BC vs YC vs BW

Yes, YC is a bore. :slight_smile: I guess I prefer a bit more liveliness. To me YC felt stuffy and dark.

BC has some of those too. :slight_smile:


We had a ground floor patio at YC but still had to leave via the hallway door. There was no way to lock the patio door once you left the room. Or did I somehow miss something?

I’ve never actually stayed at BC or BW, only been in the public areas. They are both great. But I am a YC fan. As a teacher of 6 year olds in an open concept school (the whole grade level in one room - all 150+ of us), I welcome the relaxing atmosphere of YC. I have to agree with you when it comes to the hallways. They are lacking decent lighting. I really wish they would address the dark hallways. The recently refreshed lobby is nice. I love knowing that we will have a balcony/patio. I like the carpetless room because it feels cleaner to me.


You have a much more sophisticated reason. I just love boats and the water and blue :grin:


I always answer this Boardwalk. It’s my second fave resort after Animal Kingdom and it’s my fave of the Epcot Resorts hands down. I prefer the theming to both yacht and beach but b/w those I prefer yacht club. Of course decor/theming is a personal preference but if you like heavy theming instead of vague theming Boardwalk is the pick of choice. While the pool is better at beach and yacht and the slide is very cool I actually prefer the slide at Boardwalk for its speed. But the pool in general wins hands down over boardwalks. It ginormous and gorgeous. I prefer the Boardwalk though as an adult. I like to sit out there and have a drink from abracadabar on the boardwalk in the evenings and I just love that feeling. Plus we did a thing once and if you’re going to walk to both parks Boardwalk saves you the teeniest bit of walking overall. However if you’re spending more time in Epcot Beach Club wins. I once had a room back by the back staircase on the 4th floor where I could see the ball, hear the UK band and it was less than a five min walk to Epcot down those back stairs.

In other words you can’t go wrong. Lol


Yup we did a thing where we compared and my choice won! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Your teens don’t like the nanny chairs??? Lol

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I never once used the stairs lol. Entered at ground and took elevator up.

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All of this. It’s so beautiful morning and evening. It’s a really incredible vibe.


They do. But all YC rooms have balconies whereas not all BC rooms do.

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Yeah the balcony sitch at BC is very unpredictable - you never know if you’ll get one, or what size it will be if you do

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After all the comments, I’m definitely considering YC for our next stay. Unless, BW or BC renovations are done by then and they look particularly good :thinking:


Circling back to my thread… We decided on…

Yacht Club :balloon: :tada:

Main reasons:

Boardwalk was high up there on our list but we wouldn’t have Boardwalk view (not available and $$$) and we can still hang out over there. DH wanted to try that pool slide but thought overall Stormalong is better. Also, tired rooms. Hoping to stay there once the reno is complete.

BC has always been a dream resort of mine, but YC has the same amenities (incl. great pools and pool bar!) with newer (more recently remodeled) rooms, we don’t mind the extra bit of walking, we will definitely get a balcony or patio, and maybe not so chaotic for an adult trip.

I’m kind of worried about the pet-friendly aspect (we have pets and love animals! but we don’t take them on vacation) not from an allergy standpoint but for barking? DH says to request a higher floor and maybe the pets will be closer to 1st floor for easy outside trips.

So, on to the room finder to look, decide and request! Thanks for all of your help as always :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I honestly haven’t ever noticed pets. I’ve not stayed at YC but we spent a ton of time in that whole area in September and I would neve have known that any of the resorts is pet-friendly. Interesting.


I’ve seen a few online reviews that have indicated this but of course more people post to complain than to say everything was wonderful.

I searched cuz I vaguely recalled something about pets in hotels. The higher floor may be spot on.

Found this at Disney.go
These rooms have easy access to outdoor walkways for exercise and to green spaces with pet relief areas. Upon arrival, dogs and their owners will be greeted with a complimentary Pluto’s Welcome Kit.

No idea of date.

And this at a non Disney site. Again, no date but mentions DME.

two dogs up to 75 lbs for an additional fee of $75 per night. Only select Garden, Water View, and Water View Club Level rooms are pet friendly. Crated dogs may be left unattended for short periods of time. Dogs receive Pluto’s Welcome Kit featuring a mat, bowls, ID tag, waste bags, dog walking map, and a Pluto door hanger to signal a dog is in the room. Pet-friendly rooms have easy access to walkways and green space. Pets are permitted on the Magical Express complimentary airport shuttle and Minnie Van as long as they remain in a carrier.


We’ve stayed at YC several times, and barking has never been an issue. I’ve never really even seen pets around the resort. YMMV of course. You never know about thise things. But if I had a barking neighbor, I would request a room change.


I agree that YC has a more adult vibe. That’s where we stayed in June 2021. There was a definite change in atmosphere between YC and BC. Definitely more families at BC including children running around noisily etc. YC seemed more polished, subdued even with the families that were there. If you want an adult trip I would go with YC over BC.

ETA: we were on the first floor and did not hear any barking, we were there a week YMMV

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I did reserve breakfast at Ale and Compass on our departure morning so we could have those yummy chocolate waffles! Does that “buffet” seem like a good value to those who have had it?


It has been years, but when we stayed at YC, I called ahead of time and asked to be away from the dog zone. At that time the CM said that the pet-friendly rooms are grouped together and IIRC I only saw dogs in the area closest to Swan & Dolphin. If it matters to you, you could ask if it is still that way. We stayed relatively close to the lobby on the second floor which was great because we could use the big, open staircase and not need to wait for the elevators. Even reading through this thread makes me want to book it again.