Am I a member, or not?

Should be a yes?


Smart kid! I still watch it every year even by myself. And Rudolph too. It’s just not Christmas without them.


Excellent creative snowman! And yes should, could, maybe, possibly?

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Can I purchase a pixie passes?

Apparently no, which is what makes this all the more confusing. :woman_facepalming:

Lol - wishful thinking

The other half doesn’t do the parks but will occasionally join us for dinner…pixie would be nice

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That’s correct. At one time, Disney would accept a utility bill or something with a Florida address, plus some kind of government-issued ID to prove that the name associated with the address belongs to you. Now, one must present a Florida driver license or state-issued ID card.

One can only get a Florida driver license or state ID card if one is a full-time resident of the state. That means: residing in the state for six months + one day per year, registering any vehicles stored or driven here, and submitting a declaration of domicile - effectively a legally binding renouncement of residency in another state and a statement of intent to reside full-time in Florida - with the county clerk.

Owning property in Florida in no way confers residency, and DVC owners would in no way have Florida residency as statutorily defined. Disney would be under no obligation to extend any Florida resident benefits to DVC owners.


Bumping an old thread but thought this group would like to know…Just talked with 3 DVC Member Service people. They all were going to let me purchase the Sorcerer’s Pass. I confirmed multiple times I am a white card member. One rep stated “We are reimagining the DVC member card by the end of the year so stay tuned”…I asked what that meant and she said she wasn’t fully sure. She said I would need my member card, DL, and confirmation number when using them at the gate.


Was this over the phone?? I have definitely heard multiple reports of this in person.

It was over the phone. I will note over chat they said “you have to have a blue card”.

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That is great news for resale members

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Did you purchase? If so, I will be testing this out tomorrow for sure.

good luck

Going to buy tomorrow. Need to go buy gift cards at Kroger so I get fuel points and 5% back on my cc.

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Updating here as well since two threads are going about it. I had to call 3 times today. The first 2 members services folks said I couldn’t order them because I was resale. They said the system would let them but that I would have to show my blue card at the gate and wouldnt get in. The third lady let me do it. Worst comes to worst I have to upgrade them or get a refund. From what I’m hearing I shouldn’t have any issues. At the game do they even put in the number or just glance at the card and make sure it matches the ID?

If it’s your first time using a ticket it needs to be activated at a ticket or GS window where they will check all necessary documentation

Ticket windows have been selling them to any owner?

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I don’t know about that but I do know I had to activate my new AP b4 I could tap in. Had to show FL- DL

Yes , FL residence tickets are different.

I used it as an example that they check all necessary doc to determine eligibility

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