Wyndham Bonnet Creek Review and Tour

Looking for a great accessible and affordable place to stay offsite with a large family? Check out my twin daughters’ video review of Wyndham Bonnet Creek, a beautiful resort located close to Disney Springs, and close to all Disney Parks. Beautiful accessible pools, lazy rivers, full kitchen and laundry. We just returned last week, and would be happy to answer any questions. We have always stayed on Disney property before this trip, but we loved Wyndham Bonnet Creek! My youngest daughter uses a wheelchair and found everything very accessible.

This is not a sponsored review, and we are not affiliated with or promoting any travel agency. My daughters love watching Disney videos, and thought it would be fun to create their own. Please subscribe for more Disney reviews - next up Early Morning Magic at Fantasyland (paid event) and swimming with dolphins at Discovery Cove! https://youtu.be/F1STsRBHKFs


Thank you for posting this here!


That was a great review. Thanks! Welcome to the Forum!


Thanks! Been here on and off for years, so much great info! First time we have done anything like this though.


Welcome to the forum. Thanks for the review and video. Food for thought for sure.

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Thanks for posting this! We’re staying there next week with a group of 11.

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Can you get 60 day fast passes here?

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@rrees Wyndham Bonnet Creek is not included in the 60 Days Fastpass or other Disney Perks. There is a hotel in Disney Springs with a similar name that does have 60 Days FP+ but it does not have this much room.

Our family needed a bigger space, and with WBC, we saved $2500 over similar accommodations on property, and with the savings, we were able to add on an Early Morning Magic (paid event) at Fantasyland and a full day for 6 at Discovery Cove - those videos are next! We were able to get everything we needed at 30 days with the exception of Slinky Dog, 7 Dwarfs Mine Train, and Flights of Passage in Pandora. We were able to add those Fast Passes on the day we were there by frequently checking the app.

Also, Early Morning Magic, and Disney After Hours (at night) is not nearly as crowded as Extra Magic Hours, and you can get on your favorite attractions (such as 7 Dwarfs) multiple times with no wait.


This is hands down our family’s favorite resort.


The sales people weren’t pushy? That’s my concern. I hear they call your room and knock on your door. Also, we’re you able to get AM Fastpasses?

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No one ever talked to us about it. Now, maybe if you rent directly from Wyndham Bonnet Creek it is a different story. When you go through VRBO or something like that you are actually considered a guest of the timeshare owner, so maybe that is why. Also, it is less expensive than booking directly through WBC.

Yes, we were still able to get morning fast passes for most rides. I can only speak to how it worked for us. I have no idea what will happen once Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge opens. We used Early Morning Magic and had no wait - 7 Dwarfs was at 5 minutes and 10 minutes the whole time.

Believe me, we struggled with the decision to stay offsite - we have always stayed at deluxe or moderates - Beach Club, Poly and Port Orleans, but we recently became a family of 6, and adding a room made this so expensive. For us, this was a great place to stay.


Just to point out that the extra, extra magic hours due to SW:GE mean that there are no EMM scheduled even for MK and AK after the end of August. I don’t know about the after hours events, although at MK they won’t be scheduled during party season.

DHS have no EMM or after hours events scheduled once SW:GE opens. And since the Rise of the Resistance ride is yet to open, that is likely to continue to be the case for the foreseeable future.

And I don’t think Epcot has ever had EMM. It may have an occasional after hours event, although the only ones I can recall were specifically DVC or AP holder events. To be honest though, I’m not sure EMM is really needed at Epcot.

Yes, I think all bets are off once SW GE opens. I hadn’t thought about that. I will change my response and remove the part about EMM since it probably won’t help people going forward.

I would just qualify it, don’t remove it. Things will settle down eventually! It isn’t invalid as a response. :grinning:

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This was great, thanks. I’ve been tossing around staying at WBC for a few years now. I just can’t bring myself to rent a car and drive on vacation (I know WBC has buses but not a the frequency of on site bus service).

Looking forward to the next videos.

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Thank you! I understand not everyone wants to drive. My youngest daughter has a wheelchair, and the idea of it getting damaged on a plane and not having a car that works for us in an emergency is too much for us. We drive from PA!

I agree with your recommendation. On our last two trips we stayed at WBC renting a timeshare and had fantastic stays. Lots of room, full kitchen and in-suite laundry for much less money than an onsite room. Only once at checkin were we asked to go to a presentation and we just said no, no big deal. Do rent a car, the shuttle there is a hassle. And it is within WDW property so short drive to parks.

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Yes, we found the drive very easy from all of the parks. Never really hit any traffic.

Talk to me about the restaurants. I understand they’re just ok. Assume you don’t need a reservation. And you can walk to the Grand Wyndham for more options. What about breakfast? Is there a quick option? I thought I saw it doesn’t start until 7:30 which is too late.

Do you also think you could just do Lyft since it’s a short ride to the parks? That would be cheaper than parking and drop you off right there.

Tesoro Cove is my family’s favorite breakfast buffet at Disney that we’ve tried so far. We’ll chime in again after Boma…Tesoro Cove opens at 7AM.

Here is some more information: https://www.nafe.org/assets/Orlaando/Restaurants%20On%20Property%20&%20Within%20Walking%20Distance.pdf

We used Uber to the parks a few times from WBC and it was really easy to do. I think Minnie Van now also comes to WBC?