Breakfast help — are there any restaurants in Disney World?

I’m 36 days out and I only started booking ADRs last night. I don’t really have a plan but in the past I’ve always started with a hearty breakfast.

There are almost no options. Pretty much nothing in a park.

Here’s what I’ve got so far. Feel free to praise or criticise individual choices. You can suggest alternatives, but I bet they won’t come up.

GF Café
Rainforest Café (I told you it was slim pickings)
Whispering Canyon
Cape May

I kinda want to get rid of one because I’m happy to have breakfast at Ronto Roasters (is that a thing?)

I’m really out of touch with how food is operating right now.

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Ale & Compass gets good reviews.


Ale and Compass is very good. Ronto does have breakfast wraps.


We thought Whispering C was poor food. Yes ppl have breakfast at Ronto but I wouldn’t call it hearty. Cape May??? I liked breakfast at GFC. Don’t rule out QS in resorts for breakfast. Keep checking regularly for openings.

Set a reservation finder for Topolino’s. (Get one of everything.)

As others said, Ale & Compass was really good (get the chocolate waffles).

I know you’ve already done Trattoria. And while Flynn won’t be making an appearance, the food is still pretty good.

For your AK day, I’d probably Uber to the Lodge bright and early and do Boma or Sanaa if available.

And yeah, now that you mentioned it, in park breakfasts are significantly limited these days. It might be you grab a quick bite and then do early lunches instead.


Tonga toast at Kona Cafe in Poly. And macadamia nut pancakes. I’m kind of thinking you’ve had the Tonga toast before? Oh yeah! And like @eeeevah said Topolinos! That should be high on your list. For breakfast and dinner.

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Yum! :slight_smile: Not to mention the side of ham that went with it, which I actually like more than the pancakes themselves!

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Someone remind me, there are blueberry pancakes or some other breakfast items, at times, near ToT?

I’m not really any help as it’s been so long since I was in WDW, but I wanted to thank you for the heads-up about TAF availability. We have an ADR for two later this week, but I’ve invited my son’s friend in the DCP to come have breakfast with us. She hasn’t accepted the invitation, but I hope she does. Now, thanks to your post, I know I’ll be able to add her to my ADR without a problem. Thank you!!! :smiley:

P.S. – I really liked the Grand Floridian Café… 23 years ago. (Sorry!) :grimacing:

Agree. I thought breakfast at WCC was meh. Dinner was better.
Another vote for trying to get Topolinos for breakfast.

Breakfast is definitely difficult these days. We tend to eat big breakfasts and no lunch, and we felt the lack of in park breakfasts also. It’s a pain in the ass to be ubering/bussing all over to the resorts.

The breakfast at Boma is fantastic, but if you’re not in the mood to be ubering, the last time I ate breakfast at RFC it was decent. Better than their dinner food tbh.


Not an ADR, but I would highly recommend the breakfast from Primo Piatto. We ate there two out of four mornings on our trip, and we never needed to eat until a late lunch or afternoon snacks. Plus you can take your food and sit out by the water, and then hop right onto the Skyliner! (If you do eat there, would highly recommend the croque madame or the blueberry lemon pancakes.)


Also, pay the 5 bucks and use MouseWatchers. I’ve gotten no less than 15 alerts for Ogas on the one day I was looking in the last week. And we’re going Wednesday. I got 2 Kona alerts for Friday yesterday.


There is inconsistently a blueberry waffle breakfast available at Hollywood Scoops

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Fwiw I think the breakfast at Rainforest Cafe is actually quite good. Especially the wildberry waffle.

Thanks everyone for your thoughts so far.

It’s reminded me of the fun of planning a WDW trip — the detailed analysis required!

Because I need to be clear about what I want from a breakfast. At WDW.

The reason WC (lol) is there is because the skillets sounded nice but also because it’s in WL. And who doesn’t want to visit WL then take a boat to MK?

If I didn’t know that Rainforest Café is a non-Disney chain of themed restaurants I wouldn’t feel snobbish about it and would definitely go. A major part of dining at WDW for me is visual spectacle. And RC has plenty of that.

Topolino’s Terrace ticks lots of boxes. Though I’m not a fan of the characters’ outfits and being a character meal means it’s a lot more expensive.

Much to think about!



But that aside, it’s the best breakfast EVER. Not just at WDW. Like anywhere. So it’s worth the extra $$ if you can snag the ADR.

(And FWIW, on the character front, I know you always feel a little weird about character dining as a solo traveler, but since everything is still social distanced, that is completely gone for now!)


Second for Primo Piatto. I only hear the highest of reviews on this place, it is a quick trip on the skyliner from Epcot or HS, and you can check out the Riviera.

I was going to say second for paying for when I realized was recommended. Which is better? I used mousedinig and did get reservations.

Out of the choices you listed, I would only want to go to GF café. I would definitely take the time for Toppolinos or would consider brunch in DS at Homecoming or Wine Bar George.

Remember that this will be a different trip where you can easily change things last minute since there really isn’t a grand schedule to adhere to. It’s your chance to flex your liner muscles and know where to pivot to have an awesome day.

My recommendations:

HS woodys lunchbox and put MO in early then Docking Bay 7 for lunch (it is well worth it!)

Epcot hopefully Topolinos or DS brunch

MK GF cafe or Kona/captain cooks (but you have already tried tonga toast so you decide) or just snacks to get you through to lunch

AK I would say Boma but I can’t handle buffets right now. My pick is Kusifiri or Isle of Java QS both have egg/sausage biscuits that are very tasty with coffee relaxing by Tree of Life.


I can definitely see wanting to take a boat to WL! So relaxing and beautiful :heart_eyes: But you could do it for lunch and hang out at Geyser Point.

Maybe Topolinos for dinner?

Rainforest cafe could be fun but as I posted a minute ago, I would rather be soaking up tree of life or sitting in one of the many nooks by the water with some QS.


I got warm-fuzzies reading this and all the other Toppolino’s endorsements. That is our main arrival day activity. We drive and usually arrive in Florida between 6-8am. Plans are a late Toppolino’s breakfast reservation. We aren’t into dining, but I got a leading reservation mainly for this. I thought I’d knock some of the main characters off the list, kill time while waiting until check-in, and maybe get some good food (priority in that order). DD, who is 11, recently decided she loves steak, so that is a bonus.

Now I just have to pray that they don’t make changes to worsen the experience between now and Feb.

Also, Mousematt, welcome back to the happy WDW planners.


It’s given me a headache. Is that what happiness feels like?