Back at the Parks: Trip of 2 Foodies

Here we goooooo!!!

The cast: DB & I celebrating 2 years dating :tada:

The scene: 7 nights Sept 11-18 at Sapphire Falls UOR. 6 day hoppers at Disney, 1 day UOR park to park, boo bash and HHN with express and scream early! Maybe Discovery Cove. We probably didn’t need hoppers since after I purchased I streamlined our TP because of DBs injury but it’s nice to have the flexibility if necessary.

The transport: Frontier airlines, Uber/lift, UOR boats and shuttle, Disney buses, boats and skyliner :scream:, and a portable ECV from Buena Vista Scooters. Maybe even the shuttle to Waldorf Astoria. Whew……

The Food & parks lineup:
Day 1: HS
-Amatista or Drhum pool bar
-Oga’s Cantina
-Bull & Bear
Day 2: AK
-Enchanted rose
Day 3: UOR
-Leaky cauldron
Day 4: MK & Boo bash
-Ohana breakfast
-Trader sams
-Skipper Canteen
-Aloha isle
-Sleepy Hollow
Day 5: HHN maybe HS
-Topolinos breakfast
-HHN food
Day 6: Epcot
-Food & wine
-Topolinos dinner
Day 7: AK
-Boma breakfast
-Yak & Yeti
-California grill
Day 8: DS, maybe discovery cove otherwise:
-Jock lindsays
-Gideon cookies

We took an Uber to the Airport. Brought only carry on. We are through security and sitting at the gate ahead of schedule! Next we try to get a BG hopefully before take off.


Safe travels!

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Got it!!


Safe travels. :heart:

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Yay! Looking forward to following along. Happy anniversary!


Woohoo! So excited to follow along! Love your food line up!

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Thanks everyone. Plane landed safe and early!



Now that you’re on the ground I’ll say: I flew on 9/11/2010. And good gravy it was unnerving to begin with, but then to sit at the gate with the TVs all showing coverage from that day?? It was… eerie.


DB was saying he is glad we flew today. It’s our way of saying (makes gesture I can’t say on here). Yes, it was definitely a bit nerve wracking. My mom was worried about us because she got an alert on her phone. We made it safe.


OMG!!! Your long-anticipated foodie trip is finally here!!! I am so excited for you – I can’t wait to hear what you think about Citricos!

And maybe I’ll see ya on Day 6??? Aaaaaaeeeeeeiiiiiiiiii!!! :star_struck: Have fun today!!!


Yay! I’m so happy to be here! Thank you.
I’m also excited for citricos.
We are at the Amatista breakfast buffet and we got the best seat. Food isn’t great unfortunately, probably because it’s the end of breakfast but the view is superb. Salmon and berries are great.


Looks scrumptious!

I’m psyched to see Bull & Bear is on your plan, too. Gotta go look up that menu again, LOL!

Yay!!! For those not endlessly stalking the other September liners on the board, @NaviHeart’s trip kicks off what I’m officially dubbing “Lovely Lady Liners Week”, lol. Fingers crossed that all of our travels are as smooth as yours this morning, myself and @bay.loftis will return to the world starting Tuesday, and @dianelynn arrives on Wednesday.


Lol I love it! “Lovely lady liners week”.
We are relaxing by the pool waiting for the room to be ready. I hope it’s ready soon because in about an hour and a half we will be on our way to HS.


That is a gorgeous view! Your food lineup looks fantastic! It doesn’t look like our plans will line up, but we are planning on hitting EP nearly every day at some point. Shoot me a DM and I’ll give you my contact info if you want to try and meet up.
Have an amazing trip!


The room was ready so we freshened up. We learned to use the scooter and disassemble it. We did an Uber XL so we didn’t have to take it apart. Now we are on our way to HS. Our BG was called about an hour ago so we will only be maybe a half hour late for that.


Rise was a walk on and we spent the last hour in galaxys edge. Now it’s time for Oga’s. We might do one more ride before Bull and Bear.


Excited to follow along. Have a great trip

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While we were in Ogas it rained so we went in toy story mania. It was a 17 min wait (posted 35). Then we went to ToT posted 35 on the app but it was a walk on.

Bull and bear was AMAZING. I’d allow 3 hours for this dinner and we didn’t have a heart attack when we got the bill. We both got 2 drinks. Old fashioned and the gold smoke. We shared all of our food. The pasta explosion, ceasar salad prepared table side, fried chicken and the filet mignon with samples of all sauces and the lemon for dessert. The bill was only 277 plus tip. The service is top notch. Don’t expect to do anything afterwards. This dinner closes out the night. We were greeted by what felt like everyone who worked there. They have an eye for detail. It is a fantastic dinner. We were seated on a couch together at our table instead of chairs.

I’m exhausted.

And Oh MY GoD those mashed potatoes.


That meal looks AMAZING! Rarely does a salad look spectacular, but that one does. And that steak :drooling_face: … yum!

Which drinks did you try at Ogas?