BC vs YC vs BW

I posted this on chat but since I’m more of a forum user these days, I wanted to get opinions here. This will be an adult trip, focused on Epcot and HS. The 3 resorts are the location we want. They are all within $50 of each other total for our entire stay (not per night.)

We are considering based on room condition (or tiredness of decor etc) pool situation (afternoon pool time with a drink is a usual practice) and a good vibe that’s fun but still relaxing. We won’t have a ton of room time as we will most likely be in the parks or pool or out at the boardwalk area.

So, which would you choose? Beach Club, Boardwalk or Yacht Club?


Great question! I can’t wait to see what kind of answers you get.


Pool is 100% BC or YC.

Beach club is (i think) getting a renovation this year, so rooms may be more tired. YC (again, i think) already had a renovation, so rooms might be nicer.

BC is closer to IG at EPCOT, if that matters…


I have stayed at both BC and YC and appreciated being closer to EPCOT… but honestly, not a huge difference


I would always stay at YC if I could. I just love the room decor and overall vibe. SAB and Hurricane Hannahs pool bar are an awesome way to spend an afternoon.


Ahhhh! What a choice! Too bad there isn’t more of a price difference to help make the decision.
So if Storm Along Bay gets you excited, you rule out Boardwalk. If you’re looking for a fun atmosphere you can rule out Yacht Club. I heard the hallway situation at Beach Club can be a beach. But it feels like it gets you in the center of all that you want. Beach Club is pretty but it is also my least favorite of your 3 options.


Agree. Rooms at YC are newer, food and lounges are great, pool is great. Bw only makes sense if savings are significant. We are doing BC this trip just cause it’s all I could get.


I stayed at BW 1 time and it was just not my vibe at all. And I even got to stay 1 night free!


I didn’t mind it but there’s no draw for me. Everything’s better next door.


Beach Club! :checkered_flag:

  • The Beach Club \ Yacht Club pool trounces the Boardwalk IMO.
  • BC\YC more secluded than BW, i.e. less “outsider” foot traffic.
  • BC is closer to the fun than YC.
  • That aroma inside the BC, wonderful.
  • BC\YC is one boat stop closer to HS than BW.
  • Um, Beaches and Cream!

The BC decor may be dated compared to the others, but for me that is not an issue.



  • I believe YC was refurbished in 2022?
  • Both BC and BWI seem more outdated at this point - I think both were renovated around 2014-2015


  • BC is closest to IG. YC and BW are just a couple of minutes more.
  • BW is closest to HS, about 0.8 miles compared to 1.2 miles
  • if you don’t intend on walking to HS, the difference overall is pretty minimal.


  • Pool at BC+YC wins
  • Food: I’ll let someone else comment as I have very little experience

Personally I’d pick YC for the newer rooms but BC is close second. I love the general areas at BW but they are easily accesible.


I’ve stayed at BC and Boardwalk, both times DVC side (so that might matter).

I did think Boardwalk was ttiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiired. But aside from the decor of the room I loved that whole vibe a lot more than BC and found it more relaxing. Particularly for an adults only trip.

I’m looking at BC again for late fall as a maybe, but more because my son has always wanted to stay there.


This! I love all the other things, but that BC scent… I’m home, baby.

(And yes, I have the candles scented the same at home and light them when I need a pick me up)…


I would agree with YC as well. Loved and appreciated the decor so much more as it was an adult only trip. And close enough to enjoy the amenities at BC on a daily basis. The lounge in YC is preferable for us as well when compared to marthas vineyard at BC. Cant speak on BW…never really wanted to stay there. Rooms need a refresh. The walking difference to the parks in minimal at best.

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Yacht Club. Balconies.

Was making this same decision on last family trip. And chose Yacht Club, because a balcony is important to me. I think nearly all YC rooms come with balconies. More of a crap shoot with BC and BW.

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We haven’t stayed at any of the 3 yet, but we chose YC for our upcoming 1st Crescent Lake experience. We’ll have our kids with us this trip. We chose YC for the pool, having newer rooms than BC, and more liklihood of room discount, which we got. Not sure how much the balcony will matter to us, but it’s nice to have.
If the rooms at BW get redone I’d love to do an adults’ only stay there. The rooms look pretty blah in the pictures.


The BWI rooms are currently being refurbished. There are photos if you Google it. So depending on when OP is going, they might get a refurbed room or they might be in the midst of construction. The BWV rooms are supposed to be getting a refurb starting in the fall, I think. We considered staying at BWI for our upcoming August trip, so I was looking into the timing of those room refurbs. The Inn side should be finished before summer. ,




Yes I did know that but not knowing when they are going or if they’d get a refurb’d room, I felt it was worth mentioning. The thermostat was like something out of 1970

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I am sure the new rooms will be an improvement in terms of modernization, but they still seem a little blah and underwhelming to me! The photos I saw didn’t have me scrambling to book there :woman_shrugging:but I will be travelling with teenagers and I think all of the Boardwalk theming would be lost on them.

But for an adults only trip, I’d certainly be tempted by BWI if the trip was after the room refurb. The BC/YC pool is so kid-oriented, I don’t think it’s a perk for an adults only trip. We stayed at BC for a few nights on our previous Disney trip in 2019, and that pool area was not restful!