WWYD? Renting points for DVC at the "Far-Away" Resorts

Was considering renting DVC points for our upcoming trip due to some advice on this forum. Our last few stays have been at BCR, WL, and CBR. Loved BCR but they have priced me out for longer stays. We are looking to do 10 days/9 nights and found rental availability at AKL Kidani, OKW, and SSR. All studios–2 adults, 2 tweens. We have never stayed at any of them, although I stayed 1 trip at AKL-Jambo. None of these have a location benefit or any transportation benefit (just buses) but all are seemingly nice resorts. Points at one of these deluxe resorts, all nights at moderate CBR or CSR, or split 4 nights at Beach Club/then 5 nights at Pop are all within about $400 of the same price. Any advice? Anyone love these resorts? Pros and Cons?

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Pros of deluxe include the extended evening hours. I could see doing the BCR / Pop split stay but only if you can plan for extended evening hours during the BCR portion. I probably would not choose a moderate for this reason.

I love AKL because :giraffe: :zebra: etc. but SSR and OKW have close proximity to DS if that is a plus for you. Also OKW has two beds, SSR has Murphy bed, AKL has sofa bed.


Im with @Julianne_fki. I would either do the split BC / Pop or do AKL / SSR / OKW.

If you do BC, I would do Pop first if possible so that you end your trip on a high note, unless that eliminates your ability to use extra evening hours by being at a Deluxe resort (check the dates).

The “faraway” resorts all feel remote but that has both pros and cons. It’s nice to feel relaxed and secluded.

The most annoying part is the bus loop. Getting to and from the parks isn’t too bad if you are leaving from / arriving to the first stop in the resort. But getting to your stop within the resort can take a surprisingly long time. Having a car at those resorts can be helpful.

Oh, I would definitely do AKL before any of the others. It’s my favorite resort.


OKW has the biggest rooms and as @Julianne_fki pointed out, two queen beds. SSR has two really great pools (plus more) and that amazing short walk to DS. As noted, the moderates will not give you access to deluxe hours and to me Pop and BC are giving you travel advantage to the same parks.

To me, the only choice is Kidani. Great pool, short walk to Jambo for another pool and more dining and it has a savannah! Nine nights, access to deluxe hours- you could skip Genie+ for some days if you were planning on buying it.


So we rented dvc points for an akl jambo stay and rented a car. When u rent dvc points you dont pay for parking at the resort and because youre a resort guest you dont pay for parking at the parks either. Driving was great for everywhere except MK. So if you do one of the far out resorts, consider a car rental!


I absolutely loved my recent stay at Jambo (chose for quick service) and am thrilled we bought AKL. I never felt too remote from the parks, the buses were great. And I could see giraffs walking by while propped up in my bed reading a book.

I love the Crescent Lake resorts but my families’ favorite is AKL Jambo. We’ve rented points to stay there 3 times. The buses weren’t as much as a problem as people think (20 minutes to MK was the longest I think) and we love the whole atmosphere of the place.

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Jambo is not available, right? It is Kidani?

My home resort is OKW for a reason. Picking up where @PrincipalTinker mentioned the room size- huge plus for our family- I need SPACE, lol , but the main reason we love it especially for longer stays is that it is the IMO equivalent of 2 vacations in one. When your not at the park ( pre-covid ) you can essentially RELAX. We have used that down time for fishing excursions, golfing and the quiet pools are outstanding. BONUS you can pretty much park infront of your door. OKW beats out SSR, again my opinion only for Olivia’s food is fantastic and availability is often good- the option for a table service meal all day-

Kidani is my least favorite resort and no joke I usually consider off property options before we stay there. The resort is stunning BUTthe hallways to the rooms are ridiculously long, the rooms themselves are tight and we generally stay in 1 bedrooms. Dining options at the Kidani are quite limited. Our last stay there was horrendous -without us having to ask we were given our points back compensated $300 pp, replacement park tickets and fast passes. Although we were reimbursed it wasn’t worth the aggravation that we encountered.

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We’ve stayed in OWK and Kadani. Won’t go back to Kadani b/c of the long hallways, unless you have a car and can park close to your elevator you could be walking for days to get to your room. We loved OKW, the room size is amazing, the golf views are peaceful, the whole vibe is relaxing. We never had trouble w/ the bus. We will go back to OKW (in May).

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LOL I read “Far Away” and thought Aulani, Hilton Head, Vero Beach



When was that if I may ask?

@Julianne_fki I hadn’t researched the beds in each resort. Thanks for pointing this out! Definitely something to consider.
@PrincipalTinker I like AKL as well and we’d have savanna view but I’d never been to Kidani. Good to know it’s walkable to Jambo and can use both pools


There is a “good” story there. Please share @noreen99


Right, it’s Kidani savanna view studio. Will be tight fit it sounds like, but we are not the relax in the room type.

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If you do stay at Kidani, you need to schedule some resort time for animal watching. I don’t think it’s worth staying there if you don’t make a point to enjoy the savanna. Personally I love it there. I would try to get a room closer to the lobby (less walking and it’s a great part of the savanna) and lower floor (better animal viewing). But our first stay there we were pretty far out toward the end and I didn’t mind the walk because the view waiting for me.

If you like pools and pool slides, I think OKW has the best slide. I’ve only tried one of the pools at SSR - the one by the lobby. I think there’s another pool with a slide in the Paddock area? I could have that wrong. I think the slide at OKW is amazing. And I love the pool theming. I haven’t been to the quiet pools because … slides.


We will absolutely make time to enjoy the savanna and/or the pool at whatever resort we choose.

I do kind of like the idea of having access to 2 different main pools at Kidani/Jambo complex. These two resorts are walkable distance, right?

Yes, but could be a hot walk depending on time of year. There’s a little shuttle bus that goes back and forth too, though. Unless you hit them at shift change, it’s never a long wait.

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I’m a big AKL fan. I love it there. Based on the ages of your kids and room choice though, I’d pick OKW. The rooms are bigger than at the other resorts. If you can get a room near the Hospitality House it’s even better (it’s a separate booking category, not a request)

When is your trip? If the pool factors into your decision, the main pool at SSR will be closed from January through March next year for refurib.