A Stitch in Time saves Nine

Got stuck in the Guardians queue for 45 minutes while the ride was down. Got “I Ran” for the song (not one I was hoping to get).

Eating lunch at Space 220 (lounge) then off to Test Track and Frozen and meandering WS.


The elusive ODS?




EPCOT day 2: VQ Guardians (with Rider Swap), lunch at Space 220 lounge, LL FEA, LL Test Track, then back to hotel for swimming and dinner. Adults are leaving the kids at the hotel and having double date night.

Space 220 was fun to visit once, but probably not a repeat at the current prices. We did the lounge, and ordering was extremely confusing - there’s a lounge menu (appetizers), or you can order off the prix fixe entree menu for the prix fixe price ($55 adult, $29 kids), or you can order an app off the prix fix menu for a la carte (but no pricing is available). So it was still very expensive- not as expensive as if we were on the restaurant side.


Late start at Animal Kingdom. We did brunch at Boma and got to see a giraffe very very close from one of the lookouts.

LL Na’vi, ILL$ FoP, LL Kilimanjaro, LL Everest, LL meeting Mickey & Mickey, dinner at Flame Tree BBq, then half the group headed back to hotel while the rest of us headed for LL Dinosaur.

Everest was down a lot today, so got a MEP, but didn’t really need it. I’m talking to chat to see if I can get it moved to MK for tomorrow.


They refused to move it :frowning:


Go to the Guest Services at the front of the park. They are most likely to help based on reports.


Magic Kingdom yesterday was a hit! Going in we had planned to use the extra evening hours, but the niece and nephew are “early to bed, early to rise” types, so it was going to be a game time decision, especially when regular park close pushed out from 9-10.

Slow morning and pool time before arriving at MK at 3:30. Some of us did Hall of Presidents (despite this being our 4th trip, we hadn’t don’t it before).

We had a Jungle Cruise LL that turned into MEP.but I’d lined up LLs, that it’s usefulness was limited.

LL Pirates
LL Haunted Mansion (DH and nephew did flying carpets)
Dole Whips
Enchanted Tiki Room (during which I got us a TRON boarding group)
Nephew and I did the railroad while everyone else did LL BTMRR
LL Tea Cups
Dinner at Cosmic Rays
Sent SILs family to do their ILL Seven Dwarfs while we found a spot for HEA. We got a decent castle view despite being pretty late to the hub.
LL Little Mermaid while we waited for the daytime crowd to clear and our TRON BG to be called.
Half the crew went to TRON, while the other half repeated Tea Cups (rider swap).
We ended up splitting into 3 groups and doing Buzz (multiple times to keep nephew occupied) while everyone else did Space Mountain at lease once. I think some of them got through twice :slight_smile:

Then it was all over. Niece and Nephew were champs. Starting at about 8pm, we started checking in regularly on where or not they could do “one mor or if they needed to head back to the hotel. But they were totally game for staying well past midnight. On the way out, we got some group photos in front of the castle, then a long wait for the ferry, and more waiting for our Shades bus. It was about 1:15am when we got back to our rooms.


Got BG1 for TRON this morning!

Headed to rope drop with about half our crew - the youngest 3 kids, me, and SIL. The teenagers and adult men decided that 7DMT wasn’t worth an early wake up.


Interested to hear about your RD experience with 7DMT. I found it a bit challenging even going solo. Good luck!


We’re on a boat!


Have fun!


I’m a newbie to lines. 60 days out today from our first trip since Covid crap (park reservations, Genie+, etc). Didn’t just want to be a lurker. :laughing: Enjoying your trip report! Your family is so cute!


It’s pretty wet, but we’re relatively close to the front!


Good luck! That was stressful for me, so I hope you don’t bail like I did :crazy_face:


Oh that’s quite close. You should be good.


We were off 7DMT at 8:40, now in line for PPF.


We hit up 3 attractions we’ve never done at MK: Hall of Presidents, Carousel of Progress (MDS says “not as boring as I thought it would be!”), and Monsters Inc Laugh Floor.


My kids all loved Carousel of Progress and Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor. DS said CoP was one of his favorites!


Saturday was our second chance at Hollywood Studios. ODS, YDS, and I rope dropped, as they wanted maximum opportunities to ride RnRC.

Unfortunately, we were told “RnRC is not forming a queue and will not open with the park” :frowning:
So we hopped in the ToT line.

We got off, RnRC still not up, grabbed some blueberry Mickey waffles and hoped it would open soon. As we’re eating, we notice people are being let into RnRC area, we hop up excitedly only to realize that the Lightning McQueen show was running and that’s what people were being let in for :frowning:

Start to head to other areas of the park, refresh wait times on my phone and RnRC is up! The boys rode 3 times with minimal waits (I was good after 1).

ODS and YDS are the front two goofballs

Rest of the group finally joined us at the park. Alien Swirling Saucers is nephews favorite ride, so we swap some magic bands to let him ride a lot, while the older kids use his RnRC and ToT LLs. Biggest win of the day is finding an AS2 ride vehicle toy for nephew! Followed by an AS2 ride in the exact matching vehicle.

In order to get niece to try out RnRC, DH decided to lie to her and tell her they could request the “green” track that doesn’t go upside down. It was a big risk, and I did not endorse this plan…but it worked! She loved it and wasn’t entirely sure after the ride if they had gone upside down. Plus, she also extorted her mom (SIL) would have to do ToT, which was also fun for everyone.

It was incredibly hot, so we didn’t stay terribly long, but everyone was happy with what got done. I think YDS ended up on RnRC 5 times!