Ahem -- well no one talked me down

Title changed from Ahem – would someone mind talking me down? as no one talked me down in the crucial 10 minutes that I was patient enough to wait for.

As I was booking my flight this morning for December, I noticed that my Southwest flight voucher of $100 was not going to be valid for those dates (as it expired mid trip). So I went and booked with points.

On a lark, I looked up flights for 9/2-9/7, when my voucher is still very valid,… and they’re rrrrrreally cheap.

Then, I looked up the dates in DVC and there’s full availability in Saratoga Springs. I also have plenty of points to cover (and I’m starting to think my December DVC reservation isn’t going to go through anyway, but if it doesI still have enough points with the borrow from 2020 – or cancel and keep my PO:R reservation as it’s paid off anyway)

So to sum up: it’d be very low cost to get down there.
Pros of going in September

  • Cheap (shy of park festivities)
  • SW DAH opportunity
  • F&W Festival
  • Disney World.


  • uhhh that’s where YOU come in.
  • Saratoga Springs is “meh”?

Could use a little help in being an Adult here …


Sorry, I don’t see what you mean by ‘‘being an adult’’… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Life is short, money is no use once you’re dead, have fun !!! :smiley:


you are what we call an “enabler”

…and I’m ok with that…


Have you ever stayed at SSR? Do it! Don’t you have a plan, as a DVC owner, to stay in every resort? Have you stayed there yet?


I have not. And…yes…that is one of my plans… (wasn’t expecting to get to work on it this early though… heh)


Then this trip is actually helping you meet one of your life goals? It really would be bad not to do it…


If you have a non preferred area I really liked Paddock building 65. It is across from the Congress Park bus stop but an easy walk to DS.


Well now…this place was certainly not the right place to go for this question :rofl: (or was it?)

Like asking a heroine dealer if you should get more heroine from them now or later.

that is the area it looks like I’d be in…


If you need to come up with cons, that will be right after SWGE opens. Of course, that could also be a pro, so maybe I’m of no help.


Repeat after me…

“Don’t make me turn this car around!”

I think that makes you an adult, since only adults say it.

Oh. You were talking about the Disney trip potential. I gots nuttin!


Well that bout of indecision went away quickly. Just an aside… you guys DO know the meaning behind the term “talk me down” as opposed to “throw me over the ledge with the energy of a thousand suns”…right?

Looks like I’m going in September… I must be out of my damn mind.

crap, That is a good point. Maybe I should push it a week? It’d put me in a “preferred” room at SSR, but flight is the same cost. It’d get away from any crowd from Labor Day too…

EDIT: bah, I bought Early Bird and it’s kinda locked in. I’ll stay the course.


LOL I love how you asked for cons to stop you from doing this and then when you actually get one it only makes you think of delaying the whole thing… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Actually, the week following labor day is historically one of the LOWEST attendance times of the year for Disney because families are back to school and don’t want to take kids out.

We’ve done that week following labor day. It was basically walk-on for almost EVERYTHING the entire trip. So, that might counterbalance the SWGE opening.


Listen, you had your chance to right this ship. (and I can handle crowds, it’s just easier when there’s less of them. Tuesday-saturday it’ll be very nice, it’s just that monday is going to suuuuuuuck)

Yeah, the 2nd week of sept is also usually pretty good. I wouldn’t say much has been walk-on in the past 2 years though, but definitely…“comfortable”.


UNLESS you’re talking about average temps. So that’s a con.

There. I came up with one!

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Last September it was amazing.

The schitzo-rain is what ya gotta worry about. But a good short storm wll clear the park for the day. It’s allllll about balance.

and mickey cookies.

You’re not helping my attempt at helping you be an adult.

it’s already booked! We’re done with that. Now we’re all about childish delight!

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What? But you opened this thread only 41 minutes ago! You don’t give much time for intervention, do you?


Felt like forever. But no, I really don’t. My ADHD won’t let me.

I mean… I can still cancel to the tune of a loss of $40… but why should I do that? I mean… I’m getting to and from the world, and staying, for only $200 bucks for the week.

Now the rest of it is gonna cost but such is life, right?

CRAP! i tossed my TIW card… wonder if i Can get a new one (it doesn’t expire until 10/31)