WWYD: HS ride to RD and which to FPP

Or, it kills you. One or the other. :wink:

Thank you for pointing that out. I did not know that. Last summer it continued to run when SDD went down.

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My wife and I walk to the gym in “feels like” 104 deg the past couple of days. Still kicking…

Interesting, I wonder what the exact criteria is. We had SDD and ASS down due to weather and RNRC went down at the same time. Leaves so much to do!

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Ran that scenario. Very interesting. Assuming both elevators up.

REMOVED–>still better than RD ASS and FPP ToT (2nd image from my orig post)

I can’t add times. 9:57 + 42 min is longer than 10:03 + 6min + 15min…duh. hadnt had full cup of coffee when originally posted.

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