Ahem -- well no one talked me down

ah, yeah that tracks with what I was thinking then. TP Has it listed as building 12 and the first floor being the 6500s

It is closer to the Congress Park bus stop than many of the Congress Park units. It is also an easy (beautiful) walk to DS, and I don’t think you are someone that relies on Uber but you can be picked up/dropped off right there.

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when I’m that far from walking to anywhere, having Uber access is actually perfect. Especially if trying to leave DS.

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It is about a 15 minute walk to DS from there. It is a distance from the lobby/QS.

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Well whattayaknow? If this thread is any indication

You are spot on and this might very well be the very best time to go. It might be complete walk on for everything.

And with “EEMH”s, there’s no point in scheduling a BOG breakfast so it looks like I get my chance to spend a morning in Epcot without feeling I’m missing out on something.


Just remember to factor in that CMs at DL are currently blocked from using their APs at the parks.

With the special demographic at DL, that is a huge number of locals who cannot get into the parks right now.

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And I just learned today those CMs can bring in 3 guests on unblocked days. So that’s a huge impact.

Also, the rumor on the street is that DL unblocked the CMs now for the next 2 weeks. So it may pick up here in a bit.

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oh i’m not having any expectations other than sheer, unadulterated, pandemonium. Anything less and I’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If Disney enacts something that produces the same results in WDW as in DL though, that’d be fantastic.


Agree! Hope they do! How are they not predicting people lining up days ahead?