Breakfast help — are there any restaurants in Disney World?

It’s given me a headache. Is that what happiness feels like?


And you love it anyway. HaHa (said in the voice of that annoying kid on the Simpsons. If you’ve never seen the show, he’s a bully)


No time for headaches! Drink some caffeine and get back to planning!
When you look for ADRs do you remember to change the party size while checking for availability? (I’m sure you already do this)
This is my jam when it comes to planning! Even my Disney friends think I am slightly mad when I start talking ADRs. It’s just all so exciting!!! (Sorry really have trouble containing myself, hopefully you all get that🥴)


Yes. I know that trick. All my current ADRs (how sweet are those words) are for two. They had better times.


One other main thing to do right now is read up on tips for securing boarding group thread (skip to last posts for most up to date changes). You will definitely want to go on ROTR, it will be your first time?
You also get to ride Remy (officially unofficial name) for first time!

Rode it six times (only three to completion) in December 2019

(Are you going to make me say it again?) Rode it three times in Paris last summer. No line.



Oohhh right! Well that makes this trip even more relaxing with no pressure to fit them in.

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Yes! We had the breakfast ronto wrap and it was delicious. There’s a hidden area for dining that cast members directed us to as well that was nicely shaded. Much more relaxing than the Woody’s debacle (though their morning dish with potato “barrels” is also really good).

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I don’t know how you people eat big breakfasts and then manage to do the parks. I have my coffee in the morning but otherwise don’t generally eat until about noon. If someone brings in pastries or muffins or something to the office, I may pick at one throughout the morning. But to sit down and have omelettes, Mickey waffles, bobotie, etc., I’d just want to go back to bed and sleep it off afterwards.

That being said, I think it would be cool if there was a Disney restaurant that offered breakfast all-day. I love a full British or full Irish breakfast when I can get it, but I just eat it for lunch instead of breakfast :slight_smile:


These were a huge disappointment

I struggle with breakfast in Florida because of the time change coming from the west coast.

I second (or third or fourth or whatever) the Topolino’s recommendation. It’s really yummy and I actually do like most of the outfits. Daisy’s dress does not do it for me, but I love Donald in his paint smock.

Also, if you can’t get an ADR at Kona, they are doing mobile ordering and you can eat outside on the patio. I think same for A&C?


This is a lovely option too

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If I did that, I’d have the shakes and be generally unpleasant to be around.
I have to eat in the morning, and it can’t all be carb laden garbage.
(I’m not diabetic. I get checked every 6 months. It’s just my metabolism.)


I’ve actually found that if I eat in the morning, I get more hungry throughout the day and end up eating just more in general. Whereas if I just do coffee, I don’t get hungry at all until lunch time, then not hungry again at all until dinner. Helps me cut down on the snacking.

Of course this isn’t ideal for the times I actually want to be snacking throughout the day like during F&W. I have my list of things I want to try, but I’m pretty sure we’re going to fail miserably (especially in the heat) and only get through a small handful of things before we’re stuffed!

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We always have a hard time with it too. Our “breakfast” is usually limited to whatever the lunch menu is :slightly_frowning_face:

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We (dd20 and I) arrive in 17 days …these are our breakfast plans.

Staying at Poly
Rope Drop AK Early Entry (7:30am) - Yak & Yeti CS at ~9am after FOP/Na’vi/Everest(x3)
Rope Drop MK Early Entry (8:30am) - Maybe Captain Cooks at Poly ~7:30/Sleepy Hollow ~9:30am
Rope Drop DHS Early Entry (8:30am) - No breakfast or morning snack plans - Early Lunch at DB7 ~11:30am
Staying at Pop
Rope Drop EPCOT Early Entry (9:30am) - Pop Food Court
MK - arrival depends on packing/dropping off bags - No current plan but trying to get CRT for dd.

I will note that dd20 isn’t a breakfast person. If she must be up before 10am, she eats nothing until lunchtime. If she does eat breakfast it is ALL carbs …muffins, scones, pancakes, french toast, etc. She won’t eat eggs or breakfast meat (not sure how she is my child). While I would have loved to carve out time for Topolinos, we would have wasted a ton fo $$ for dd to eat some waffles and muffins. :roll_eyes:

The “breakfast” plans I am making are for me as I generally need some kind of protein, even if we are on the go.

Also, if you cannot get Kona and don’t want to do take out from there, Captain Cooks has Tonga Toast as well. :slight_smile:

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Side note, @mousematt, did you see the latest review of Bull and Bear NaviHeart did? I thought of you when I saw it. They don’t do breakfast, but if you have an open dinner spot and aren’t adverse to trekking over to the Waldorf, it might be worth checking out.

I’ll find the thread and post the link here.

ETA: Back at the Parks: Trip of 2 Foodies - #19 by NaviHeart


For me, I think it is because how I normally eat. I’ll eat breakfast at 9am and lunch at 2pm-ish. Then be done for the day. The rest of the family doesn’t get hungry until later. So, on vacation I’ll usually heat up a breakfast croissant while they are getting ready. Or plan a late breakfast in a restaurant. The heat doesn’t get to me until afternoon and by then an early breakfast is gone. I do eat much less at the parks because of the heat.