Would you upgrade? Bonvoy Upgrade from Swan to Dolphin

Hey all! We used points for 5 nights at Swan base level, 2 queen, no view room and were hoping to upgrade with our gold status as we got closer to check in (6 weeks out)

We have 2 kiddos, 11yo boy, 8yo girl who WILL NOT share a bed so we would need a rollaway bed, which means we’d need a bigger room (the base level rooms are too small for fire code)

I called today to see if there were even better rooms to upgrade to and the guy said the best they could do it is a slightly better a view but not a bigger room.

He then offered swapping our points reservation from Swan to Dolphin, and one of the two paid upgrade options:

  1. $90/night extra - Alcove Room with two double beds and room for rollaway

  2. $200/night extra - Alcove Room with King + extra adjoining two double guest room

We can afford this but I’d also love to just take the $90 Alcove upgrade if we can fit comfortably in it.

Welcoming thoughts!

If you are a male-female adult pair, you could also try to share beds with the guys in one and the gals in the other - if the kids will share with an adult. That would be the cheapest option.

ETA: Also, welcome to the forum!!


We totally could - these kids are wiggle worms and I’d prefer to not get kicked all night :grinning:

I think we’re set on moving to Swan and choosing one of the upgrade options. Just wondering if anyone has stayed in an alcove room and if it would fit us comfortably?


Just so I understand, are you going to be comfortable in two doubles, even with the rollaway? I would not be comfortable sharing a double bed with my wife for 5 nights (I could maybe do 2 if I had to). Or maybe you’ve figured out a way to avoid that?

I, too would prefer to share with the kids or make them share with each other rather than go to the two doubles.

If that doesn’t work, I’d pay the extra $200/night for a King + 2 doubles. Just what I would do, not saying you should!

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Co-sign on this!


Yes, welcome to the Forum! You know what’s best for your family so take this for what it’s worth - but I’d foot the extra $200 so I could have two bathrooms and also a separate room if the kids are asleep earlier than we are.

But if you are used to one room/bathroom for that long (and everyone will likely be so tired every day anyway), and the dollars are more important, than do the alcove!


If you are set on this then I would frame it as: “Is $110 per night worth it to upgrade MYSELF from a double bed to a King?” In which case I personally would say absolutely yes.


I’m cheap when it comes to hotel rooms, and would just do the $90. We are a family of 5, and almost always squeeze into a standard room. Even though the kids don’t like sharing a bed, we make them deal with it (rotating who sleeps alone on the couch/pullout/rollaway).

We stayed on points in a standard double room at the Dolphin in 2021.

It just depends on where your money is best spent. If a larger room/ more sleeping surfaces is more satisfying than an add-on experience, or nicer meal, or merch - do what works for your family.


If, in fact, the Dolphin had double beds and not queens as the Swan does, then it would be a hard no for me. And for my wife. (I’m a restless sleeper, and even in a queen I would keep her up!)



I’ve stayed at both with just 3 of us. In my experience, Swan rooms have a bigger footprint overall, along with the queen beds vs double beds at Dolphin.

I just find Swan much more comfortable than Dolphin.


I second this! We stayed in a Swan King with sofa bed. I could easily see the sofa bed utilized and a roll-away fitting into these rooms. I’m not sure about the 2 queens. I couldn’t imagine doing a double bed with DH for 5 nights. We just stayed at my uncle’s camp in Grand Isle. We stayed in a double bed for 1.5 nights then DH took the sofa. Too cramped! I need a good nights sleep.



If I understand correctly you would be moving to Dolphin instead of Swan with the Alcove room upgrades right? Originally at Swan?

We have stayed in basic rooms at both Swan and Dolphin. Agree with other comments about sharing a double bed for two adults but it could be done. We have also done the one parent with each kid in a double bed situation before. At Swan I was with two kids and my sister in law and we had one adult and one kid per bed which was quite comfortable with queen beds. I also have Bonvoy Gold and was upgraded from no view to resort view.

In my experience, the room size at Dolphin was quite spacious, more than Swan, which is why they allow a rollaway. I would urge you to also consider the bathroom comparison however. At Dolphin there was only one small vanity/sink and a tiny toilet/shower bathroom so small you couldn’t even open the door fully (it hit the tub). At Swan you get a vanity/sink outside the bathroom and a good-sized bathroom with another sink.

I would also ask if you would have to pay double resort fee for the two-room option or if they already included that in the $200.


Thank you all for the amazing insight - so grateful!

One thing that popped into my mind - I could get an alcove with a king bed & pull out, then add in a rollaway?

We wouldn’t have the separate room but we would have more space and the kids get separate beds, Hubs & I get a king bed.

Thoughts on that?


That sounds better than two doubles for sure.




I would do this if it’s an option over the 2 doubles! Also, I think you can get a rollaway in Swan’s King Bed with sofa bed combo.

ETA: I just read on their website, the only room you can not get a rollaway bed in is the Queen/Queen combo.


Will you be spending much time in the room?

Well I am late to this party but we used to share beds with our kids when they were around this age. To avoid being kicked we just put a pillow in the middle and then they stick to their side. :slight_smile:

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We do this with a wall of like 2-3 pillows depending on the height of the kids.

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My children’s legs / bodies know no boundaries - they are like cracked out octopuses when they sleep :joy: