What the rest of Disneyland looks like today with SWGE opening

What the rest of Disneyland looks like today

@len & the rest of his TP crew are at Disneyland today and posting on the blog side and on social media. Crowds do not look too bad so far, but it’s early, really really early

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I have a friend who went to SWGE today. He said crowds are very manageable and MFSR was 60 minutes when he went through. He also said it was down to 5 at other points during his window but the cantina and light saber builder were very long lines.

There’s about an hour wait for the cantina now, and up to 90 minutes for lightsabers. But crowd control was great today, Disney really did a great job with traffic flow.


good to know. thanks

I guess it must have been well done because if it hadn’t we would be hearing about it everywhere, and aside from this I can’t really find much of an update!

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We had the 8pm time slot yesterday and arrived around 2pm.

The park was amazing. My kids did all the attractions in Tomorrowland, we hit Indy, Pirates & Big Thunder, stooped to chat with friends for a half hour, sat down for dinner, got ice cream and got in line for our trip to Batuu at 7:30. Fastpasses were still available.

Once on Batuu we interacted with citizens, got smuggled on the attraction and my kids ended up riding 8 times (2 was enough for me…motion sickness).

We built a droid, got to walk through the cantina (Which was enough for me), and wandered all the shops. We did NOT get over to the resistance side of the park…but I did spend a lot of time hacking and opening crates with the app.

I was very impressed and surprised as the pack of chaos.

And utterly floored at the guests who had 3 reservations each day over opening weekend (and how they managed that. I don’t think I want to know!). Disney didn’t need paid previews…in fact they did this brilliantly. “Free” reservations, and unique merchandise…it’s going to be a blow-out for merch sales this weekend.

We go back in a couple weeks with friends. It’s amazing, but we shall see how it evolves. I really liked the interaction part of it.

Here was the main gate and Main Street just after 2pm


The fact that A) it pulled out near everyone from the rest of parks and B) still wasn’t crowded in GE is mind blowing.


8 times?! Wow!!

I know. I rode it twice and that was it for me. I get terrible motion sickness though. (And that was with being medicated!)