WWYD: HS ride to RD and which to FPP

Going to HS on 9/9/19. My overall plan is solid, but for yucks, I switched my RD and FPP ride and the wait difference went down my 30 minutes!

As you can see, RD ToT and getting FPP for ASS is way better.However, my concern is ToT being that short of a wait at that time as I am offsite and there is EEMH that day. Also, it seems like ASS wait times are very static/stable through out the day whereas ToT gets high/low.

Yesterday ToT had issue and wait times skyrocketed to an average of 170 minutes. I am thinking if I had FPP and it went down, I’d get an anytime FPP.

As we all know, we don’t know what crowds will be like. So curious, what would you do and why?

Answer today, my FPP for that day is tomorrow :slight_smile: I check the lines app, ToT had Lines: 20min and wdw posted of 50min this morning around opening time. CL 4.

Just my guess is the refurbishment to ToT has no set end date and the software is predicting on half capacity. That said it seems that the refurbishment is almost complete

Good point. I am guessing that perhaps TP doesn’t account necessarily for attraction under 50% refurb. So, WWYD ito getting FPP?

Get the FP for the ride you would LEAST be willing to wait for.

That is to say, if the wait was going to be, say, an hour for either…which one would you be more willing to wait that hour for? Then get the FP for the OTHER one.

For me, since ToT if my favorite ride at DHS, I’d be willing to wait a long time for that. ASS, while a ride I’d like to experience, is not something I’d be willing to wait for. So, I’d get a FP for ASS. Now, of course, try to hit ToT when the line is lowest…but at least if there is a wait, I’m not so bothered by it.


Liking the logic. ToT is one of my “must rides”. Just riding ASS as it is something new. Not a spinning ride kind of guy - for me it will be one and done.

Is the ToT queue inside (I’ve never been on it)? If so, I’d rather wait in the AC and use a FPP for ASS where the queue (and ride) is all outside.

ToT queue is both outside and inside…although USUALLY the wait is inside unless the line is particularly long.

looks like ToT queue is shady too per https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sWg4kATihGA

The only time I’ve had to wait outside was when we went shortly after ToT opened (in 1995) and the queue was like 90 minutes. Since then, we’ve only ever had to wait inside.

and after seeing this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kab8_HiCw-s

no cover…from rain, thinking ASS FPP is the way to go…but would still like to hear y’all’s thoughts.

Personally I would get ToT FPP. Weather is not a factor for these rides

On a generic CL5 you are going to spend on average 25 more minutes in line waiting for ToT


Agreed on that. but that is calced from 11a - 5pm. this is RD.

I should point out that my advice on choosing which FPP based on what you least are willing to wait for is under the assumption there is no easily predictable wait to determine one versus the other is a better choice in terms of saving overall wait time.

If, however, as @thekid says, ASS is consistently 25 minutes less wait time than ToT, picking FPP for ToT makes the most sense.

When the decision is less predictable in terms of wait time, I’d use the more psychological method of choosing.

Nice balance. Back to square 1. lol.

Anyhow, while there is EEMH, I figured most people would hit SWGE and TSL. Then once park opens to the common folk like me, they might start heading toward RnRC and ToT. Thus, hitting ToT first might good use of RD versus walking with mob back to TSL.

I forgot to add another reason and that who know when refurbishments will be finished. We all assume the target is by SWGE but that is an assumption and they could hit delays.

For years I have followed the TP advice to get FEA FPP and not TT. For much of the year this is probably sage advice. I will not do that again because we go in the summer and have been forced out of TT standby queue due to weather and technical issues. This has happened more times than I care to remember. Frustration builds after investing a lot of time in line only not to ride. My standby experience on FEA is that the line is slow but it’s cool and dark which is a nice break from the summer heat.

Another good point. It is so much easier advising others than picking for yourself.

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Outside the box solution: RD ToT and FPP ToT. ASS is not a big deal to miss. (unless you have little kids who want to ride). If the SB time happens to be low enough at some point while you’re there, ride it. Or if you find a same day FPP, grab it and ride.

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I wouldn’t say weather isn’t a factor… ASS closes with thunder and lightning, happened during my trip in June. Even if it’s not raining, you’re stuck waiting outside in the heat.

@heidelj interesting idea. I have been playing/testing SDFP for HS. I can definitely get TSMM, but I haven’t seen ASS (or SDD) appear. Party of 10. (Aside: I have seen FoP appear for AK multiple times so I have high hopes for that)

True. Timing would be 9-10am so a bit cooler. I live in Texas. Having 100 deg days recently. Practicing walking when it cools down to 93 deg (feels like 97). Toughens you up :slight_smile:

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