2021 Hurricane season updates

Yeah, so apparently this message went out through the district school bus notification app…

…at the same time we were under a tornado warning.

Stay safe out as those bus stops, y’all! :see_no_evil:

Some busses were running an hour late.

Last night we were bullseyed in the tornado warning (we’re all fine) the same exact time I was taking the NWS Skywarn Storm Spotter Training. I’ve wanted to get involved with Skywarn for years and finally signed up this time. The NWS meteorologist teaching the class was giving us storm play by play in between her class slides. It was very interesting.


I was just thinking about you earlier and how you’ve not been around much recently.

Cool timing - glad everyone is safe!

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I was tagged here, so came to see what was up. I’m going to DLR in June, but not definitive plans yet. Finally bought tickets like 2-3 days ago. 3-day hoppers. I’m nearly 100% out of the loop on everything, but I have park reservations at least.

My ankle is injured still, so havent really run since Marathon. I’ve gained 10 pounds already. Not a good trajectory…

Work is insane all of a sudden thanks to crazy oil prices. Getting more involved in cub scout leadership. I was chosen as the North TX Ambassador for St Jude. Kids are driving me nuts. I have no free time at all.

Since I’m sharing already, heres a little bit of Disney. Went to Disney on Ice last weekend and it was the best time I’ve had in months. DD3 freaked out when Elsa came out. You know who I was excited about…


Hmmmm, can only post 5 pics at a time? That messes up trip reporting for me. Not like I’m going to ever finish my marathon report anyways though


Good to “see” you

Sounds like life has been a little busy! Glad you’re mostly well (aside from that dang ankle).

Great pics from Disney On Ice!!

Was not aware of any limit on number of pics that can be included in a thread. Wonder what’s up with that. Maybe the mods know or can find out @missoverexcited or @PrincipalTinker

Happy DLR planning!!!

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You can put more than 5 pics in a post, but can only upload 5 at a time.


What @amvanhoose said. It is quite new, I mentioned it on the meme thread when I first noticed it.


Yes, I had the same problem last week.

I’ve only been allowed 2 pics at a time in a post (while on my phone) This is fairly new and frustrating.

Did you get an error message that said that? I’ve had times when I struggle to upload more than one even, but I assumed that was a data issue. The error message has only popped up for me at >5.


Oh, and I didn’t realize this was a thing already. :persevere:


No error message just won’t load more than two at a time

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: no worries

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Alls well here, weather moved out but we got a couple bad tornados in the area. Haven’t see this down here in several years and even then it wasn’t this wide spread. Prayers for the surrounding parishes and states!
So far, 1 confirmed dead and a neighborhood was searching for a little boy on the news just recently. Storm moved on less than an hour ago and damages already looking bad.
I have to hit the hay now.
Praying they find the little boy safe :pray:


Might be worth asking the admins (@Len?) if they are willing to bump up the upload limit in Discourse (the forum software).

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I noticed on memes and jokes the new 5 limit. I figured it was due to TP trying to implement a size limit. I don’t find it particularly bothersome. I just do a second post right after.
I would much rather a fix for the glitchy issue of the thread jumping to the bottom (only notice on large threads) while reading when someone posts something new in real time.

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The limit is how many pictures can be uploaded at one time. I can check the discourse forum but my guess is that it is only to allow the uploads to load correctly. You can upload another 5 to the same post once the first five are completed?


Yes. It will limit how many times you can post in a row (5 maybe 6), but give someone else a turn already anyways :joy:

Yes. I have several posts in the off-topic food thread where I’ve uploaded multiple batches of 5 in the same post. It doesn’t need to be a separate post.