My Disney Experience Enhancements


Does anyone have the inside scoop on what enhancements are being made to My Disney Experience? My problems started a week ago on 9/14 and still have not been resolved.

Angry frustrated email. click and send

Hopefully the enhancements are getting it to work reliably :rofl:


You may be asking too much lol!

Perhaps you should taper your expectations more as “working more reliably than at present”.

:joy: :joy:




In the software field, “enhancements” is often secret code for “bug fixes” :slight_smile:


And bugs are “undocumented features.”



So, actually, by the transitive property of…whatever…“enhancements” means the removal of “undocumented features”! :slight_smile:


Just as long as we can all agree that no actual mistakes were made.


:crossed_fingers: Yes. Of course.


I had some problems and called the other day. Was told that they aren’t ‘enhancements’, they’re ‘magical enhancements’. Let’s get it right, people.