Would a Trip Now (Toddler & Infant) be Crazy?!

Hello liner friends - hoping some of you may have experience taking very young kids to WDW.

We took my 2yo in December and had a fantastic time. We caught the Disney bug. I’ve recently had a baby and was considering taking the family at the end of my maternity leave (mid-May). Baby will have first round of vaccinations by then and I feel comfortable managing risks.

Between the Disney visa discount on rooms, and having two kids under 3, this trip is affordable in a way it never will be again, and it’s unlikely I’ll be able to take 10-days off work again in the near future. We’d also plan to take it easy, lots of breaks and pool time.

But is taking a young baby to WDW insane? She won’t be big enough to sit in a high chair so I’m expecting lots of carrier and stroller time. Am I underestimating the heat in mid May?

Do we take this trip? Or do we go another time and spend more and stay shorter?


The answer is always go!

I think WDW with babies and toddlers is perfect. Everyone is so understanding and accommodating. And there are so many rides that can be done with baby on lap or in carrier. As long as you don’t expect to do ALL THE THINGS, and you take the inevitable meltdowns/mishaps in stride, it will be perfection.

Mid-May can get warm but I think it’s my favorite time of year to visit.


My hairdresser just took her tiny one and it went really well - baby was still very happy napping in carriers and stroller.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, I went with multiple toddlers (who I love dearly) back in January 2022 and it was noooooooottt great. Managing multiple toddler tantrums didn’t kill but definitely stress tested the magic.

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Agree with all of this!!! I think attitude will be everything and if you go in with reasonable expectations I think it could be such a sweet and memorable time for your family! The kids won’t remember obviously but you and DH will and that will create some amazing memories. I would maybe look into doing a personal photo session too to memorialize your first few months as a family of four. That would be so sweet!

We’ve been once in mid-May and the weather was awesome. Warm (nearing hotish by mid day) but so perfect in the morning and evening hours.


I wanted my infants in a routine before I went back to work. I can’t imagine taking a toddler and an infant to WDW. My kids weren’t consistently sleeping through the night before I went back to work even at 4 months. There’s no way I would want a baby crying at night to be fed waking up my toddler in one hotel room. That sounds miserable to me. But it may not bother you or any others. I personally could not have done it. You need to decide what you can handle.


It’s not crazy. Or at least not that crazy.

We have three 4 and under and this May will be taking our 5th trip with them. However, I will say we waited until each of our babies were 1.

I’d say only you would know what’s best in regards to baby and toddlers temperament. Newborns usually are pretty chill so I’d rather take a 3 month old than a 18 month old who’s crazy running around.

I like to strap our 1 year olds to my chest in a carrier for most of the rides, would your baby be able to do that? Also, May can be really hot so will baby be able to sleep in a stroller with a fan? If so, it’s doable. Like you said, it’s much cheaper than when the kds start eating more and need their own tickets.

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Sleeping situation is a great consideration. Our toddler generally sleeps through the newborn wake ups in the same room - but not in as close of quarters as the hotel rooms.

Thanks all for the thoughts! Both our kids are pretty go with the flow (or for the new one, as much as we can tell!) and we’re generally patient people but we may look to find ways to make the trip easier if possible

Have you heard of Slumberpod? A little expensive, but found them to be great when sleeping together as a family, but want to keep the baby separately.

I’m with @eeeevah - always go.

We’ve been with toddlers many times to WDW and with babies to other places - possibly qualifying as amusement parks.

We’re there for the memories even the “remember when she screamed in her stroller all the way to Morocco?” ones. :smile:

All seriousness aside, those are rare. We believe in lots of fluids, food and fun time.

A longer relaxed trip always works. :smile::wink::sunglasses:


This. I didn’t travel overnight until sleeping through the night. I didn’t want to ruin any patterns, wake others up plus the fact that you’re so tired I can’t imagine doing Disney with that low energy level.

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I never took infants to WDW, but did travel other places with them (Sesame Place). The only issue I ever had was heat. Finding AC is not too hard at WDW though.

For me - I’d not expect commando touring and I’d focus on the toddler vs Mom, Dad, or infant. And as a mom of six well travelled kiddos, I personally wouldn’t let sleep concerns keep me from having a vacation. There’s never been a habit or pattern we couldn’t break or fix. I all about doing life big when the opportunities arise and deal with what comes up afterward as part of the adventure. :earth_americas::fireworks::carousel_horse:


Me too. Since 2011 we almost always travel in May. Florida is gorgeous in May.

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Good to think about your kids! I can count on one hand the number of tantrums my kids had collectively. And never on vacation. If your kid is prone to them, it would be very helpful to have a game plan for dealing with them.

I’m almost jealous - both of my kids did not sleep through the night until well over 1…maybe even 2. :grimacing:

I did travel with my littles when they were infants (3 months and 5 months) - and I found it to be relatively easy because they were sleeping quite a bit and I was exclusively nursing. Baby wearing was extremely helpful both times!

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UPDATE: We’re going to do it. Thanks all for the advice and consideration.

Both kids are reliable sleepers, toddler does solid 11hrs overnight and newborn is hitting six hour overnights already (sleep consultant advising 9-10 may be achievable by trip time so keep fingers crossed!) and we’ll pray for no sleep regressions.

We’ve selected rooms with balconies to give some grown up space after bedtime and will borrow a slumberpod from a friend for the trip.

Planning lots of pool time, long breaks in the heat of the day, MK/AK days, and grocery order full of familiar foods.

Ultimately we decided we were going to take a trip somewhere-and Disney is super kid friendly compared to many other options. Will report back if this trip ends in disaster!


Report back either way :slight_smile: would love to hear how it goes!

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This is why I like returning! So kid friendly! It will be great!


I think you will have a fantastic time. I really enjoyed taking my kids when they were young–they don’t remember, but I certainly do (and have the photos to show them). You’re already managing expectations–I second what others say, it will be great!

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Oh my goodness, had never heard of this and looked it up… what a great idea! My kids are all grown and no grandkids yet, but this would have been a LIFESAVER!!!