CBR questions

DH just handed me the credit card and let me put the deposit down on our next trip. I’m calling it my 30th Birthday Extravaganza! I will turn the big 3-0 the second day of our trip. I have already succeeded in getting ALL of the dining reservations for the trip including BoG lunch on my birthday.

Anyway…there was no availability in ANY of the values and Caribbean Beach was the cheapest place we could find. We’re go all day, open to close kind of people so really the resort is just a place to lay our heads for a few hours. I know it’s a construction zone right now but that shouldn’t bother us much.

We are looking for a few tips / tricks:

  1. Recommendations for a section or particular room. We got standard view 2 beds.

  2. Current bus route. We would prefer to be on the beginning of the route.

  3. Any other words of advice you may have on CBR.

Thanks for all the liner help.

The only thing I can tell you is that though CBR is a Big resort, the buses seemed to show up pretty regular and they also have an internal bus that just goes from one section to another. Because CBR is the next lowest priced resort compared to value resorts, many people stay there. My wife and I have stayed there several times and it is nice and has a big pool for the kids as well as an evening movie. Now the bad part is when and if you leave the parks late, the buses will be crowded. Not to say the other resorts aren’t also, but expect to stand in the buses if you leave at park closing.

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We stayed there in September. I was going to request Jamaica or Aruba as they are across the lake from the construction at Port Royale, and I figured we could easily walk across in the morning, grab breakfast, then hop on the bus from there. However, at the last minute, decided on Martinique, and I am glad I did as we ended up being there during the hurricane. We were very close to the food tent so didn’t have to walk across the bridge in the rain, and we were at the first bus stop as well. We had a water view room, so had a nice view of the lake, but could also see the Port Royale construction walls. It’s not a vacation spoiler for us, but for some it might be.

There is a thread specific to the construction at CBR here

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Thank you for the link. I look forward to perusing it on my day off tomorrow!