Your favourite ride?

Which rides would you say are worth a two hour plus wait? And out of those, which one is your absolute favourite ride (if you could only go on one in your lifetime)?

I don’t think I would wait over 2 hours for any ride. We got in line at the end of the night for FOP and ended up waiting about an hour. We had ridden it twice before, but had heard the que was amazing so we did it as our “last ride” of the trip. We are doing a Christmas trip and I anticipate having the opportunity for some really long waits–particularly for the SWGE rides. I’m hoping we can limit the wait times to an hour or less with good planning.

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None of them! I plan specifically to avoid waits like that. Anything over about 25 mins is too long, over an hour is right out. Two hours is fantasy territory - a complete waste of a decent portion of the day in my book.

RDs, FPPs, TPs - between them there is nothing that you should be waiting anything like two hours for. This includes FoP, MFSR, SDD, 7DMT etc. If you need a hand planning just post your questions on here and someone will be happy to help. Please don’t think you need to stand in lines like that!

Ok, ok, one exception. Hagrid’s at IoA. I’ve accepted a 2h+ wait for that one ride on our upcoming trip, with a break immediately before hand, 4h to park close and with everything else done via Express Pass, on the only day we are at IoA.

So I suppose my answer is: any where there is no other choice, but the majority of the time, there is a better way. Only under very specific circumstances would I wait so long for one ride, and never at the cost of missing out on others.

Oh, right, favourite ride if I could only ride one. BTMR, the DLP version preferably. Probably the one ride I’ve queued for most in total (across three parks) over the years. Avatar may displace it, haven’t ridden that yet. PoTC is awfully close - DLP version again please!


I have never waited 2 hours for any attraction or show. It’s just not my style. As a CA resident, I have only visited WDW twice and fast passes are a godsend.

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yea…same here. no ride is worth even an hour wait in my book

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I am contemplating waiting for Rise of the Resistance on either the day it opens or the day after (because that’s when we’re already scheduled to be there). Other than that, I would not wait 2 hours for any ride. On our last trip we did not wait more than 20 minutes for anything. Granted, we do 10 day trips so that allows us to spread out the FPs. Still, I think 45-60 minutes would be my max. And that would be for FoP or SDD.


Thanks everyone. I have been looking at the wait times this week on MDE app and there seem to be lots of rides with an hour, or even two hour plus wait times. My holiday starts 21 Oct and I’ve done a couple of plans on TP and the wait times are half hour ish (except FOP, SDD and 7DMT but even they were about an hour) and I just thought they were wrong or too good to be true!?!?!

The longest I’ve ever waited for a ride was the Jurassic Park ride at Universal Studios, Hollywood, about 25 year ago. I waited 90 minutes. I remember when I first joined the line thinking that I could watch the whole movie in the time it takes to get to the front of the line. The line was brutal, too. No theming and no air-conditioning.

I would never do that now. Well, mostly because I’ve bought my way to short lines, or I’ve had Fast Passes.

That being said, given the rich theming of the line, much of which is indoors and air-conditioned, and given the awesomeness of the ride, FOP might be worth it.

But no other ride at WDW.

Well, except Rise of the Resistance, the as-yet unopened new ride at SWGE. I have actually given myself a four hour time slot in my December plan to ride this ride. It is allegedly going to be awesome and I’m assuming the line will be heavily themed and air-conditioned. And there is no way to buy your way to the front.


I don’t think any ride is worth waiting 2 hours for. I’ve waited that long a couple of times, for my favorite ride at my local park, but only because I didn’t think the line seemed that long and then felt like I had already invested too much time to bail. But even on that ride, I might ride it once a year and I go 10-15 times.

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FOP. First time I went to AK, waited 2 hours in line, found the queue super pleasant (beautiful views and theming) and thought that was the best ride ever. Totally worth it.

This year I returned. Due to Liners, I was able to ride it 3 times with FPs. I had 12 friends with me. Do you know what they said after riding it the second time? That the ride, even tough it was amazing, wasn’t worth the pre-ride movie, so just me and another friend went for it for the 3rd time. I actually believe waiting in line puts you in a mindset that makes you enjoy the ride more.

This trip the only real line I endured was for MFSR (60min), and although the line itself was pleasant enough, I did find the ride disappointing. Waiting in line was actually the best part of the ride.

If I can mention the dark side, Hagrid’s is also worth a long line. I went 3 times, 20 minutes, 50 minutes and 90 minutes waits, all worth it. I had an express pass and could go with basically no lines anywhere else, and still thought that waiting in line for Hagrid’s was the best possible use of my time.

SDD would be worth a pleasant long line, but unfortunately it has a really bad one. 7DMT queue is good enough that it makes it almost worth it, but is hard to forgive a ride being so short after such a long line (I was able to get SDFP for both of them, and they are worth a couple of minutes of playing with my phone while waiting for other stuff).


I specifically avoid waits like that. If I can’t get a FP or it’s not a short wait we usually don’t ride something. My favorite ride is Haunted Mansion.

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I won’t wait 2 hours for any ride, because I could do so much more than one ride in that 2 hours. There is no ride I like so much that I would skip doing 4+ other rides for.

My favorite ride right now is Splash Mountain. For context, I have not ridden Expedition Everest or Millennium Falcon yet, but I think I’ve been on everything else at WDW.

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I will not willingly wait one hour for any ride, much less two! I don’t care how great it is.

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That’s precisely it for me, but with the opposite conclusion!

I like BTMRR so much that I would prefer waiting one hour in line for it than riding (hypothetically) Splash, PotC and JC with the same time.

This trip I was really into avoiding lines at all cost and trying different rides, so I ended up doing UTS x 2, Barnstormer x 2, Buzz, Magic Carpets, PotC, BTMRR x 2, Space x 2, PM, MonstInc, iasw, 7DMT and Dumbo (+phillamargic and CBJ). I was glad I tried it, but I would probably have enjoyed more a day that was BTMRR x 5, Space x 4 and 7DMT x 2 (which should be possible with the same amount of time and effort into getting FPs).

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But it has one of the most brutally horrible lines at WDW!


Ok, I might not have thought that one through :laughing: I never actually waited in line for BTMRR, always walk on or FP. I just left the park thinking I would’ve been happier had I waited in line for it instead of going on other FPs


I don’t think anyone on this site would wait 2 hours for a ride.
We all know better don’t we?


Once waited 50 min for Buzz due to misreading wait time; felt we had too much invested by the time we noticed.

Usual time we’ll wait is 20 minutes. We fig we can always catch the ride next time.

Rarely miss rope drop. And use maybe 5 to 7 FPs per day per trip.

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I have never waited more than 45 minutes for an attraction, and I never will. If I can’t ride something else, I would go shopping.
Must do ride? TSMM

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At Disney, not much is worth a huge wait. But other amusement parts have rides worth waiting for. I’ll wait up to 2 hours for Millennium Force at CP, and Steel Vengeance. The ride has to be incredible to justify it, however (which both are). Waiting upwards of an hour I’m willing to do for a really good ride (assuming lines are generally long on that particular day).

It usually is a matter of choices and priorities. I don’t care how short the line for IASW is…I’d rather wait 45 minutes for Space Mountain once than wait nothing for 4 times on IASW. I’d be bummed to spend the entire day on nothing but Omnimover rides just because they had short lines.

Truth is, though, Disney just doesn’t do rides well. Not that they don’t have some fun/original concepts. But I can go to umpteen other amusement parts for far better rides. What I won’t get, however, is that Disney Magic out of it. Anyhow, this is why I’m less bothered by line length than I am by crowds. I hate crowds. But I don’t mind waiting in lines as much.