Your Top Five, please

What are your Top Five WDW experiences?

They can include meals, shows, rides, . . . anything that you do or that happens at WDW. They don’t have to be in order. But don’t overthink them. Let them jump into your mind.

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  1. Standing at the Town Square end of Main Street and looking up the length of Main Street towards the Castle.

  1. FOP

  2. HEA

  3. Seeing a gecko outside Tiffins while I was waiting for it to open.

  1. Being taken to the best table they’ve got at Sanaa, and seeing some crazy bird thing right next to the glass on the other side.


(I added photos to my post to illustrate my Top Five.)


Ohana dinner arrival day
The joy and excitement on my kids faces
Space Mountain
Splash Mountain



  1. HEA

  2. FOP

  3. Savanna View from our hotel

  4. my kids each getting their own queen bed at 2BR Beach Club villa. The pure joy and elation :heart_eyes:

  5. my food allergy son eating a safe Mickey pants brownie sundae at Beaches and Cream. He’s 12 and it was his first ice cream sundae ever.


Jedi Training Academy - watching DS7 fight Darth Vader is still one of the best moments of my life, and it was still magical when he was 11.

The launch on RnRC.

Hearing DS giggle all the way round Space.

Listening to the band in the UK at EP with an orange grand marnier slush from France.

The moment when the elevator drops on ToT.

Oh I didn’t even think about meals. Eating in the West Wing at BOG would be up there too.

  1. DD jumping up at Garden Grill, pointing excitedly “I see Mickey!” (first day, hadn’t told her it was a character meal)
  2. Soarin’ - first ride
  3. Halloween parade
  4. Hallowishes (or any fireworks show over Cinderella castle)
  5. DD giggling uncontrollably when the bouncing starts on Winnie the Pooh

In no specific order

BTMR at night at closing
My kids seeing Pluto for the first time. They were super enthusiastic about seeing him and we got some great pics
Hearing a friend of the family laugh her contagious laugh the whole way through Space Mountain. Made all of us laugh and made the ride even more fun.
A quartet before Beauty and the Beast show at HS sang to me and my DH during our honeymoon trip.
Walking up Main Street and seeing the castle.


Honorable mention would be being Family of the Day at Garden Grill


Four of our five kids have food allergies (anaphylaxis to peanuts, one anaphylaxis to dairy, allergic to tree nuts, and when my oldest was under 2, he was allergic to wheat, soy, and eggs…fortunately, everything but nuts and peanuts are gone now).

When my milk-allergic son finally outgrew his milk allergy (not until he was 14!), it was pure joy letting him experience things like ice cream and pizza for the first time!

Okay. I’ll try to rate my top five. But I’m sure this list would be different on a different day:

  1. Expedition Everest!
  2. First time riding Space Mountain. Was 9, and scared to death. My mom threatened me within an inch of my life that I’d better go on it. I was crying my eyes out. Then I did it. Loved it. Begged to go back on it immediately after that. I’ve been a roller coaster fanatic ever since!
  3. Seeing Spaceship Earth for the first time (the Castle never did it for me, but Spaceship Earth was glorious).
  4. Watching my young kids experience Disney for the first time.
  5. My honeymoon at Disney. (Nothing specific, just the whole romantic feeling of being there, on property, with my bride doing whatever it was we wanted!)

I think we all remember that and how magical it was. Simply stunning.

That’s what you meant, right?


Haha. Not quite. :slightly_smiling_face:

That’s no Pluto! That’s a space station!

  1. Wild Africa Trek
  2. Early Morning Magic
  3. Stormalong Bay at BC/YC
  4. FOP
  5. Entering the bubble!
  1. When my son first got excited to see a character (walking past Pluto in Epcot… We were on our way to meet my parents for lunch but had to stop and wait in line to see him. It was the first time I heard him say one of the character’s names).

  2. My first time watching the holiday version of illuminations.

  3. Osbourne lights. I was in awe the whole time. Wish they were still there so I could bring my son to see them.

  4. The pic I have of my son when we met the Beast. Though it wasn’t intentional (he was just walking back to see me), it looks like he is running away screaming from the beast (not in a sad way). It was just really cute.

  5. When my niece was picked to join the show for Lion King. She still talks about it.

  1. Soarin’ - I rode it for the first time this past trip!

  2. Riding IASW with DD4 - I know it can be annoying, but DD4 just loved it so much this trip! :heart:

  3. Watching the fireworks from our WL balcony.

  4. Splash with DD7 - she loves this ride so much.

    (DH and DD7 :heart:).

  5. Wandering around MK in the evening after dinner at BOG. It just seemed more peaceful.

Man, I need to get another countdown going soon!

  1. MNSSHP - yes, the whole thing

  2. FoP

  3. HEA - simply magical seeing the castle transform in front of your eyes that way!! And the pixie dust on the trees after the show… awww

  4. RnR launch

  5. Tower of Terror drop

Honorable mention: Mission: SPACE Orange launch and “zero G” (I can’t wait for my next trip in October…)

Double honorable mention: my hair blowing in the wind during Test Track power test “outside”

See what I did there? My top “5” using the Touring Plans model for Saturday “Six”… lol


Top five? Hard to limit to top 5, but here goes:

  • Prepark opening strolls after BOG breakfast.
  • Chef Mickey’s with my mom on the recent trip.
  • Seeing the “kiss goodnight” show for first time.
  • Sitting at Sleep Hollow Inn eating a waffle
  • First breakfast experience as Boma (from the bus ride, to the seating, to the food.)

Runner up? Late-night walk to Boardwalk from Hollywood Studios after bailing on Epcot half way through the day.

thanks man, I needed some psyching up for the trip coming up (feeling more dread than excitment) and this helped big time!


Giving Donald kisses

In awe at Flights of Wonder

Meeting Cinderella

Boneyard fun


In no special order (although 1 and 2 are tied for the top positions)

  1. V&A Chef’s Table
  2. WAT
  3. My first visit to EP in 1984
  4. An incredible Liner meet in EP in 2012
  5. The original Journey into Imagination ride.