Wow, almost didn't even notice this cost-cutting move

I would love to be called Disney Family. :laughing: I didn’t change my last name when I got married, and the kids have my husband’s last name, so all of our printed cards from Disney are either “MyLastName Family” or “HisLastName Family” and none of them are accurate.


I can top you! DS was the product of an 8 year live together relationship where we never officially married and he has his biological father’s last name. DD was the product of a failed marriage and has her father’s last name. So while DH and I share a last name I do not share a name with either of my kids and they don’t share a last name either. Try signing Christmas cards from the lastName1-lastName2-lastName3 family! Ha ha. I just do first names on cards and throw in the dogs names for good measure too which was even better when we had four!

PS how I wish I had never changed my name and had given my kids my maiden name! It’s such a pain. I only did it the 2nd marriage to get rid of 1st hubby’s name and it would be a bit weird holding onto hubby 1’s last name over hubby 2. Ha ha


As of this writing, the droid box carrying cases are still gone, and droids are being placed in plastic bags instead.

Droids are currently being placed in plastic shopping bags because the carrying case boxes are out of stock.
What’s New at Disney’s Hollywood Studios: Supply Chain Issues Continue and the Latest 50th Anniversary Items! | the disney food blog

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