Angry frustrated email. click and send


So around 12:30 am last night touring plans reservation finder miraculously finds a party of 5 BOG lunch for Saturday 11/3. I log in and it is available and ready to grab!! Imagine my excitement and adrenaline rush! ( I know you’ve felt what I’m talking about).

The DANG phantom reservation that I cancelled weeks ago was in the way and could not be modified. Yesterday I spent 1 and 1/2 hours talking to IT and Dining who both assured me that the phantom dining reservations were cancelled but the glitch was just that I saw them there. Now I can’t even overlap them or book a lunch at the same time. Of course I’m thinking that was the once in a life time BOG ressie. :frowning:

OOOOOHHHHH. They got an angry email from me with screen shots and everything. I basically told them they owe me the party of 5 reservations. lol. We’ll see where this gets me. - My guess is nowhere.

Just looking for sympathy I guess. Carry on.


That sucks. I’m sorry. Hope they can help!



You do have my sympathy though.


This is probably one of those “enhancements” discussed here:

I’m thinking it is all for your own good. They are trying to prevent their guests from overeating or something. You know. It is a FEATURE. :wink:


LOL. Prevent me from overeating on a no kids, girls trip during food and wine??

“They must save their gluttony and $$$” - said no Disney Exec ever!


Yes, this problem is exactly what I am experiencing. I was most upset that when I first called to talk to someone, they were not informed that this “enhancement” was being performed. Even the email response from the help desk was basically to reboot. It was days into the problem that anyone started talking about the diligent efforts being made by the Disney team because of the enhancements. And it is still not fixed a week later.


I just want to enjoy a nice bowl of overpriced french onion soup in the Beast’s castle with my four best friends. Is that too much?


That’s crappy, I’m sorry.


Boooooo. So sorry. Fingers crossed another shows up!


Oh, that’s terrible! What a bummer, and how frustrating. I hope that the folks at Disney get that reservation properly deleted soon. GL!


Oh man… I have three of those cancelled phantoms on my account. I’m not really planning on making a reservation in their place, but I guess I’d better get then cleared up just in case! IT told me the same thing… that they were in fact cancelled.


I would be FURIOUS! They owe you at least that reservation. :rage:


I agree


Well, If I ever get an email response, I’ll be sure to send them my screen shots. Maybe that’ll help. :roll_eyes:


Yes, the system is nuts. I’ve been able to cobble together 2 and then 2 adrs for SciFi. Need 9, been trying for 5 1/2 mos.

Each time you’re able to add to # in party, you actually have to hit the time on restaurant website, then call dining res #. Yes, so that means each time I’m able to find a few more places for this similar timeframe I have to call them over and over again.

It’s pretty nuts, and then we go thru this what is your room res # who are the people blah blah. I’m telling them lately, look, this is how it is: what info do you really need, ugh?


I’m having the same issue and we arrive tomorrow. I spent about 2 hours on the phone with Disney trying to get this fixed and was assured I wouldn’t be charged but now I can’t book the meals I actually want. Like a dumb dumb I didn’t even think of this scenario playing out. I’m going to take screen shots of how the cancel and modify options are missing just in case. I might even show up at one of the long cancelled reservations if I can’t get breakfast elsewhere.


I don’t know if this helps or not but we arrive tonight and one of my ghost reservations is for 24 hours from now and I didn’t get an email reminding me. Hopefully that means the reservation is dead on their end (no no show fee) and not that email confirmations are broken!


It helps with the idea that I don’t want to be charged for the phantom ressies, but unfortunately I can’t change to a different restaurant if a more desirable location is available. :frowning:


I hate to say this but it gets worse. I arrive tonight. I got my Via Napoli confirmation/reminder email today and now that reservation is missing from the app and website. I never canceled it.


Omg. So one of my kids’ APs is assigned to my dad (who’s only been once and doesn’t have an MDE account)

I have a Pop Century AND an All-Star Resort split stay that belongs to someone I don’t know and none of my linked friends know in the app (and it’s telling me to go select a magic band)

There’s FP+ reservations, countless dining reservations, none that I made, but in there!

It’s such a hot mess.

I laugh and just go about my business, as it doesn’t affect my vacations at wdw. But i feel for anyone dealing with it. It’s such a mess. I did call to check something for a guest of mine this week, and on MY end it was showing their park ticket not valid, but on the CMs end it was (they even emailed me a screenshot because we were all just tripping out about the insanity)

I will say? Calling and not being mad at them will go a long way. Most guests call and just scream at them, but if you are polite it might really go a long way. good luck!!