabbed loaded nachos from Picabu, took them to the beach area and watched Harmonious. We originally had a Kona ADR and were going to watch MK fireworks from the Poly beach, but this ended up being perfect for the first night.

Dolphin thoughts: Staff has been lovely, and the lobby, grounds, and pool are all very nice. Room is serviceable but nothing great. The bathroom is so small. Our balcony view is nice, but SE is obstructed by palm trees because the 6th floor isn’t high enough. Im not complaining about a free upgrade though!

Great first day! Legoland tomorrow…


Uploading: image.png…

You don’t have any pictures, so I had to imagine in my head what type of family this was for. I imagined middle-aged parents with kids. Then I realized the kids were about my kids’ age. Then I realized that you are about my age. :man_facepalming:

I am not ready to be 40. :flushed: It sounds so scary. LOL


Trying to get those pics for you so you dont have to imagine, but having some difficulty getting them from my gallery. Tips appreciated! And, I hear you loud and clear. 29 forever over here! Wasnt 2000 just 10 years ago?



Beautiful family! Hope you are enjoying Legoland!


Ok, I think I got the hang of picture uploading. So today was lovely. While i am a true Disney fan, I give props to Legoland. Its a such a nice park to spend the day at. We love miniworld and the Ninjago ride especially. All rides were walk-ons. No G+ needed here! The kids had a blast. Food not worth taking pictures of, but we didnt mind.

The boys are swimming at grotto pool with my sister and BIL, DH and DD12 are still at Universal, and DD2 is resting and watching TV in the room with me. Shes been a trooper today.