Behind the Seeds tour

Can anyone share any details about doing the Behind the Seeds tour of Living with the Land in Epcot? My friends are interested in doing it in November. Would you do the Living with the Land attraction first, or does the tour include the attraction? Is it very difficult to reserve a spot? Is there anything I should know for planning?

It’s usually available as a walk up (or close). Does not include a ride on the attraction itself. I’d do that first and maybe even again after (it’s one of my favorites). Don’t forget to ask about discounts - ap, DVC, Disney Visa…


You don’t need to make a reservation in advance, unless you want a specific time on a specific date. If you show up and sign up you should be able to get one that day. The tour does cover the majority of the ride, I don’t really think it’s necessary to do both, but doing the ride first would be a good intro. I do highlt recommend it. We’ve done it before and would again.

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Thanks @LaurelStewart and @TheGraceysButler. How much time should I put into my TP to allow for it?

The tour takes about an hour, but I’d block off 90 min for arrival and it running a bit long, which happens.

Thanks. My FP day is next week, so I’m working on my TPs today. Making 6 different people happy is complicated!

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@SallyEppcot Let me first say my family loved the tour (well except my 3 year old who was too young for it we realized and couldn’t be still) and I highly recommend it. That said, having followed along on your trips plans, I am not sure I would do it on a college friends reunion trip with a Food & Wine focus. I would consider saving to do with your DH and sons on your next family trip.

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Interesting! My friends are all pretty calm and science-y though. Most of them don’t want to do any attractions at all, so I’m trying to find something to interest them before F&W opens at 11.


In that case go for it. Science-y folks will definitely enjoy it on any type of trip.

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Whew! Thanks. I know people think college friends equals drunken craziness, but we were all the quiet, studious types. I’m actually a bit worried that a couple of them will be horrified by the whole Disney experience. I hope not!


Lol. I wasn’t picturing drunken craziness, more like late start mornings with pastries in France enjoying all the bits of WS many of us miss while wrangling kids.

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DH and I really enjoyed the tour during our last trip. It was about an hour long and we walked up around 10:30 and got into the 12pm tour. I think my husband is going to bring our oldest during out trip in October because we thought he would like it. Our youngest (he is 3) would not be ok since the first set of instructions we received was please do not touch anything in the greenhouses and it involves a good amount of listening while standing still. I would do the ride before the tour so they have an idea what they are going to see.

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We did the tour last fall with a group of 10. Called to pre-book but it didn’t link to MDE and we didn’t even get a confirmation #! But when we showed up, everything was fine. We only pre-booked because we had a bigger group and I wanted a set time so we could still make our FP+ we had booked. We all loved the tour (asked lots of questions) and we rode the ride before the tour started.

We did the tour last week, as you saw in my trip report. I really enjoyed it, and I think it’s a worthwhile use of time. We specifically did the 10:30 tour, which was the earliest available, so that we could get to WS as soon as possible thereafter (though we ended up taking a break instead). As I mentioned, it definitely ran late. I would absolutely do the boat ride first if you are going with Disney newbies because it will provide more of a context. We have done the boat ride so many times that we just went straight for the tour. Disney Visa does have a 10% discount, which is not huge, but still a nice little bonus. Also to note - it’s very hot on the tour and involves a lot of standing on cement. We actually felt pretty tired afterwards. The science part of it is pretty light, but the the tour guides know a lot, so be prepared to ask relevant questions on point with the expertise of the guide and you’ll get a lot more information and detail.

Thanks @Iheartepcot. I need to make sure my friends understand that it’s a pretty serious tour with walking and greenhouse heat.

Oh, and just to be more clear than I was - it’s not really a lot of walking, but the standing around on concrete that made my feet feel tired.

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Hi Sally!

I just wanted to add this link for you. But it’s loaded with spoilers… just so you’re aware! :smile:

:heart: Daisy

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Thank you @Daisy_Lauren! As always, you Touring Plans writers do excellent work. I remember reading this when you first posted it, but I had completely forgotten about it. That’s exactly the sort of information I need. :slight_smile:

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Is Living w/the Land the last of the “EPCOT originals”? I guess Spaceship Earth, but SE has undergone so many changes over the years that many of the elements I adored as a kid are no longer there.

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@SallyEppcot Hooray!! I was worried it might look like I was just trying to promote my articles. But I’m always just trying to help. :blush:

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