Wrapping my mind around family and friends

I’m sure this has been addressed previously here, but we’re 6 days away from our first visit to WDW and the Disney part of my brain is in vapor-lock and I can’t find or remember the answer.

When we booked our on-site resort and park tickets, I entered the info for our whole party— wife; 2 sons; daughter-in-law; and adorable 18-month-old granddaughter (here, let me show you some pictures— oh, wait, not the time). We’ve got our MagicBands and they’re all showing up in MDE under my Family and Friends.

I assume that means I can book FPPs for all of them.and they all can access the Memory Maker I got. But tell me if I’m wrong.

When looking at My Family And Friends, only my granddaughter is indicated as “plans managed by me,” which of course is no problem.

And next to my name is the notation that “my list is shared.” I don’t know what that means exactly, but again, no problem… I have no concerns about the rest of the group being able to access anything that I can access.

There are no notations next to my wife and my married son. But next to my single son and my daughter-in-law is the notation “invitation pending” which must mean that at some time prior to my WDW planning-induced senility, I must have sent them an invitation… for something.

My wife is thinking that maybe my son and DINL are the only people in the party who don’t have their own MDE account. Should everybody in the party except the stroller occupant have their own MDE? Do I need to harass them into responding to an invitation so they can access all the stuff available to us?

I know this is probably WDW 101, but please excuse an old guy who’s doing his best with binders and spreadsheets and packing lists and… well, you get the idea.

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This usually means this individuals have their own MDE and when you set up your MDE you sent them an invitation to become friends and family. They need to log into their MDE account and accept your invitation. Can you see everyone’s tickets?

Not everyone needs their own MDE but if your group will separate and they want to book their own FP etc. it might be a good idea for one adult from each core family to have a MDE.

Yes they need to respond to the invitation or your accounts are not linked correctly.

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This means you own the profile for your granddaughter. If your son/daughter ever travel without you they will either need to link her profile to their account (you will have to approve this request) or build her their own independent profile on their MDE account. If you don’t manage a profile, any tickets you link to that profile can no longer be transferred or moved by you. Basically who “manages” that profile owns all ticket media linked to that particular profile.

Yes. You can make FP for Any profile linked to or managed by your MDE with valid ticket media.

Again those listed in your MDE as managed by or linked with will be able to add photos to your MM. however only your MDE account (the MDE owning the MM entitlement) will be able to edit or download the photos.

Sorry for multiple responses. I am on my phone and shorter entries are easier. :wink:

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Thanks for all the info, AuntB. I’m pretty dense, so I’m not sure if I still have a handle on the whole picture, but it I know for sure that my wife HAS her own MDE account.

We’re able to use her username and password to log into her MDE account on my PC. Under her MDE account on the PC, we can see the tickets and hotel reservations there. Under her Family & Friends, I’m the only one listed as “People I Have Plans With.” The other people in our party are showing under "People I Do Not Have Plans With, " and there are “invitation pending” notations next to all their names.

Likewise, it looks like we can see our hotel, ticket, and FPP info on my wife’s phone under her MDE account. So that looks good.

I haven’t had a chance yet to see if my married son has his own MDE acct, but I’m assuming he does if there is no “invitation pending” note next to his name on my MDE account under Family & Friends."

So am I right in thinking that the reason there are “invitations pending” for my single son and DINL is because they may still not have their own MDE account and/or haven’t responded to an invitation?

And am I right in thinking that the people under my wife’s Family & Friends list, under “People I Do Not Have Plans With” all show invitations pending, but that would only be used there were ever a situation where my wife set up something and wanted to share it with them?

I’m thinking that right now, with my married son and my wife showing with no “invitation pending” notes next to their names, that it’s okay. My wife is always going to be with me, and my married son is always going to be with his wife. Which I think you said. :slight_smile:

Which leave my single son. Correct me if I’m wrong, but if he wants to go out on his own, or just with my married son and his wife, then he should get set up with an MDE account and respond to an invitation from me. Does that sound right?

I’m sorry… I’m probably making this more complicated than it is. And I just noticed some sort of tutorial link on MDE, so maybe I should have tried that first before having you endure my posts.

You’re not dense, MDE is confusing! I’ve done it 3 times and still have trouble the 3rd time. But you will work it all out. :slight_smile:

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It looks like your accounts are pretty mixed up. Your best bet is to find out who in your family already has MDE accounts, get the emails associated with those accounts and call Disney to link everyone correctly. If things are not linked correctly it can cause major issues with Magicbands, ticket media, and sharing the memory maker.

I travel a lot with other friends and family and am pretty good at linking and unlinking. If you want to send some screen shots privately, I am happy to help but I do think Disney IT might be the best choice. You seem to have multiple accounts managing multiple profiles. Disney might need to merge some of these to get things working correctly

If you can’t see the ticket media for all of your members then you won’t be able to book FP together or share MM privileges.

If you want to try one more time to get everyone linked properly, here are some instructions on linking in MDE

this cracked me up.

Thanks for the advice and links and encouragement. We got everybody together, made sure they all had their MDE open, and I sent out invitations to the necessary people, had them respond, and made sure that they can all see the tickets, FPPs, hotel, etc. on their MDE as well as mine. I think we’re all set. At least I don’t anticipate any problems. Of course, it’s the unanticipated problem that makes it a problem, but hey, that’s life.

Monday is coming fast… I’m looking forward to it more as we near lift-off. :slight_smile: