An 'Ultimate' Trip Report

Just got back from a short trip to WDW for DGD’s 9th birthday. We initially planned our trip to be the 16th to 18th, staying at Wilderness Lodge (a first) and not planning anything too intense.
Then the SWGE AP previews were announced and I was able to get a slot for the 18th. So, we extended our trip by a day and decided to do a split stay at AKL (another first) for one night. My FP+ window opened and it was an utter fail. With such a short trip, I couldn’t get anything decent. So, then I started looking at the Ultimate VIP tours. And booked two of them (gulp). But, I was loving the idea of getting so much done with no lines and with the August heat, hoping it wouldn’t be too bad.
So, this is a short trip report that will focus primarily on the two tours for anyone looking to do them.

Who: Me, DH, and DGD9
When: August 16-19th
Where: Wilderness Lodge for 2 nights and Animal Kingdom Lodge for 1 night
Background: DGD9 flew into our main airport the night before. She lives in Nebraska, we are in Ohio. There are no direct flights so we spent a small fortune on her airfare and the extra cost for the unaccompanied minor program. I will say that Delta was amazing. She had a connection through Atlanta and a few flight delays and rebookings but they stayed with her the entire time. The attendant on her last leg found out she was going to WDW to celebrate her birthday and gave her $5! I thought that was the nicest thing. I have no kids (DGD9 is my DH’s from his prior marriage) so I was a little nervous about this trip. I will say, things went really really well but man, I am glad I never had kids :wink:

Day 1
We had an early morning with a 4 am alarm to get to the airport for our 7 am flight. DGD9 woke up with very little trouble and she wanted to help with the luggage, so cute.

We landed right on time (9 am) and made it onto DME and off to Wilderness Lodge by 9:30!

We had planned on spending the late morning/early afternoon at the pool relaxing before we had to head to AK. I didn’t think our room would be ready so we had packed our suits in our carry on. This was my first epic fail - I forgot to put mine and DH’s suits in there. I was also wearing flip flops and forgot to pack my tennis shoes in the carryon. The tour we were doing later in the day required closed toe shoes. I was stressing. Would our luggage arrive in time for me to change? I started searching for options to take a lyft to go buy shoes somewhere, checking out what shoes they sold in the gift shop (none) and worrying. While beating myself up for making such a huge miscalculation. Luckily, the front desk was able to track our bags and saw that they had already been loaded and headed to WL. They said they should be there by 2 or 3.
So, we headed to the pool so DGD9 could swim even though DH and I had to just sit and watch. Fun pool. Great resort, I was so happy to be there.

This is the first trip we have taken in August and I was a little anxious about the hot weather. Thankfully, today was overcast and it didn’t feel too bad at all.

After a few hours in the pool (and a lovely drink), we walked around the pool area a little and then headed to Roaring Fork for some lunch. They had a PB&J cupcake. This was on my food list because I had one when we were at Epcot last year and loved it. It did not disappoint!

We checked at the front desk again and our bags were here! I was so relieved and changed into my tennis shoes. Now, every trip that I have done to WDW starts with MK as our first park. That was not the plan for today but, since our room still wasn’t ready, I promised DGD9 a Dole Whip if we headed there first just so I could say ‘Hi’ to the castle :slight_smile: So, we headed to the boat launch to catch the boat over. We waited for a pretty long time and it started to rain. We needed to be to AK no later than 4 and it was already 1:45 but the boat pulled up and we were off.

This is one of my favorite pictures of DH and DGD9

I get so emotional seeing the Magic Kingdom and walking through the tunnel. This is my favorite park with all of the nostalgia and childhood memories it evokes. I also love seeing it decorated for Halloween (although mid-August is a tad early in my book)!

We placed our mobile order for Dole Whips and headed to Aloha Isle (with the obligatory stop for a castle pic!)

We were making great time and had Dole Whips in hand by 2:30

We did a quick ride on the flying carpets because there wasn’t much of a wait and then headed back to the front of the park to go to AK. We got stuck in the parade but it was nice to catch a glimpse of the end of it and walked with the crush of humanity to the exit.

We initially were going to hop the bus to AK but, we were getting really short on time so, Minnie Van it is ($45.96 for the 6.8 mile trip from MK to AK, ouch).

Despite the cost, the Minnie Vans really are great. I love the phone chargers to top off batteries and the conversation was good. We arrived at AK and had about 30 min to spend on the Discovery Island trails before meeting for the Ultimate Night of Adventure VIP tour.

Kevin totally photobombed this family’s photo and it was awesome!

It was pretty hot and humid, despite the cloudiness (as you can tell from my bright red face!)

We got a call that our meeting place for the tour had been moved to Pizzafari (originally it was at an outside location near the Tree of Life) so we got a chance to see the otters, grab some water and headed over to check-in.

Ultimate Night of Adventure VIP Tour
I was pretty bad about taking pictures during this tour mainly because it is really fast-paced. The tour started at 4:00 with check-in at this point you got to pick a drink and dessert that would be provided in addition to a “heavy snack” later in the tour. It was probably close to 4:30 or 4:45 by the time we got started. There were close to 20 people on the tour and 3 tour guides. We were each given a VIP tour laynard with a color-coded ID tag, there was really no significance of the colors other than splitting us into smaller groups for some of the rides. These pre-organized VIP tours do not get front of line access but do utilize the FP+ lane and generally speaking, most of the time, we had very little wait. Because we were such a big group, they would hold back the FP+ line and let us all go in together.

Not a great photo but our guides were Kyler, Holly and Bert.

Up first, we headed to the Safari. We got really lucky and saw a ton of animals, including the lions, the baby hippo, and baby giraffe! I’ll spare everyone all of the photos (I did take a lot on the Safari, as always) but here are a few of my favorites:

After the Safari, we headed to EE. We were supposed to do Dinosaur but it was down all evening. After EE, we headed to FOP. All but one person had ridden FOP before but this ride just doesn’t disappoint. Every time I ride, I see something new and listening to the constant giggles of DGD9 was even more special.
By this time, DGD9 had befriended a couple of the other girls in the group and they became fast friends. Holly, one of the guides, was just awesome with the three girls, they loved walking up front with her and honestly, DH and I didn’t really see a lot of DGD9 since she was sitting with her new friends on the ride. It was great seeing her have so much fun!
You would never guess these two just met on the tour! :heart:

Next up was our snack - this turned out to be So.Much.Food!! We ate at Satulli and they had a little bit of everything for us to try. It was all amazing. We did have assigned seats here so we had to sit where our names were.

After we ate, it was time for Navi River Journey. It was a nice relaxing ride after our meal.
When we got off the ride, the guides asked if anyone wanted to ride FOP again and we got a second ride! This was such a great surprise. Both times we rode FOP, the stand by wait was 150 min. We enjoyed the second ride, this time we were on the upper row and I paid a lot more attention to the ride vehicle, which was kind of cool.

Dinosaur was still down so we got one more ride on EE! I sat this one out, the first ride did a number on me (I have neck issues) so one of the guides headed over to the ROL seating area with me and we just chatted. It was really great learning his background, all of the years he has spent with Disney and all of the other ‘Ultimate’ tours that are offered.

I simply love Asia at night with the lights and the colors of EE lit up.

When everyone was done with EE, we headed over to the reserved seating for ROL. It is in the same section as the dessert party (but we couldn’t eat the desserts), we had the first couple of rows on the stone benches. I happen to love ROL, I saw it for the first time on our trip in May but it was before the Lion King changes.
I have to say, I didn’t like this version as much. Way too much Disney movie focus when there are so many other things you could do without being hit over the head with IP.
At this point, our tour guides said good-bye and we were each given a commemorative pin (there is a different pin for each Ultimate Tour and this one has the Tree of Life on it).

It was late, we had been up since 4 am so we were exhausted. The lines for the busses were crazy and we opted for a Minnie Van. We waited about 30 min for it to come which was about 15 min longer than the app originally showed. We got back to the hotel around 10 pm. We had gotten a room ready text earlier in the evening and I was really hoping we got the room we requested so that we could see some of the new Halloween fireworks. But, we were on the other side of the hall with a pool view.

We had ordered a birthday cake for DGD9 and it was waiting for us in the room when we got back. She was really surprised!

It was late by the time we got showers, baths and into bed. We had another early morning the next day because we were doing the Ultimate Day of Thrills VIP Tour.

My overall impression of the Ultimate Night of Adventure - is it worth it? YES! I know it is expensive but if you are pressed for time and want to do the headliners, it is the way to go. It has also spoiled me for all future touring :frowning:


Thanks for the trip report! Glad you had a great time!!

And thanks for the “new” ROL assessment. That is what I feared - so I will feel no guilt not staying for it in September.

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thanks!!! your DGD is so lovely!

Thanks for the report. I’m doing a solo trip in the near future and am considering do one or more of the Ultimate tours - (Nights, Thrills and / Classics)

What a fantastic start!

That cake is so cute! Can you tell me from where you ordered it? My sister wants to order a cake for my niece’s birthday when we go in October.

It was sooo good too! It was $35.00 and if you are in a Deluxe hotel you can order directly from them. But for other hotels, I found this ( no guarantee on how current it is though!)

I ordered it about a week before we left and just charged it to the room. You had to arrange a delivery time but don’t have to be there for the delivery (they left ours set up on a table, included matches and candles as well as plates, forks…etc.). The only strange part is there was no box so you might want to ask about that if you want one.


Highly Highly recommend!! :slight_smile:

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Day 2
We were up early today. Well, I was up early today :slight_smile: I am not a morning person except for when I am at Disney. I agreed to let everyone sleep as late as possible and still make it to MK in time for our Ultimate Day of Thrills check-in. But, as I lay awake at 4:30, I thought we were cutting it too close so woke up DH a little earlier than planned. While DH and DGD9 slept, I got up, went down to the lobby to inquire about when the first boat would start running, enjoyed the quiet and was at Roaring Fork to get breakfast to go as soon as it opened.

I was again pleasantly surprised that DGD9 woke up and got ready without any issues. She was so tired but no complaints from her as we got ready.

We opted for a Minnie Van since it was so early. Park opening was 9:00 but we had to check in for the tour by 8:30 so I wanted to make sure we had plenty of time for Castle pictures before making our way back to Liberty Square (we had to check in near HOP). The Minnie Van picked us up at 7:41 and we were through security and bag check by 8:00. This time the Minnie Van only cost $16.00, still a lot but this early and not having to guess the bus and boat schedule, it was worth it.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE a mostly empty MK!

In all of the times I have been to MK, I have never ridden the Main St Vehicles (or if I have, I sure don’t remember it). DGD9 was excited to learn that we could actually ride them all the way to the castle so we hopped in one and enjoyed the ride.

We arrived at the Castle and got a shot with NO people in it!!!

Much to DGD9’s dismay, we did more pictures! Hey, we have Memory Maker with our AP so I am using it!

By now it was close to our check in time so we headed over towards Liberty Square. Just like PPO breakfast, the area was roped off but there were plaids at the ropes and we told them we were here for the tour. We checked in and there were once again the VIP laynards that were color coded. And, we saw DGD9’s friend for the Ultimate Night of Adventure tour. She was overjoyed to have a friend and if you looked at them, you would think they had known each other forever!

Once we checked in, we were told we had some time and could go walk around main st or head to Starbucks so that is what we decided to do. We came back around 8:45 and once everyone had checked in we introduced ourselves to the group. I was surprised that there were about 40 people on the tour. We were split into our color coded groups so that each group was much more manageable.

Again, like the tour the day before, I didn’t take too many pictures. They sure do keep you moving so not a lot of time to linger or take pictures. They do allow for plenty of restroom breaks but they let you know that if you need to go to the restroom during a time that isn’t planned for a break, you may have to miss the ride and meet up after. But, we never found this to be a problem.

Splash Mountain was supposed to be our first ride but it was down (and would stay down during our time in MK) so we headed to BTMRR. This was the only thing that struck me as odd with this tour - we were walking with the Rope Drop crowd. And let me tell you, these people were obnoxious. I got hit in the back of the legs by a stroller, DH got his foot run over…it really was crazy. We took the lower pathway from Liberty Sq over to Frontierland and some of the Rope Drop crowd saw our big group and followed, trying to ram through our huge group. I’m not sure why we couldn’t have set out a little earlier to avoid that mess. But, we arrived at BTMRR and were the first through the FP+ queue and on the first set of cars of the day!

Next, we headed to POC, I think this was the replacement for Splash. I always love this ride so no complaints!

We then headed back to Liberty Square and over to HM. This was one of the coolest parts because we went into the ride through the exit and back stage CM entrance. We were in a long hallway that was still themed but really cool to see. This led us directly into the stretching room. As always, this is another of my favorites. This was the first time riding it with the new ride photo (the photo is taken when you are in the long hallway with the portraits)

After this, it was time for 7DMT. As we walked through Fantasyland, one of the tour guides spent some time showing the girls where the hidden Pasquel’s are (we had a bathroom break so a little time to kill).

After Mine Train, we headed over to Tomorrowland for Space Mountain. Because I have neck issues, I sat this one out. DGD9 has never ridden Space before but she was determined to do it. We explained that the seats were single file but with her two new friends, she wanted to try it. So, the three girls were in one car and the respective fathers/grandfathers were in another. She was a little shaken when she came off but she loved it!

Now it was time to exit and head to Epcot. We went out near the overflow walkway (used during the holiday parties) and to the CM parking area where 3 vans awaited. We broke into our color coded groups again and headed to EPCOT. Obviously no pictures from the backstage areas but it was fun to see the backside of everything and the guides gave us some interesting facts along the way.
We parked right outside of the Land building and proceeded to Sunshine Season’s for lunch. We could eat at any of the places there, we got one entree, one drink and one dessert. We just had to stop by the guide at the exit so she could take a picture of what we each got. We had a sectioned off area for our group to eat. It was good and nice to have the flexibility to get whatever appealed to us. The only picture I took at Epcot: My Key Lime Pie!!

Next, we headed to Soarin! Now, at the beginning of the tour, we were told that for some rides, our Plaids could dictate where we sat but for others, we had to follow the CM working the ride. I asked if we would be able to sit in B1 and she said they couldn’t promise it. But, we did!
That was our very quick time at Epcot and we never got to see the inside of the park!
Next up was Hollywood Studios.

Originally we were going to start with ToT so we went into the park back stage, right behind the ride. However, the skies were looking ominous so they told us that there was a storm coming and would it be OK if we headed to SDD first with the hopes of making it on before the storm came. No one objected :slight_smile:
I swear most of the pictures I took were of DGD9 and her new friend, they were inseparable

We got to SDD and were on the ride fairly quickly. About 1 min into the ride, the skies opened up. We were pelted with rain during the rest of the ride but laughing and having a blast despite the rain. The second half of our group wasn’t so lucky and didn’t make it on before it shut down

Next we sloshed over to TSMM. Unfortunately, my gun didn’t work but I still love this ride.

Luckily, when we were finished, the rain had mostly stopped so headed to Star Tours next then over to RNRR. I sat this one out too. This was another new one for DGD9. She rode it but wasn’t so sure of this one when she got off. She had to sit down but not for long since ToT was up next.

We all love ToT but this ride was awesome - we dropped way sooner than normal and many more times than we remembered. So much fun.

And with that, our 7 hour, 3 park day was over. We had the option of remaining in DHS or we could hitch a ride in the van back to either MK or TTC. We had FP+ and Dessert Party plans at MK so we opted for that. It was nice that we didn’t have to find our own way back over there.

One other thing to mention is that Park Hoppers are required for this tour and they do still scan your magic band for park entry, they just do it as you get out of the van.

We went back into MK near tomorrowland and headed to our first FP+ on 7DMT again!

The rain had done nothing to cool things off and actually made it so much more steamy. So of course, we headed to Aloha Isle for some Dole Whips to cool off.

We were close to Tiki Birds so we caught that show, again, mainly to get into some AC. We also hit up Philharmagic - DGD9 had never seen that and I worried she might find it too babyish but she LOVED it!!

We did a FP+ for Buzz, it isn’t my favorite but DGD9 had never done it before. She was not impressed. She gave up early because she couldn’t hit anything!

I wanted to do peoplemover but the line was nearly 50 min. Not sure if it had been down earlier or what but we skipped that and headed to the plaza area to get the zoom in magic shot. DGD9 didn’t want to do it so she sat and watched while DH and I had it done. I love this shot, so neat!

We headed over to Tomorrowland Terrace for the Dessert Party. Knowing this was going to be a long day, I had reserved the Plaza Viewing before party. We checked in way early (I think it was around 7:10 for a 7:30 check in) and DGD9’s eyes almost fell out of her head when she heard that she could eat as much dessert as she wanted (we had an earlier dinner at Casey’s so she had eaten something other than snacks all day).

She had two plates, and loved the build/decorate your own cupcake station

Feeling significantly full, we headed to the plaza area, it was maybe 8:15 by this time. It was turning out to be a great evening, it was hot but not crazy humid like earlier.

DH and I always do dessert parties to avoid the crush of the crowds on Main St. But this is the first one that we had been to that was packed! We had plenty of room near the back rail but it was wall to wall people. Still worth it (for us), just more crowded than we had seen before.

This was about 9:00

This is one of my favorite pictures of DH and DGD9

HEA is one of my favorites and darn it if I don’t manage to cry every time. This was DGD9’s first time seeing it and I had extra pixie dust in my eyes because she was just singing her heart out to the songs. It was awesome.

DH was super tired by this time and he doesn’t enjoy the fireworks and Once Upon A Time the way I do so I told him that he could head back to WL if he wanted but so would thousands of other people so we would be better off to just wait, watch the projection show then start to make our way out of the park. He opted to leave. OK, MTFBWY.

DGD9 and I stayed in the plaza viewing area and a photo pass photographer was taking pictures so one last pic while we waited.

DGD9 had wanted to Candy Corn colored Cotton Candy so we headed down main street in search of it. The Confectionary was a madhouse so she decided (thankfully) that she didn’t want it that badly. We did stop at the popcorn cart near the exit for a bucket of popcorn then headed to the boats. Amazingly, the boat for WL had a super short line. While we were in line boarding, I got a text from DH that he still wasn’t back to the hotel and didn’t know how he was going to get back :thinking: How could that be? He had left over an hour ago.

We enjoyed the boat ride and caught some of the water pageant (so nostalgic for me, I used to watch that with my grandpa).

We got back to the room and DH had just gotten back. He had tried to get a Minnie Van but waited forever, then tried to get back to the boats but was told he would have to go through security again so he finally waited for a bus. I felt bad because I know how tired he was and he just hates the crowds but I had warned him that it would be craziness trying to get back right after fireworks ended.

Luckily DGD9 and I could sleep in a little the next day but DH was heading to SWGE for the passholder preview so it was going to be another short night for him. He had taken some 180 and 360 pictures during our trip so far and brought his VR headset so DGD9 enjoyed checking them out after her bath.

Hard to believe we only had one full day left. And, for the first time in my planning life, I had nothing planned. No FP+, no schedule. Just wake up and at some point head over to AKL for our last night. What would we do? The possibilities were endless!!


I am really enjoying your report!

I’m also enjoying your report greatly! What a great birthday present for your granddaughter.

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This is cool – I did not know about this! How do you do it?

I hope DH’s SWGE day is fantastic!

There is a photographer with a tablet just outside of the plaza viewing area (where the dessert party is held). If you are facing the Plaza restaurant, they are around the left corner of the area. They position you and you look up towards the chimney area (that is there the box with the camera is) and you just hold that pose until she tells you to step away. It took about 24 hours for it t show up in MDE but you get a still photo and then a video set to music with it zooming in and out.



Thank you so much for the information!

What a great day! Love your matching shirts. I cry at HEA every time too.

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Nice report. Looking forward to Day 3…

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Day 3
Today was THE DAY for DH - SWGE passholder preview. I had stalked websites for weeks once they announced that there would be previews and grabbed two spots for the 18th. Of course, since DGD9 was going to be with us and she isn’t a passholder, that posed a problem. I am not a huge SW fan. I like it OK but DH is that late 40 something guy who loved the movies and is more than just a passing fan. So, I said I would hang out with DGD9 so he could go experience SWGE. The only thing that made me sad was that I would not be able to see DH enjoy the land and experience (I booked Savi’s for him).

So, DH had an early morning because we had read that security at the park entrance was crazy long and that on the previous day, they were letting you into the land earlier than your reservation. He had the 11-3 time slot but wanted to get to DHS by 9.

Of course I was up and DGD9 woke up as well. DH went off to have the day of his dreams (wearing a Star Wars shirt, not the Best Day Ever shirt :wink: ) and DGD9 and I started to get our things packed because we were switching to AKL for our last night.

Because Splash Mountain was down the day before and we didn’t get to ride as part of our VIP tour, I check fast passes just to see what was available and sure enough, there was a FP for Splash in a little over 2 hours. DGD9 was so excited! We finished packing and called bell services to do the transfer of our luggage and then headed to the boat dock.
As we were waiting, I overheard the people behind us pointing to the other boat line (the resort loop) and say “that is the boat that takes you to Epcot”. That was going to be a long painful trip for them if they tried that!

We got to MK and I was hungry since we hadn’t eaten anything yet. I have never had the waffle at Sleepy Hollow and decided that is what I needed for breakfast. However, no mobile order and the line was really long. And it was really hot. DGD9 wanted no part of waiting so I sent her to wait by the Christmas Shoppe in the shade but after about 5 min I abandoned that idea and we headed for Dole Whips instead (breakfast of champions!). We had also spotted the cotton candy she wanted last night so got a bag of that too. What the heck, it was our last day.

We rode Splash and I got drenched, which DGD9 loved. It felt good because it was getting so hot out.

I saw that Peoplemover had a short wait and I love that ride, we hadn’t ridden it yet this trip so we headed over to ride.

Nice progress being made on Tron

After that, it was goodbye to the Magic Kingdom. DGD9 wanted to ride the monorail loop so we boarded the monorail and rode around until the GF, got off and grabbed a Lyft to AKL.

I have never stayed here but during our trip last December we stopped by to see the Christmas tree and to eat at Sanaa. DGD9 loves animals and we kept this as a surprise for her until that morning so she was excited. Our plan was to hang by the pool while DH was at SWGE and then make dinner plans once he got back.

I just love this lobby so much

We had gotten a room ready text while we were on the monorail (around 11:45) so we headed in search of our room. We went the wrong way but we did spot some Zebras and Giraffes, I was so excited we had splurged and got a Savannah view room.

View from Room 3425

We changed into our swim suits and headed to the Mara for a more substantial lunch and then hit the pool.

It was so crazy hot, by far it felt like it was the hottest day yet. I thought of poor DH in SWGE but he had text me when he first entered the land and he was in heaven. They let him in around 10:15 and he was really enjoying himself.

Luckily, he did some of the photo pass pictures so I was able to see some of the shots of him

SWGE Detour

He got to ride SRMF 4 times, he went through the single rider line each time with very little wait. The only down side to that is he was never a pilot. But we are going back for opening week and again for RoTR opening so there will be plenty more chances for him to be pilot.
He had half a dozen cups of Blue Mile (he loved it) and 1 of green milk (wasn’t as much of a fan). Loved building the lightsaber and ended up buying another (Disney, just take our money). He thoroughly enjoyed the land and ended up staying for nearly 6 hours. He didn’t try any of the food other than the popcorn because he is just too picky of an eater. He stopped by the pool when he got to the hotel and enjoyed showing off his purchases (I couldn’t believe he took the lightsaber out - hello, we are near water and kids…:woozy_face:)
He did get the souvenir cup of the Blue Milk and brought it back so I could try it. Personally, I was not a fan. I could really taste the floral, perfume taste people had talked about but DH didn’t at all. I will, however, try the alcoholic version, just to compare :wink:

Back to our regularly scheduled trip report

Despite protests from DGD9, we got out of the pool and headed to the room to figure out our dinner plans. By now, it was close to 5 and we were all starving. One step out on the balcony and we had a plan…room service so we could sit and watch the animals and hear all about DH’s time in SWGE!!
The only real hiccup on this trip happened here. We had our bags picked up from WL at around 10 am. It was now after 5 and still no bags. After inquiring at the front desk, we were told that they were on their way. By 7, still no bags. Another inquiry and we found out they had a lot of transfers to AKL from AL and that one of the vans broke down. Finally, around 8 our bags showed up. Not ideal but it is what it is.

We are recent iPhone converts and now have the Galaxy Edge 10+ and I have to say, I love the night time camera. The first picture was taken at dusk and then the pics of the zebras were taken around 9:30 so it was pretty dark out.

The SWGE Haul

Departure Day
We slept in for the first time the whole trip and it was nice! We had a mid-afternoon flight and needed to pick up the tragical express at 12:40. So, we packed, then headed down to the gift shop, airline check-in (such an awesome feature at Disney hotels) and then back to the Mara for lunch. Then we killed some time just lounging in the lobby and one last look at the animals before heading to the airport.

This was a whirlwind trip but it was so much fun! I think we made some awesome memories with DGD9 and lucky for DH and me, our next countdown to head back to Disney was just 6 short days away! Heading back for SWGE opening August 28-31!!

Thanks for following along and letting me relive the great moments :heart:


I love the SWGE pics, you can see all the excitement in his face! Also your room service dinner with a view looks awesome! I was going to say it might make me want to stay there, but we’d end up with a view of the car park :joy:


Really enjoyed your report! Thanks so much for sharing! Have fun on your next adventure!!