Best "Extra" Event Like Tours Opinions

Last trip to the World in Nov. Gonna be a blowout. EMM at Hollywood doesn’t fit for our stay this time, or I’d do it in a heartbeat. We’ll do hoop de doo, and a dessert party for fireworks - prolly hea.

Any suggestions for a premium something or other that is really worth the price? Emm at HS would be a no brainer, looking for a tour or something similar since EMM won’t work.

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The best tour that we have done is Wild Africa Trek. It’s pricey but amazing!!

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Sense of Africa tour at AKL. Highly recommend it.

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DD and I had a ball going out on Seven Seas Lagoon and Bay Lake in a small 2-person boat we rented from the marina at Poly (available at several resorts).

We loved Mickey’s Backyard BBQ when the kids were small, and now that they are older we have really enjoyed HDDR.

Caring for Giants is a great backstage tour about the elephants of AK that is brief and affordable. We loved it!

Marcelina to Main Street is a really interesting tour in MK about Walt’s life and how his experiences and relationships with people - personal and professional - influenced the creation of DL and eventually inspired WDW. Being 4 hours it won’t eat your whole day but goes enough in depth -and a little backstage - to be well worth the up charge. It was a fantastic way to spend the morning with a friend.

Thus far for us though, the greatest of the extras was been Wild Africa Trek which takes you in an up-close safari experience in AK. Private safari vehicle, trek through the “jungle”, walk on suspension bridge over the alligators, private large snack/small meal in a pavilion overlooking the savanna - it’s something we will never forget and while I thought it was pricey before we went, in the end I felt it was worth every penny.


Oh and MVMCP and MNSSHP are a lot of fun with some unique character meets available and special parades, fireworks, and other shows!


Wild Africa Trek is one of the best things I’ve done at WDW. If fine dining is your thing, dinner at V&A should be at the top of your list.


I was looking at the Wild Africa Trek, as I’d previously seen that OBNurseNH had recommended it. However, my very tall, husky DH is probably close to or over the 300lb upper limit for that trek. That would be embarrassing.

  • Participants must be between 45 and 300 lbs. with the harness gear on. The safety harnesses used for this experience may prohibit Guests of certain body shapes or sizes from participating.

Does anyone know where the harness is worn and maybe does anyone have a photo?

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It’s a very lightweight vest and the harness wraps between your legs. Tightly. It’s very not flattering as you can see from this photo.


He’s not alone. It doesn’t help that the limit includes the weight of all clothing and gear. We did Sense of Africa as an alternative. It’s was expensive, but we justified it by calling it an anniversary gift. We got to pet Olivia the okapi, we got to feed giraffes from our hands, and we got to play games with the red river hogs. It was all incorporated into the animals’ training programs, and each interaction had a specific training or therapeutic purpose. The tour also includes breakfast with a cultural representative at Boma. Backstage photos are taken by a Disney staff member and are included in the price of the tour. And no one will ask your husband how much he weighs.


It’s small and low-key, but I loved Caring for Giants. We got great views of the elephants and learned about conservation efforts in Africa (spoiler alert…elephants are afraid of bees!). Plus all the money goes towards elephant causes.

I did Dolphins in Depth several years ago and really loved it. Sadly Bob the dolphin is no longer with us - he crossed the dolphin equivalent of the rainbow bridge a couple of years ago. The trainers said he liked me - he kept trying to take me swimming with him. LOL. I’d imagine it’s probably boring for anyone who’s done a dolphin swim or Discovery Cove or the like, but I loved the experience.

I’m trying Keys to the Kingdom on my upcoming trip! :smiley:


This is next on my list for a “splurge” event…


Agreed with a lot of people: Caring for Giants was great! Super affordable and a great way to see elephants closer.

I am planning on doing Behind the Seeds, but I am a nerd and scientist. Super excited, because I love Living with the Land. (for real, guys. Living with the Land and PeopleMover are my two revelations from the last trip)


When you have done this I am going to have questions! Like…why did my broad bean seeds refuse to sprout this year.:wink:


Behind the Seeds is great–we did it last month for son’s birthday (his request). Another splurge we did last trip was Disney After Hours. Loved it!! Not sure if that is offered during your trip.

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Thanks for the photo post, @cbalusek. My DH might be okay in that, but it’s hard to tell. A lot of his weight is in his height, but not sure I want to chance it.

I’m looking at Caring for Giants and Behind the Seeds (which I’ve wanted to do since EPCOT opened!)

Sense of Africa looks great, but I have trouble getting them up for rope drop, so that’s probably a no-go. What about the Starlight Safari? I wonder if that’s any good?


I love LwL it is favorit ride in WDW. I would do behind the seeds in a heartbeat but I need to use a ECV and I don’t think they allow them. If anyone knows differently please let me know.

I thoroughly enjoyed Behind the Seeds. And it’s surprisingly affordable. I think it’s one of the best kept secrets at EPCOT (even though it’s not at all a secret). I grew up on a farm, and agricultural innovations fascinate me. But BtS should be of interest to anyone who likes to eat. Especially since so much of what you see on the tour is served in restaurants throughout the resort.


I really enjoyed it. My wife loved it. We had to go to AK and buy her an okapi plush toy afterwards. “Olivia” is still sitting on her dresser.


Which is your favourite park?

Do you have kids, and how old are they? Most tours have an age limit, 16 for many behind the scenes tours.

I’ve done Keys to the Kingdom. Loved it. Particularly learning about all the theming in Main St (the stories behind all the names in the windows), Adventureland and Liberty Square.

Also did the World Showcase: Destinations tour which again I loved for all the background to the story, idea behind and the architecture of WS. I got really lucky, the guide co-created the tour and so knew it inside out.

But your question made me sad. Your last trip? :sob: For sure?

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Review with photos
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