WTF Disney?

Got up to make my first FP selections this morning, and the system is all jacked up. My phone won’t load anything. FPs, ADRs, every page just has a “loading” spinner and nothing ever shows up. Go to the website on my PC and get this:

When I go to the actual FP selection page I get this:


Now I need to go get the kids ready for school and myself ready for work. No time to call Disney and figure this out. I’m so pissed right now.


Tuesdays seem to be a morning Disney does background work on MDE and messes everything up. I am so sorry this is happening to you!


Yes, my FP day was a few Tuesdays ago, and I had the same issue. I got all the way to the confirmation button page for FOP and it froze and I had to start over about 5 times. It was working by about 8 am, but by then my work day was in full swing. I had to pop in and out of what I was doing that morning to make 1 or 2 FP reservations at a time. Arrgh. I feel your pain.

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This always makes me say “It is Tuesday!” :sob:

yippee skippee - my FP day is on Tuesday, 2 weeks from today. But if it’s any consolation, others are experiencing the same.

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Maybe that’s why you didn’t get FOP on day 60 + 4. Maddening. Now I remember my fast pass day for the trip I had to cancel in 2018 was also a Tuesday - had issues until about 8 am

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UGH! I’m so sorry this happened to you. I hope you can recover and get everything at the times you need!!

My FPP day is 29 August. I’m expecting technical difficulties of massive proportions… Simply because I have a bad attitude about how SWGE has negatively impacted my Oct trip.

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Oh no, my FP day is next Tuesday!

mine was on a Tuesday a couple weeks ago also… took about 25 min before i could do anything :neutral_face:

ditto. I’m trying not to be pessimistic, but it’s hard!

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I sure hope it works out for you…let us know! crossing my fingers

As someone who has been inspired to rage many times by Disney’s dismal IT, I 100% feel your pain and am sorry you’ve got this stress to deal with.


Same here - Olaf kept loosing his head! Saw Mine Train slipping away with each passing moment - when I spoke to a human 30 minutes later - they indicated there was nothing they could do.

That would wind me up even more. It’s not remotely true.


Uh oh… I just checked… my FP day will also be a Tuesday! It’s not until November… but now I have that to worry about :stuck_out_tongue:

:cry: My fastpass day is a Tuesday too.

I had the error page come up for about the first 1.5 hours of my FP day. It’s very frustrating, but you are not alone!

I just checked all my trips and breathed a sigh of relief that all but one of my trips are NOT Tuesday FPP days. Seems like Saturday starts means Tuesday FP days.


So, has anyone had a SUCCESSFUL Fastpass Tuesday? I just want a glimmer of hope that not everyone encounters problems at 7am on their FP Tuesday.

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Mine was last Tuesday and was not completely awful! Phone worked for my first 3 FPPs then had to switch to my laptop where Chrome didn’t work but IE did. Around 7:15 or 7:20 my phone worked again and I had everything done by 7:30 (party of 4, 6 days of FPPs)