Sorcerer AP for DVC resale

Was anyone else able to purchase a sorcerers AP over the phone, as a resale DVC member? If so, do they make you present your DVC card at guest relations in order to get the actual pass?

I got a letter in the mail that said i would have to, but I’m wondering why they let me purchase it in the first place, will they care?

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Might be interesting (especially today’s posts).

I did have to present mine at guest services @HS.

Do you have a white or blue card? There are many reports that they are accepting white cards.

I will trying calling tomorrow (I’m actually IN the office today!) so I can get 5 park reservations. But I’d be curious what they would do if I show up in December with just a white card and that’s an issue for them…

My thought… worse comes to worst they either refund it, or accept it. I am calling today as well.


Let me know what they tell yall. I have so much anxiety about it, i hate starting my trip off with guest services issues- its such a buzzkill. I figured everything was fine, because it let me link the AP and make park reservations. In the past it never lets me do blue card dvc perks online, i assumed their system knows i’m resale.

My experience with activating at a ticket booth is that they do t care about DVC rules.

The people i talked to were DVC members services… They know the rules and it appears they dont care anymore either. I think something is coming.

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So you successfully bought one today?


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Awesome. I can understand blue card frustration, because its not fair to advertise these perks for direct buys. However, I do feel they need to honor it at guest services, if they let me purchase it over the phone knowing my member ID.

I did see the note on the latest DVC Files magazine (page 25), that says physical blue cards will no longer be used, it will all be digital soon. Wonder if this has something to do with it.

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I’m really good at photoshop lol

wonderful, i’ll be messaging you for completely unrelated things. lol

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The digital everything is making me nuts…I hate this the only place my family was not glued to their cells was Disney :angry:

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The digital card is a pain if I need to also have my ID. If I need to carry a physical ID, I want a physical card.

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Updating here…I had to call 3 times today. The first 2 members services folks said I couldn’t order them because I was resale. They said the system would let them but that I would have to show my blue card at the gate and wouldnt get in. The third lady let me do it. Worst comes to worst I have to upgrade them or get a refund. From what I’m hearing I shouldn’t have any issues. At the game do they even put in the number or just glance at the card and make sure it matches the ID?

They make sure your credit card matches.