2021 Flower & Garden

We have never really spent a whole lot of time exploring the food at Flower and Garden. Love all of the topiaries and flowers. I would love some input from those that have been on what are your must try items! We are spending two afternoons and possibly a late evening there and I want to try some of the food booths. Trying to convince my kids to try some new foods! What did your kids love? What did you love? Thanks Liners you are the best!

@dreamer and her girls have been trying some amazing dishes!! Check out her photos…


I am looking forward to our first F&G in a couple of weeks. Do you have the WDWFood&Wine app? I highly recommend. They have menus for all Epcot festivals, you can pin the items you want to try, and it marks them on a map for you! It also shows rankings of most favorited items by other app users, and a star rating system. Obviously my map of wish list items is… everything.


What’s the app called? I can’t find it in the Apple store?

Edit: Found it! Had to do a Google search!

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I didn’t know there was an app! That is very helpful! Thank you!

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Ooh, check out this thread. There’s been lots of discussion, there, about what to try


I learned about it here, obvi. :blush:

I won’t lie: I’ve done fantasy favorites lists for other festivals when we don’t even have a trip. It updates menus as they become available for each festival and it’s really hard not to look (and dream)…

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That app looks super helpful! Thanks!

The only thing I’m not seeing are pictures. They can be found here:


I have been looking for a map that gives the location for all of the topiaries. I want to make it a game for my GS to find all of them. I know the website gives a written description of where they are located but it is not always specific. Anyone know where I can find one?

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The maps in MDE can show their locations, but I’m trying to figure out how I got there, both on the web and app.

On Disney’s WDW website, under “Things to Do,” select “Special Events and Tours.” Click on “Taste of Epcot International Flower & Garden Festival,” which brings up a page about F&G. Click on “Topiary Displays, Exhibits, and Gardens,” which brings up a page about the topiaries: https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/epcot/flower-garden-topiaries/ . The map link on that page will take you to the map, once you zoom in and move to Epcot, with all the spots marked. https://disneyworld.disney.go.com/attractions/map/#/id=flower-garden-topiaries/ . You can click on each star/pin to pop up the name and description. The gardens are marked as well as the topiaries, not just the topiaries.

On the app, you can show the map then have it show “Events and Tours.” Unfortunately, it shows all the food booths as well as gardens and topiaries. But it’s a map that shows them.

Bottom line, I think you’ll have to create your own map for GS ahead of time, based on these, so it’s just the topiaries.

ETA: In the app, you can also search for Topiary, and it will list all at WDW. You can click on each one for further info.


That’s a really cute idea- keep him engaged (and yet not overwhelmed by all the sights) between attractions. Especially during F & G which seems more oriented toward adults. I should have done it with my older kids to help keep their noses out of their phones!

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