4, 3, 2, 1- Time to have some FARKS fun! a.k.a. 4 parks in 1 day TR (Planning Phase)

Who: DH and I
What (and Where): Quick Walt Disney World Trip
When: March 7th - March 10th
Why: Well… :point_down:

A little back story:
:cloud: After Christmas, I was feeling the Disney Blues. We just went after Thanksgiving 2023 but that never matters. We have had some big family drama recently and I just needed something to look forward to- I mean we. And don’t let DH fool you. He’s been joking about booking last minute flights to Orlando lately. He’s actually priced them out. So I think he likes WDW a little more than he lets on. As long as I don’t run him ragged. Anywho, I need a little magic back in my soul so what better place than where magic lives. And I upgraded to an AP on somewhat of a whim a couple months ago. Now it costs money not to go to Disney, right?
:partying_face: So I booked a long weekend for the first weekend in February. I was super excited to finally experience FARTS. But for several reasons that trip had to be canceled. Hold UP! Rescheduled… Always reschedule… Never canceled. (Yall scared me for a minute there) So I changed my flights, found a good AP rate for a Coronado King and started planning.
:hibiscus: I’ve been to Flower & Garden many times so unlike the February trip I’m not SO festival focused now (or so I say, don’t listen to me, I lie). So what do I do with my days now? Then I saw @ThorKat and her DH tackle a 4P1D trip! Her DH named it FARKS. It’s no FArts but it rolls off the tongue just as sweet!

I’ve never attempted to visit more than 2 parks in a day and normally it’s just 1. We can’t commit to rope dropping, rushing around or a late night. What can go wrong? :woman_shrugging:

:bookmark_tabs: The Fine Print:
4 modes of Transportation (bus, boat, monorail, skyliner)
3 Attractions (2 rides and 1 show at each park)
2 Eats (at least 1 food and 1 drink at each park)
1 Day (Friday, March 8th)

We will arrive on Thursday early afternoon and spend a little time at the pool. I haven’t decided where to eat for dinner but it will be at Coronado. We’ve never stayed there and I’ve heard wonderful things about the pool, food and lounges. We may have after dinner drinks at one of the bars but it will be an early evening.

:running_woman: :man_running: Friday we plan to be at the bus stop for AK no later than 8:30am! (That is early-early for DH :laughing:) Or I may just get a Lyft- who knows. Plan is to be at AK for 9am. AK :point_right: MK :point_right: EP :point_right: HS

:woman_in_lotus_position: :person_in_lotus_position: Saturday will be F&G and another park. This is still up in the air. I’m thinking Saturday evening in Epcot will be packed so I may start in Epcot and end in MK. We will see. I’d like to hang out on the beach at Poly or Geyser Point for the fireworks. This will be a low key day I’m sure…

:golfing_woman: :man_golfing: Sunday we will have brunch (undecided but probably at Coronado) and then play a round or 2 of putt putt before our mid afternoon flight home. I won’t feel like it’s long enough. But I did a 3 night trip last March and it was just fine. I have 2 more trips to plan for the rest of the year. Can’t use all my PTO now.

:airplane: This trip will be my first to and from MCO where we will not be flying SW. We will fly Spirit and Frontier. DH just found out. He’s being a little dramatic. :roll_eyes: update our will, set up a trust for the dog, burn all the pictures in that shoebox in the back of the closet… Wait, did I say that out loud :face_with_peeking_eye: (I’m going to be upset if any of yall believe this last one. Because no one prints pictures anymore :crazy_face:)

I. AM. READY. (I think)


I’m the first to heart and join! I’m so happy you’ll be back in the World soon. You deserve to go and have fun!!


Counting down the days! :partying_face:


Yay!!! You deserve some awesome Disney fun!!! :tada::tada::tada:


You certainly sound ready! I can’t wait to follow along on your FARKs day.


Long live FARKS!

Hope you have a great time,


Looking forward to following along. Have you decided what you’d like to do at each park?


I have the basics. I may try to eek out a couple more things…
AK- Dinosaur, EE and Birds show (RIP dino, EE is my favorite coaster and DH love the Bird show)
MK- BTMR, Pirates and Presidents (BTMR is another fav and I want to sneek a peak at TBA, Pirates is my favorite dark ride and I haven’t seen the latest addition to Presidents)
EP- GotG, LwtL, Soarin and the show on the Canada stage for F&G (GotG is a bonus and not to be missed, LwtL because I can’t skip it and Soarin because I think it’s still S.O. California which I haven’t seen. DH liked the band on the Canada stage last time so I’m trying to throw something in there for him)
HS- RotR, TSM, Fantasmic, ToT (RotR because maybe I can ride it once without a breakdown, TSM because it’s my second favorite, Fantasmic because I haven’t seen the new version yet no matter how many times I’ve been there since it came out and ToT which MAY not happen, but DH’s favorite ride- my least favorite ride- we will see)

I have only just looked at food options. We arent big eaters so no TS and only 1 QS so far. The rest I’m thinking snacky type foods and food booths. If we eat a big meal we get lazy. And then we will just sit around the WS drinking and people watching. :joy:

Thinking Bus or Lyft to AK. Bus to MK. Boat to TTC then Monorail to Epcot and Skyline to HS. And Lyft back to Coronado if there isn’t a long wait and bus if there is.

ETA: If Soarin is back to regular we will most likely skip. GotG won’t be a bonus anymore but I’ll still be following the rules set forth by, well, me. :nerd_face:


It’s always nice to set your own rules. QS will be great because you can pick where you can mobile order to make your life easier.


The only QS I have planed is for Y&Y Local Foods breakfast around 9:40 after EE but before the birds show. We won’t need lunch after that- small plates and snacks will do. We plan on being back at Coronado by 9:30. I’ll have to check how late the QS there stays open. We can always get something there, even if it’s just grab and go.


Polaroids :face_with_open_eyes_and_hand_over_mouth: :flushed: :scream:


My Dad never helped us pack for a move again.


:joy::joy: I never owned a Polaroid. But I have concerns about having to go through my moms stuff :roll_eyes:


Last night I got chatty after a large margarita and told DH about the 4 parks 1 day plan. :roll_eyes: He’s less than impressed. He’s worried I’ll be rush rush and we won’t enjoy the parks. We both agreed it would have been better to just keep it to myself :joy:
So I can only talk about it here and now he gets NO input. I will try to keep it to a slower pace though. And really what is the difference in spending 12 hours in 2 parks vs 12 hours in 4 parks? Plus you get a long break on Disney transport in between parks. It’s just one day. Suck it up buttercup :crazy_face: (I will behave when it’s go time, I promise).



This is how I feel when people in my family have no desire to plan our trips with me and then have the gall to give me crap about the plans I’ve made. lol.

I think the day sounds fun! My kids and I will be there that weekend too! If we see you running around we’ll try and give a cheer!! :partying_face:


Awesome!! I’ll be posting (lightly) Live and mostly in pics. If we have a chance to :wave: wave, let me know!


For sure! We plan to have a resort day Friday but will be in EP on Saturday so maybe we can say hello!


Well I just read Soarin is going back to the World version before I get there. Super bummed. I may cut Soarin from the line up and add Space Ship Earth :thinking: I don’t NEED to add a third attraction to follow my rules. But I do love the Phoenicians!


7 days until we leave and I’m questioning everything! :laughing:

:hourglass_flowing_sand: Tonight, I’m finalizing my game plan. I will not delete plans and frantically start over the day before we leave! :crazy_face:

:luggage: I saw that my 2 Spirit personal bag size luggage came in today. I opted for the cheapest options ($20 and $27 respectively). They are less expensive together than purchasing 1 carry on bag. But since I have a feeling this may be my (first and) last flights on Spirit/ Frontier, I didn’t want a big investment. I did see some really nice leather duffle type bags that would fit the required size and I really, really liked them… but $$$$$. :money_mouth_face:

:thinking: Now to decide what to wear? And lets hope everything fits into these bags! Also I want to reorganize my travel toiletries and medications kit. It got mixed up from out last trip.

I will try to keep this TR as light hearted as possible and I’m only committing to cover y FARKS day. I HOPE to share the whole thing but I’m feeling just a bit of apprehension about this trip and will have to play it by ear. :melting_face:

I’m getting excited! (I think)


:partying_face: :partying_face: :partying_face: