Your During-Construction Stay at Caribbean Beach Resort

I’d like to use this thread to collect your thoughts and experiences after staying at Caribbean Beach Resort during its 2017-2018 construction phase.


I’ll be staying there in November, I’ll try to remember to come back to this thread to post!

We are staying August 31-Sept 9. I will post on what is going on when we get there.

We stayed from 4/13 - 4/21. During this time crews were paving some of the parking areas around the resort, including the area in the Aruba section. Also, construction has started out in front of Old Port Royale to the left of the front entrance. Dirt has been moved, a construction trailer added and a large canopy area made of metal was erected. We were told by several cast members working in the Customs House that part of the refurbishment at Old Port Royale will include moving them to the newly refurbished Old Port Royale. The Customs House is slated to be torn down along with the construction planned for Barbados and part of Martinique. While they said plans can change at any time, they have been told to be ready for a “move” so it appears they will be moving. Len, I have pictures of the construction we saw. How should I get those to you to post?

We did not experience any noise issues while staying on property. Even when we were in the Old Port Royale area, we did not have noise disturbances from the construction work going on out front.

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We will be staying mid-May and I was wondering if you knew currently if there is any construction in Aruba or Jamaica. Or if you recommend a particular area and why. We will have a car. Thought it would be nice to be able to make a quick exit out of the resort. We’ve been told the restaurant and food court will be closed but other dining options will be available. I’m not counting on eating there much, maybe just grab some breakfast food.

It is our understanding that Jamaica and Aruba will not be directly impacted within their hotel sections by the bigger construction. Mid-May impacts will mostly center on the Old Port Royale area where the food court is located. Everything there will be closed except the main pool. You will have access to it. There should be food carts or trucks. I would recommend eating elsewhere but breakfast from these trucks/carts should be fine. I am not sure what room type you have, but we stayed in a water view room. It was in Aruba, 5255. It was an easy walk to the main pool and to the buses and parking lot. Nice location.

Thanks for the information. We stayed 18 years ago when my youngest was 4. I don’t remember our area or room but we liked it a lot.

Breaking Island Market news(courtesy of Orlando Theme Park News)

To ensure Guests have convenient access to an array of Food & Beverage offerings throughout Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort, the resort will be opening three “island markets” in Martinique, Jamaica, and Aruba. All of these locations will operate from 7 a.m. - 10 p.m. daily, offering a selection of grab & go foods (Coke Freestyle Machines will also be available). Breakfast items include cereal, pastries, yogurt, and more. For lunch and dinner, a variety of sandwiches, wraps, and salads will be available.

The resort will offer Guest soft openings for select locations on the following days:

  • Thursday, April 27, 8 a.m.-2 p.m.

    • Martinique: Building 25, Room 2509
  • Friday, April 28, 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

    • Martinique: Building 25, Room 2509
    • Jamaica: Building 43, Room 4308
  • Saturday, April 29, 7 a.m.-10 p.m.

    • Martinique: Building 25, Room 2509
    • Jamaica: Building 43, Room 4308
    • Aruba: Building 55, Room 5524

These new locations are expected to be fully operational beginning Sunday, April 30.
Guests staying at Disney’s Caribbean Beach Resort will soon be able to use their refillable resort mugs to experience more than 100 unique beverage flavors at new Coca-Cola Freestyle machines across the resort. Once complete, these Coca-Cola Freestyle machines will be located in the vending areas on the first floor at:

  • Martinique: Building 25
  • Trinidad North: Building 31
  • Trinidad South: Buildings 34 and 38
  • Jamaica: Buildings 43 and 46
  • Aruba: Buildings 52 and 54

Some pictures were tweeted by WDW News Today

Two different links here - this is one:

This is the other:

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Thanks @pamperedpup. Email to, please.

I saw the tent yesterday while doing a walk-around of CBR. I can’t be the first to call it “Old Tent Royale.”


Where is the breakfast/dinner buffet?

Shutters is closing too:

Dining & Marketplace
Beginning in May 2017, the following venues will be unavailable due to refurbishment: Old Port Royale Food Court, Shutters at Old Port Royale, Banana Cabana Pool Bar and Calypso Trading Post.

During this time, there will be a variety of dining options available to you for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Centertown, a dining location, will serve an all‐you‐care‐to‐enjoy buffet for breakfast and dinner. A selection of grab‐and‐go meals will be conveniently available for purchase in 3 new island markets located in the Aruba, Jamaica and Martinique regions of the Resort. Additional à la carte offerings will be available at mobile food vending locations. Our in‐room dining will remain available. Disney dining plans will be accepted. We will make every effort to assist you with your dietary needs.

I want to thank Touring Plans for letting us know about the gift cards. I called WDW and was told we would be eligible since we made our reservations before May 1st. We have to check in via regular resort check in cannot be express check in. The gift cards are $75 per night per room. We have the free dining (we upgraded to regular dining plan) but were told these are separate and the free dining does not impact the $75 gift cards. We arrive late Nov, so we will see. I am assuming they believe construction will still be ongoing at that time. Thank you again for the information!


I do not know if I should be upset. I booked our trip on 4/3. I just called and was told GC promo is only for those who booked before 3/19. Did you get lucky @ret1958?

I’m not counting my chickens before they hatch! But I called yesterday afternoon and she looked up my reservation number and said had to be booked before May 1st. Then she told me about amount, one per room and night, etc. I asked about the check-in and she said had to be regular resort check-in not express. Now I’m afraid to call back and get other news! Couldn’t find anything about this online for dates etc. Maybe I’ll get brave and call again. I just saw the notice on this website yesterday and called right after. We’ll see, at least we got the “free” dining!

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Can you get it in writing about the gift card? Some people have received e-mails.

I booked with the Enchanted Escape Room Offer…maybe that is why?? I did the math and $224 -$75 =149. I am paying $149.25. It would be a $0.56 difference with tax.

Good Luck!

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I’m just looking forward to our $75x9 night gift card :slight_smile: We’re over the moon with this construction work, haha.

My family and I are staying at the CBR from June 25-July 1. I have been worried about the construction affected our stay, so much that I have debated on changing our resort. My younger sister, 7 and brother, 19 will be going with us. This is there first time visiting Disney and I want to make sure they have a good stay. Do you guys honestly think the construction will make that big of a difference? Like I said I have debated on changing our resort. And to receive the gift cards rooms must have been booked before May1st…correct?

Rooms had to be booked before March 20th, this has been verified by many CM’s. I would only stay there if getting the gift cards, or a really cheap nightly rate. I would not pay the same to stay there as to stay at the other moderates.

We booked on the 18th of March, so we should be eligible for the gift cards. If we did decide to stay at another moderate level resort…what would you suggest?

I usually pick based on price as honestly CBR, CSR, and POR are pretty much the exact same resort, just with different theming and location. POFQ is much smaller and would be my first choice if price is the same, it is usually more expensive. I like CSR for theming and location to all the parks. Beds are great and it is very quiet.