Best "Extra" Event Like Tours Opinions

So interesting. Thank you for re sharing. Great photographs.


OMG! That looks so wonderful… and so NOT for DH! He won’t even go skiing because of the height of the lift. No way he’d walk over a bridge with crocs underneath.

Thanks so much for the post. I wonder if I can figure a way to do it without DH? Maybe tell him he needs a break and should go back to sit by the pool or something. Hmmm. :wink:


Thanks for all the great ideas!
Sense of Africa, and Caring For Giants are contenders.

Xmas party and mnsshp are out. I was crossing fingers that they’d have a Nov 1 mnsshp again this year, but Murphy’s Law, just my luck. We won’t have the option of either party. Trip is 10/31-11/6.

I omitted the obvious:
Fave park is Hollyweird.
2 40 something parents and a 9yr old son.

We live a short bike ride away from a world famous zoo, and we go quite often, so AK, while awesome, is not our favorite park because of the animals. We love the rides, and Lion King show is a must, but it’s a half day park for us. A midgrade tour might fit in well to round out an AK day.

Dhs (star wars and thrill rides) are a big draw, and MK is a VERY close 2nd.

This trip is gonna be relaxed to stop and smell some roses. Last trip by choice, no regrets. We’ve been lucky enough to get our fill. Universal next year, then hopefully on to interesting vacations after that.


Have you looked at Savor the Savannah? DH and I did this last May, we really enjoyed it! They also were very careful with my food allergies.

I would book it again in a heartbeat!!

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If you’re all Star Wars fans then maybe the Star Wars tour? Until recently I was a little sceptical about it’s value, but I have changed my mind somewhat. Thee seem to be lots of little extras, like marching with the First Order, lunch with Storm Troopers that add value.

And if you love Star Wars, then don’t rule out a trip once Galaxy Edge opens ( a couple of years afterwards would be perfect). Maybe splurge on the new Resort experience?


Disney has us hooked doesn’t it? What do you think they are planning for after Galaxy Edge? Or will it be Universal’s turn to create something new?

Galaxy Edge opens 2019. With the Gondolas and Riviera resort, plus CBR and CSR should be finished.

Between then and the 50th, there will be Guardians, Rat, Mickey and Minnie Railroad ride, Tron and the Speedway makeover (Tron themed) with a general Tomorrowland refresh, and the Space restaurant at Epcot.

By the time of the 50th, the new resort at River Country should be underway. As should a U.K. ride and Epcot redo of Innoventions area (the Spine). A new Pavillion should also be underway, although unlikely to be open until a year or so later. New restaurant at Japan WS and refreshes of IDF and China movies… Those should all be announced at D23 next summer if they go ahead.

Rumours of Dinoland changes / Indy somewhere, plus re-use of the WOL building may well be announced.

Not sure what the next new “land” / expansion will be. It could well be the Dinoland thing, or something in MK.


I’ll definitely take a look. Thanks for the suggestion!

If you really want to go out with a bang. Get a plaid vip tour.


Just peeked at Savor The Savannah, and it’s quite interesting. Can you elaborate on your experience if you get a sec? Foods and experiences in the reserve? I’m gonna scour the web for “reviews” as well.

Caring For Giants seems a bit tame for what I’m looking for, but it’s definitely not out of the picture.
Sense of Africa - age restricted.
Wild Trek - I’m just too lazy, and I also don’t fancy hiking. It’s just not for me.

The scuba stuff at Epcot…kinda looks cool as a “starter” experience for Scuba, if it’s not age restrictive as well.

I’m thinking now, I should pick out one or two extras per park, and book what seems like the best option.

MK - probably a HEA Dessert Party (son and wife are short. I remember when I went as a kid, all of the fireworks shows sucked, because I couldn’t see everything!)

Hollyweird - Possibly the SW dessert party, but maybe the SW tour.

Epcot - TBD

AK - Savor or Caring - more research needed. I think the fam would appreciate Savor more - we love to eat, and the description of Caring For Giants has the line “You’ll be 80-100 feet away from the elephants.” That sounds tame to me, not being snobby, but again, we go to our zoo a TON. We’ve been up close and personal with a bunch of cool creatures. We’ve been lucky in that regard.

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The best part of Caring for Giants is the CM/guest ratio. When we went, there were 7 of us (4 in my group,3 in the other) and 4 CM! But it is not like pet the elephants. Those are dangerous wild animals!


UMMM. I just checked out the SW Tour on the DIs site. It seems like a no brainer, but the kid says he has no interest in doing the Jedi Training again - I bet I could use my Jedi mind trick to get him to do it.) I have to see how this tour is laid out. It seems like there are a ton of inclusions - meal at backlot, spin on Star Tours, viewing area for the SW night show, plus meet/greets, and other stuff? Seems like a no brainer (for us SW fans) if it’s all guided and VIP entry to the attractions.

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EP has been my favorite park for many years - mostly because of WS, but AK, which has been number 2 since it opened, is rapidly catching up, and with the addition of Pandora (which I haven’t seen yet) I suspect it will move into first place.

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If you into Operations Logistics and the science that makes Disney a Magical experience, the two backstage tours are an amazing opportunity. I can’t recall the name of the tours but there is a 1/2 day version that covers just the Magic Kingdom and a full day tour that covers Epcot, Magic Kingdom and several offstage operations like Central Costuming.

If you have ever wondered why the sidewalks in the Magic Kingdom are red (and wan’t the true answer) then a tour like this would be for you.


Our experience was with only two other couples, so it was a very intimate tour. We had a private truck and spoke with various keepers. Unfortunately due to weather we did have to cut it short, the whole group agreed on it! (It was POURING!)

The outlook had lots of beer and wine (included…sadly we aren’t big drinkers!), as well as juice and filtered water. The food was various “snack” type things, but really a meal for us. (But we don’t eat a lot in Florida. I snack through the parks) I don’t remember what all they had, there was beautiful shrimp and maybe some other fish, but I can’t eat any of that. The desserts were divine, I just don’t remember what it all was. (Too many trips and experiences since then!!) We loved it and it was a perfect pace for us.

But if you want the ultimate, book a plaid. We’ve taken two VIP tours this summer and they are WONDERFUL. I requested the same guide both times, and I was thrilled to find out he is working in guest services and I can request him for our trip in February as well! Park hopping with backstage entrances is just THE BEST EVER.


Savor The Savanah -
Anyone know how long it is?
I see the times are staggered by 1.15 hours, but trying to make sure how long it really is?

My favorite thing that I have done is the EPCOT Seas Aqua Tour. You get a behind the scenes tour of the aquarium and some manatee time before you spend 40 minutes or so in tank.It didn’t sound like a lot of time, but it ended up being perfect. No one needs to know how to snorkel since it is more of a Snuba kind of thing. You use a tank and regulator, but your vest just won’t let you go below the surface. My shark obsessed DD17 was thrilled and the experience is what encouraged us to get SCUBA certified as a family. We’re doing the SCUBA DiveQuest tour in October.

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from a few other reviews, it’s 2 hours - just in case anyone wonders if they look at this thread.

Now, I gotta found out how the Star Wars tour is laid out. It seems like it would span a while across a day.

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I thought about the Star Wars tour but it was too long for our trip. It’s listed at 7 hours.

I think I got the full scoop. I researched a few reviews, and caled the special tour ressie line twice. It is now 6 hours. 8am-2pm. After 2pm, you are on your own, but you get a special thingie to come back for the reserved Fireworks area. No acccess to the dessert party, just the viewing area. So, from 8a-2p:
Tour Guides feeding you hopefully cool info
Jedi Training if you want
Star Tours ride with a behind the scenes tour
Tour of Launch Bay
Meet/Greets in Launch BAy
glimpse behind the scenes before the March Of The 1st Order
Walk in the parade behind the First Order
Special Viewing area of the March
Special Viewing area for the Character Announcement show (forgot what it’s called, sorry)
Lunch at Backlot
Several characters should be “spotted” and mildly accessible.
Access to the special viewing area of Star Wars Fworks

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